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  1. Here are a few game play videos I made fight the Aracoix NPCs: https://youtu.be/AuysEnEsxwY https://youtu.be/WkHUqBC-opI https://youtu.be/CXIYmVxDeRQ
  2. I just saw some Aracoix in Crowfall today in the 25 - 30 starter leveling world! They were Druids, Knights, and Assassins, though all NPCs. Still it looks like they have full models and complete movement mechanics. I recall that the developers already made an easy system to build new archetypes/race powers so I'm really hoping for them to eventually be a choose-able race with racial specific disciplines just like in Shadowbane. As for flying, they are a bird based race (unlike the Fae) so flying makes more sense for them (ie hollow bone and other things birds developed for flying).
  3. I always enjoyed throwing weapons in Shadowbane. Being able to dual wield throwing daggers with double holy procs (one baked into the weapon and one applied using the Undead Hunter discipline) was always great. Especially on a high intelligence Sentinel with the 50% holy debuff. When a proc went off the damage could get insane. Will/should CrowFall have throwing weapons? We have close combat weapons (swords, axes, and pole arms) and long range weapons (bow and pistols), but no medium range ones. I'd like to see throwing daggers and axes again. I'd think there is a need for them.
  4. I think the immunity question was not fully understood (Since it specifically referenced ShadowBane). In ShadowBane I played a Minotaur and racially they are immune to all stuns. If they took the Thrall rune they could also un-stun their fellow group members. As for resurrection, I'd just tie that to a Major Discipline rune so taking it would be a pretty big individual investment in the sort to character you want to play.
  5. Yeah, I noticed that in the last update. Just saying,... kind of a bummer not being able to play the past few weeks.
  6. I'd like to play in/with my EK but I cannot until that 100% CPU issue is fixed.
  7. I was about to say the same thing!! I'll be buying one too. But it needs a minor buff/boon, like may EK stall thralls tell jokes to customers on April 1st of each year.
  8. I would also like to ask: Would there be a way to teleport around in a large EK? A teleport pad/network of pads might be nice to save on the running around. In the parcel placement info post it was mentioned that the parcels do not always need to be connected together when placing them, there by allowing a free standing parcel apart from the rest. Can the parcels be set individually to PvP or PvE? It might be nice to make most of your kingdom PvE for shoppers and have a arena parcel for testing out new gear with friends or having tournaments there.
  9. I seem to recall reading somewhere (a FAQ??) that ultimately guild members can combine their parcels together to make 1 EK but if the member left they could take their parcels with them. So you could group together without having to actually "give/gift" your parcels to someone else. Hope this will be available in the final version. Also, just curious. If there is a player on a parcel and you move that parcel to be separated from the rest, does the player remain trapped there (exiled) on that parcel unless they exit the game or can find a mob on the parcel to kill them? Just considering my
  10. Wotan (or Odin as others know him) had the 2 ravens named Huginn and Muninn who's names ment "Thought" and "Memory" respectively, I believe.
  11. I noticed that you didn't list runes for stats (like in ShadowBane you get the +40 int for casters). Will that be coming soon? Will the power/damage/effect level of the rune vary with the archetype applying it? In ShadowBane a warrior could take Master of Staves and when they used the staff powers (loved the Power Block ones) when attacking they did more damage and cost less to use then if you applied the same rune to a caster character. I guess the thinking is that a warrior will always be more skill with that weapon so the rune works better for them than others. Also, if a legionna
  12. Crafter created vessels and such may not be such an ordeal. If I remember correctly, thralls will do alot of crafting in a more batch/factory style setting (as indicated by some of the training trees). As such, this is most likely to only occur in EKs unless a CW has a long run time. Crafters will be called upon mainly in CWs, especially where the import rules would block you from bringing vessels in or only a limited number of them. Thrall created vessels will be purchasable between CW campaigns and imported if the rules allow for your next CW battle. I would suspect if your already in a
  13. It would be easy enough to allow people to use a temple in the EK to get a temporary (grey) vessel and find and make a sale (using the Spirit bank). Or in the EK's you do more of a portal type thing and take your current vessel there.
  14. Nodes just sit there, they don't attack back. As such, you should be able to wack at them with a pick and get minerals and gems. So there is quite a difference from fighting a high end mob to skin it. As for crafting stations, there is always some clan/guild willing to have an open city. I'll take may chances selling and getting to an embargo point. So far I do not recall anything about regional vs local vs global banking and how that may effect doing trades and such. If someone cheats me, then I don't deal with them ever again. Also I have to wonder about the crafting station availabi
  15. Easy, use some for making what I want for myself (since unlike DarkFall where you need to make X number of something to level a skill just to make better items, CrowFall uses passive training so no need to waste resources), and sell others to generate money for myself to buy what I don't want to harvest or cannot harvest (like drops and skinnings from high level mobs that no one person could kill unless they knew of some exploit). In most games I mainly harvest and sell my extra to make money for training up my crafting. I usually stay in/near starter areas and open cities so i can provide
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