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  1. What I get from that is the perimeter of the walls will never increase but the "Workable" land on the outside will. That's all good but has it been stated anywhere if we will be able to place additional wall units?
  2. Does this mean we will be able to play in more than one campaign at a time?
  3. I might be looking for a crew to roll with, it all depends in the 420 or They/TSL guys decide to play.
  4. OBS something broadcasting something
  5. I've dabbled in alot of naval warfare on Darkfall Online and essentially it was the most boring thing in the game. Sit on the boat go to point a, sit on the boat shoot the cannons, sit on the boat repair the boat. Rinse, repeat.
  6. One thing I would like to suggest is instead of 300 recipies, one recipie for plate helm but different styles based on the race of the crafter.
  7. Well let's say I over extend away from my friendlies I get jumped by 4 people and I die. I'm now way back at my bindstone have to get my supplies or whatever then head-out to meet my crew that's gonna take me 5-15 minutes. Now let's say I get jumped taken prisoner now the people that jumped me have to take me back to their prison depending on how far away that is it could take us 5-10 minutes to get there now you want me to sit in prison for 15 minutes as well? That's not very fun man I don't want to spend 30 minute not controlling my character. Why won't I just log out and into one of my other 4 charachter slots? This was written over the course of like 20 minutes on mobile so sorry if it dosent make sense or something.
  8. Yes friendly fire is the only way to go, have you ever played eso? It's just 2 giant mobs of people smashing against each other and if your shooting your teammates in the back all the time they probably won't be your teammates for long lol
  9. As cool as a well thought out PoW mechanic would be it definitely falls to far to the right in the Fun Vs. Realism spectrum, at least in my opinion for this game.
  10. Hi errbody I'm new to the forums but signed up with the site sometime in feburary. My main Interest in this game is PVP and conquest I played darkfall online so since that game was taken offline I've been searching for a game to fill the void so I hope this is it
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