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  1. I suppose I was alarmed with how fast it reached up to temp and assumed it'd keep rising, I'll let it play for a couple hours and see how she holds up.
  2. Maybe I'm just way behind the times, but I was under the impression that personally instanced loot was the exception, not the rule, in MMOs, and something a lot of people didn't actually like about World of Warcraft. I personally don't think it really has a place in the kind of game/environment trying to be fostered here.
  3. So I just got a brand new laptop. Specs are as follows: 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-9300H Windows 10 Home 64bit English NVIDIA® GeForce GTX® 1660 Ti 6GB GDDR6 8GB, 1x8GB, DDR4 2666MHz As far as I understand it, this should be plenty to run the game and then some. And to be fair, it is and it does. However, the game throws my fan into hardcore overdrive and my temps shoot through the roof. I have the system sitting on a lap desk with additional fans. I'm talking going from 50c to 75c within about 15-20 minutes of playing. Within 10 minutes of turning it off, the computer is back down to baseline. Is this just due to poor optimization? Will this be addressed? I'm very confused why this game is taxing my system as severely as it is.
  4. I can totally agree with that. I'm hopeful that the disciplines and etc that aren't in yet will alleviate this somewhat, and I'm hoping there are a few more passes on the passive skill trees to provide real options for distinction between players. The way it is now, it's pretty much either "Offensive X" "Defensive X" or "Balanced X" and that's all well and good, but only if there is actually a balance between the efficacy of those build paths. (Edit: Personal note, requiring -every- node on a split path to continue along the path in a sequential talent tree seems really, really... silly?) Assuming those things don't happen to an acceptable extent, then yeah, I think the vessel system needs to be a bit more personal.
  5. On mobile and that's a monster of a post so now gonna quote it, but @ that last post: 100%. The end of your afterthought actually made me think of EverQuest 2 crafting with their little mini game. It took way too long and was a little too simplistic once you figured it out, but I liked what they attempted to do with that system. That said, I'd still rather see the outright fail chance on final combines changed. Salvaging and higher chance of making poor quality items would fix it properly. You can even add a "Critical Failure" at a very very low rate (higher on higher quality items) that actually is a real failure, I think even having that differentiation that it's not a "normal" occurance would go a long way.
  6. I am not voicing an opinion with a post, simply asking... Didn't they say that forced reliance on others was one of their main ideas?
  7. Guys, guys... I'm usually totally on the company's side for cosmetic microtransactions, but... Are we really defending the cost of the lowest tier of housing being as much as your average video game? During the 12 hour Livestream Todd claimed that they priced large plots based on how many people they could hold all paying their "target housing price" of 25 for a normal or 35 for an expensive house. We're at almost double that rate for individual housing, plots excluded. I've spent probably thousands of dollars on microtransactions since they became a thing, but I sure as poorly made socks ain't buying a 55 pound cottage, just based on principle. So yeah, I simply won't buy it, and I'm not really upset about that, I don't NEED it. But I happen to think they'd make up for a price drop in quantity sold if the price was dropped. That is likely a problem for closer to open beta time though, people invested in the game at this point are more likely to pay that pricetag, and also likely to just suck it up if it gets dropped later, as lame as that is.
  8. Sure was, for the final combines at least. Some of those 9-10 failures were on planks without the pots though. RNGeesus and I tend to not be on good terms though, so I generally don't take my experience as fact in such cases. This is probably a good example of the system using real RNG versus weighted RNG, strings like this can and will happen using real RNG. That said, even totally skill-less I don't think 4 failures on the first tier above basic (still using basic materials) is appropriate. I wasn't even crafting for amazings or with good materials, just to test.
  9. I just want to say the first 4 real weapons I have tried to craft this weekend (my first real weekend) were final combine failures. I had a couple failures on the way, maybe 9-10. But 4 completely crafted druid staffs, with all potential additives, completely gone. Literally my entire play session yesterday accomplished -NOTHING-. That was multiple hours. I know this is alpha, and I know how RNG crafting works, so I'm not too insulted about it. But your average gamer of today experiencing that? They'd be gone that night. Simple as.
  10. This needs to happen. Or even keeping the combo system, but giving a wider window to follow up and not require them to direct. Example, you can hit 3 and have a couple GCDs to hit the follow up, but can use other skills in between. Anything to add some variety.
  11. I gotta be honest, I'm a little lost. Have the dev's explicitly stated that they intend to require all prerequisite nodes in the tree for the next like they do now, or is that not just a bug? In my mind there's no way they can actually intend for you to have to train leather, mail, and plate armor to get to the next tier of armor nodes. Makes no custardin' sense. If that's actually the intention here, I can agree this system is downright stupid. But if that's not the case and you get to choose between the 3 on your way, I don't understand how someone could claim there is no customization in the trees. That's exactly what that is, or should be.
  12. I saw an announcement that I had thought was official from Crowfall that they had invited all of the Beta 1 group into this weekend's playtest. Well, I'm in the Beta 1 group and have gotten no such offer. Was I misinformed? EDIT: It appears that after doing quite a bit more digging than I feel like I should have had to (a.k.a. I actually just typed crowfall.com/client to see if it worked and it did.) I found my way to the client download. I cannot find a single link to actually accessing the client outside of the Playtest Support section, and you can only get to that through the FAQ and multiple indexes. I received no e-mail about playtesting opening up for my group. What gives? Did I miss something? All in all I'm a little disappointed at how sloppy this is being handled, just as an indicator of potential future issues.
  13. I happen to agree that at least in this point in development in-game voice chat would be a waste of resources and content is much more important... ...but given that some (read: half of the initial planned ones at present) of the campaign worlds will be team-based in a way that isn't guild related, and a vast majority of the guilds will likely be in The Shadow or The Dregs, I don't think having in-game voice chat is the -worst- idea I've heard, by a long shot. It's not always easy to convince randoms to join a curse/discord/TS/mumble/whatever server.
  14. Ahh man, this brought my back to my good old days of Halo 2/3 online, no-scoping sword lunges and following with a teabag and a "Uh, uh, uh, yeah, you like that, don't you punk." Not sure how I'd feel about this in an MMO, but it was some nice nostalgia. Although hearing people running around mid-battle roleplaying would be 5 star entertainment.
  15. I disagree with this. But I don't want support roles in the form of traditional healers. I want things like short-term buffs/debuffs. Nothing more than 3-4 seconds in duration. I hate to bring MOBAs into this, but think DoTA/LoL support type stuff. Keeping combat faster paced and rewarding quick decision making. Support can definitely be done without gratuitous healing, and lends itself to more tactical gameplay (IMO).
  16. RealSalt


    This was the picture that spurred me to purchase a backer bundle, against my better judgement (after being burned buying into Archeage and *cough* EQN(LM)).
  17. I won't -solely- be a crafter but I do plan to make a name for myself. As soon as I found out the planned crafting has similar mechanics to Mortal Online's crafting system, I was sold 100x over.
  18. I'm really surprised at the lack of Minotaur love in this thread. That said, I voted Templar, because Fury looks uh-mazing. I'll also be playing a Confessor, but only because I want a Necromancer (crafting class) character and none of the other archetypes fit thematically. I will make the best Frakensteins ever.
  19. RealSalt


    I played Archeage well longer than I wanted too solely because I could skin my weapon as a Spear and Spear/Shield was viable as a Blighter. If they give us a real Spear class I'll be here forever.
  20. Forum/Profile Name:​ Real Salt ​Preferred "Crow" Name: ​Selti ​Guild Affiliation:​ ------- ​PVP/CWs:​ PvPer at heart. ​Alignment: ​Order. Name and Alignment are subject to change as more lore is revealed for me to use to shape my character.
  21. What I learned from Combat Chat 2: Everyone will be wearing leather helmets to mitigate ranged headshot damage as much as possible.
  22. My only problem with this is that pretty much everyone will run around with leather helmets to combat headshot damage. Not really a problem, will just look silly.
  23. This threads tastes like me. I don't understand why some people get so militant about other people asking about parts of the game they're not concerned with. The game isn't being made just for you, and if they had spent the past 6 months discussing crafting and not combat, you'd pretty be a little upset yourself. So let's all calm down, eh?
  24. I just worry if there's no sort of arc on arrow shots that you won't be able to get over friendly heads with friendly fire and collision detection on. And I also worry that if there is an artificial arc that I won't be able to control it how I want. So I'd much rather have gravity affecting projectiles, even if I have to shoot over heads, even without much experience doing so in other games, for the sake of control in large-scale combat.
  25. Under Codes and Bylaws > Have Fun there's a typo, "ahve." Take it as a compliment, I actually read the whole thing. Very well done website.
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