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  1. This is a very wise decision. As was the name of this guild originally. "A Community For Friendly People." should def be removed.
  2. And my point has always been where exactly it was ever stated that the VISION was to pander to all kinds of play styles? Perhaps the VISION was just hyperbole, though. JTC is excellent at it. All I can hope is this STORY which is CF is not the same one, same kind as all the others that have been told ad nauseum.
  3. This thread again? Was one of the top 3 if I remember correctly.
  4. (Attack of the EKs! Son of EK! EK vs. Godzilla!). Some things never change.
  5. Bwahaha!!!! You have made the perfect choice Tox. Honestly in all sincerity you belong here. You are home.
  6. Nope. I disagree. The game is not being built specifically for its social aspects. Not sure where and how that premise was ever arrived at. At least it wasn't until Ace realized how many squishy types were here and how many $$$$ they would spend to avoid the cw's. Someone needs to post jtc's so emotional post here (I am on my phone). Didn't sound to me like he was righting a wrong by wanting ppl to play house. Sounded like he was aiming to make a certain with certain attributes the right way Never heard mention back then of different games and separating community. But whatever makes the most money I guess.
  7. Right smh. Make the eks a separate entity may give you what you want what yiuyou have always wanted a place to remove yourself from the pvp element but it does little for the cohesiveness of the community. This topic was about making them matter to everyone inclusively not how to ensure the community is kept in separate world's. 2 games in one is what you seem to want. Perhaps that is what you will get. Sadly.
  8. He picked up the "yawn" from 7B. Running out of original stuffz.
  9. Very tough to give an educated opinion re things that happened before your appearance. You were very quick to cast the first stone. I gave my response based on fact. You can't know nor critique the story if you only know half of it. If my opinion dissuade anyone then ace has bigger issues than just a divided player base.
  10. Well. Let me respond to this as I think you are a bit confused. But then you weren't here day 1 were you? The two arts showed up full force screaming and yelling for PvE claiming Todd was basically making this fame for them and threatening and also acting on the act of reporting anyone that was not following their rules of compartment. Sure the ex sbers were rough around the edges lol. After all it is a pvp game ffs. But and I can attest to this myself they in no way tried to run any one off. It was the other way around with accusations of the players breaking sb etc. So before you accuse any one of running any one off go back and read what has come before your appearance. Try the sb thread at the beginning. Good place to start. All the early folks are trying to do is hold on to the ideas that were set forth pretty Kickstart. Ya know the ones that got ppl to hand over money??
  11. Yea. That is what they said. But players being players and being "the story" they will determine how they play. If they chose to kill mobs over and over and make that their game you gonna stop them? I agree with courant.
  12. You might be right about taking the best part. The way I hear it told by many though is that the community was what made the game. Your opinion might be different and probably is. Community doesn't seem to be your thing as much as elite game play. Bait and switch is a totally different concept (and illegal in some /most businesses) and I was not referencing that at all. Was more referencing getting players invested emotionally and financially using buzz phrases that could elicit an image of a game that was "not for everyone" when it truly was and was intended to be. It's all about marketing and it worked well.
  13. ^^^I totes agree with you. I think it is about garnering every last dollar they can by appealing to every single possible person they can. And truthfully I am sure it was planned that way. The "niche" term was a hook is all. The eks were needed since one group detests the other and it is a great way to give the fat purses what they want and perhaps give the ex sbers a very little of what they remember. Brilliant marketing.
  14. "'niche' pvp game. It has to have both - or else" Funny. It was promoted as just that very thing.
  15. I would not think it would matter what I personally like or don't like. But I have a right to voice it, like those that do. I have done my share of housing stuffz and dropped tons of cash in games for said housing. I was kinda under the impression that CF was "unique" and striving to be different. I even remember something similar being said pre KS'er. Just seems to me that the "not for everyone" has turned into "for everyone". Am I surprised No. Disappointed. Def.
  16. Meh. Leave for a while. Just browse the forum and it is the same old stuffz. How in the All Fathers name is ACE gonna make the mega bucks they need w/o them? I wish there was another way, I don't like them either. Probably more than most here. But it is a proven fact that players , especially from different "games" like housing and are willing to pay lots of $$$ to make them the biggest and the bestest lol. And there are many , many here from all those other games. Everyone will find their own niche because it is a "niche" game, right? Explains to me though why long before most ever knew that Todd was planning a new game why he was poling wiz peeps about what they liked about housing.
  17. 15 minutes ago Eren posted: "Everything chanced, women are no longer allowed in council ;..;" Imagine that. The "friendly guild" may be "friendly" to only the male gender. Thought it was 2015.
  18. WHY would they want that? I mean I know ya'll went off site and all and appear to be fine with it. But this IS the game ( for now ) and the "official" game forum. Not sure how you are gonna get several communities integrated into one community if you throw up rules that can not benefit all. I think it all belongs here, right here. To suggest that ACE wants it any other way is simply preposterous. If that, in the off chance was true I guess then the money vs community issue would be dangerously slanted toward money. To maximize fund potential you HAVE to have the community, the good the bad and the very bad right here on site. IMO
  19. Fenrial, on 27 Jul 2015 - 1:17 PM, said: Not sure how I missed this Thank you!
  20. Great Job Fenris! Can we get a song from Fenrial now?
  21. I would imagine this to be true. Also, an "invite" will be needed to the best of the best.
  22. LOL Zinnie! I think you are looking forward to the war. Been a while since we had a decent one. Good to see you back
  23. ^^^ Words! You like them, too much I would say. Have you forgotten to introduce yourself as a "future" anonymod or sumthin'? Perhaps some of us base our responses to particular posters based on said posters prior posts, posts that YOU would not have any knowledge of. Lots of history already written you were no part of, js. But please go on and explain to us all exactly what ACES intent is. Since your knowledge and words are so extensive.
  24. How predictable. Every time something doesn't seem to be going the way of a certain "sector" of a certain "other game" player base, they pull the money card. " Gonna wait till the 25th and if things aren't the way I want them I will pull my pledge", "Buyers remorse, why should I pay......I want the answers I want in the way I want them", "Fat purses........" and not going to give you any more money if you don't /do........". All that amounts to is a threat, a veiled one, but a threat none the less. Have you checked out the prices of the ships in SC? The houses in Revival? Seems pretty appropriate in line pricing for a game still pre pre Alpha and still in a money raising phase. Where did all this entitlement come from? "I'm mad" lol Almost heard the foot stomp that went along with that.
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