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  1. Started with MUDs and have played pretty much every MMO (even some Asian ones) throughout the years. I have to say that I do have favorites, and SB was certainly one of them.
  2. All of this sounds great on paper but remember one thing, a lot of the SB community is older now and not everyone will have the same drive, time, or energy to be as hardcore as they once were. That being said, there is always a new group of younger players to fill the gap, but it just may not be the same. Having said that, I am all for the SB type of game, lots of fun to be had, but games back then could thrive off of niche groups and if that is what they are going for here then more power to them. However, with so many games flooding the market these days they may be thinking of how to encompass more than just the hardcore player base.
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