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  1. I'm horribly bummed out that you won't be accepting Paypal until you reach your minimum. (Which is bound to be after all of the exclusive tiers are gone )
  2. Thank you for this!! What a remarkable approach. I can't wait to see how it plays out. I never liked Uncle Bob, anyways.
  3. I highly doubt anything in this game will be dubbed as "light". These images lead me to believe that the Crowfall universe will incorporate game modes that will allow players and guilds to wage battles against other players and guilds under different fighting circumstances than the casual gist of the game. i'm down for a zerg rush universe with our armies of centaurs.....AM I RIGHT??
  4. I find it hard to imagine a Centaur riding a mount....you know, with the whole horse body thing. (Same could be said about other archetypes) I'd prefer to see the incorporation of a travel speed stat that will allow us to move faster throughout the lands....maybe even an item slot specifically made for soul stones or what have you that give us glowing feet and magical footsteps. Easing away from the whole "mount" aspect of MMO is a great step towards individuality.
  5. Personally, I think this whole "Half Human/Half Horse" thing is being played out completely incorrectly. If this MMO is meant to be different than the rest, the centaur archetype should have the upper half of a horse and lower half of a human. Now that is what I call revolutionizing!
  6. It's a fair guess (or fact, at this point) that the game won't be made with everyone in mind. Although this statement doesn't explicitly say "This game isn't meant for kids!", I would bet my top dollar that this game is going to take the sword-swinging, magic-flinging Medieval approach and not the cutesy kind, either.
  7. The free2play model is the most common when it comes to MMO's, but the pay2play model is not so uncommon either. Personally, I feel as though a hybrid format would suit me the best as I want the feeling of owning a game without feeling as though the developers are not being rewarded through in-game revenue when the game grows. And by hybrid, I do NOT mean subscriptions, because to me, a subscription is nothing like truly possessing a title.I also do not mean a plethora of micro-transactable gear and items that will help me become victorious against my opponents. I want to experience the entirety of the game with the money I use to buy it and also have the option to spend money on things that will help ME and not falter others (quicker timers, more bag space, quicker level up).
  8. I think mine is pretty obvious
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