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  1. Bwahaha!!!! You have made the perfect choice Tox. Honestly in all sincerity you belong here. You are home.
  2. 15 minutes ago Eren posted: "Everything chanced, women are no longer allowed in council ;..;" Imagine that. The "friendly guild" may be "friendly" to only the male gender. Thought it was 2015.
  3. tyrant Today at 5:21 PM I'm here for you@ellie, you must submit to loving EK's GW the player

    1. Adall


      He will trammefy you!

    2. Urahara


      what means GW?

  4. ellie [5:14 PM] I don't wanna play wiz anymore GW please don't make wiz 407 From Slack Chat

  5. ellie [5:14 PM] I don't wanna play wiz anymore GW please don't make wiz 407 From Slack Chat

  6. ellie [5:14 PM] I don't wanna play wiz anymore GW please don't make wiz 407" Fro,Slack Chat

  7. So say that. Instead of having a member PM it. The truth of not having a council at the moment is the truth if you don't have one. Yet. Still. In flux. Whatever. No poorly made socks of mine. The structure I stated was what the foundation was when the guild was founded till mid April. Fact.
  8. Never posted here since I left the guild but this is the EXACT kind of non disclosure that seems to be the prevelent attitude with those guild walls. NO government, be it guild or local, state, country should have "secrets" in their government structure that can not be published for the public to view. IMO. How can ppl reading have a clear idea of what it really even stands for or let the stated structure be challenged if what is stated "in private" can not be disputed as not a fact? The guild was started with 5 council members that had equal powers and then 3 constables were added (
  9. playing ArcheAge

    1. Adall


      Let us know your thoughts

  10. We want our Doc back!

  11. “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.

  12. I agree the sheep are here. However, the Fluffier things are "here"too. The EK. How "fluffy" it will be can not be a "sticky" point, IMHO, in a game, not so much saying "PvPcentric" as campaign oriented. Remember, the whole point is that the "players" make the story. The "story" need not have to be made by tiny little objects for cosmetic purposes , only. Stories are created in your mind! This is not to ridicule at all. Not even in support of PvP. It's in support of creating a "story" w/ very few props. Player made.
  13. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that perhaps the need for fluffier stuff and providing it is not the main reason why ACE hoped anyone was attracted to this game. Hopefully, when game is launched and active for awhile, the player base is "stickied" because it is a great game with great gameplay. Hard for me to believe the ability, or not to hang a picture on a wall, place potted plants on a table, or change the wall color scheme would be a deal breaker in an otherwise great game.
  14. I swear I heard hearts breaking when you posted GW. But I am sure everyone appreciates the transparency. I want CF to be something different. That's why a lot of us are here.
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