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  1. Technicalities from the article: Gem should be a small skill tree off of Stone, not Ore. There was also a disparity in the article between the picture and the words: The category "Ore" was changed to the word "Metal" in the picture.
  2. Please make it so the self immolation damage you take for failing to purge cannot be negated by regen from campfire. It would be lame if people could get around the mechanic simply by standing in a particular place and spam heals without any consequences.
  3. So will all skill branches be already known and just not accessible until you get those in-game methods accomplished, or will additional skill branches be hidden and only appear once you accomplish those methods?
  4. So are the complete skill trees going to be known before hand so can plan accordingly? or Are there going to be hidden paths that can be opened up?
  5. Looking at the knight attacking dummies video I noticed the knight does not have his shield in front of him blocking when he does his 360 degree sword move and also when he does that shield slam (it tilts up briefly). Will the game still register the shield as blocking or will the knight take extra damage during those moments?
  6. No. This is a niche game. This game is specifically catering to the hardcore people out there. Can casuals play it? yes, but they are going to find certain aspects of it difficult (like eating dirt all the time because they don't know how to play ). This game is not going to be dumbed down to cater to the casuals, period.
  7. VN said: I don't like when convenience oriented players get into the logical mindset of, "I don't want to figure out a way through this problem, so please just make things easy". This so much. That mindset ruins games. That is what ruined the game I am finishing off now because of the people posting on the Official Forums had this mindset and complained to the devs (unfortunately the devs listened). Everyone here should customarily stomp to oblivion any such suggestions put forth in these forums.
  8. Logical fallacy. Nowhere did I say anything about 1-3-1 and then you go to condemn it when I haven't even said to use it. I said to write your theme/main point in the first paragraph. It is obvious to the vast majority of the people to do so and you even saw the result of what happens when you put it in the middle with this very thread. And yes, people in the adult world use 1-3-1, at least those of us in the professional adult world, not sure about the so-called adult world you live in. It is puerile for you to call it puerile. If you're going to attempt condescension and sounding intelligent when you really aren't, at least try and use proper logic.
  9. From another MMO that I have been playing that the Official Forums had draconian laws in place it causes the OF to become a joke. And what happens is the people that are not too bright making suggestions to the devs (and unfortunately the devs listened causing the game to spiral downward until the game is so easy it is pitiful) and no one can argue against them because anyone with half a brain has already been banned (I literally got banned for suggesting that the devs would not implement a certain aspect of an item because only a very few would obtain it and so there would be people that would be jealous and complain). It was ridiculous how care-bear those types of forums are, all the people who really know how to play the game would just go to player run forums. A game like CF should not have forums that makes you feel like you are walking on egg shells.
  10. Then you need to learn how to write. Your first paragraph is supposed to set the theme/main points of what you are writing about. Also, the part where you wrote: "and I fear that ongoing development of the archetype will decay into rehashing of the sundry, zany hahas of the games we're hoping Crowfall will obsolete." in your second paragraph shows that he didn't miss the point.
  11. If you look at the pic on the bottom of the Duelist archetype page you see the old 2-shot pistol he is carrying and a sword. It seems to me that he is meant to swing his sword face-to-face and shoot his pistol at close range. No sniping, pistols like that are not meant for sniping.
  12. It wouldn't surprise me if we see some notorious people logging in at 4 am when very few guards are there so they can get their stuff into the escrow.
  13. That's not the reason why. Check this out, this is where I got the info from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW6rewvcUO0&feature=youtu.be&t=56m0s
  14. I hope sounds are customizable. I want to turn off the music and turn up the environmental sounds so that I can hear people/mobs walking, arrows/magic shooting, etc. Don't want miscellaneous sounds of things that aren't actually there in the environmental sounds either. But this is just the hunter in me speaking; I'm all for those who want to listen to those extra sounds getting the opportunity to do so. Just please, please make it so I can turn them off.
  15. You don't have to hope, in a video they said that you will need a computer at least as good as one released last year.
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