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  1. speculating makes it that much more interesting.. It adds to the anxiety *Drax Voice*I too can not wait for more news
  2. Definitely, 24/7 is a very nice step up looking forward to this
  3. Now I am more conflicted in what I want to do! I usually neglect crafting and focus more on PvP but now :/ Pretty exciting!!
  4. Definitely cant wait for a more persistent world. I do hope the server will be up for more than a couple hours but things are takings steps in the right direction. Soon enough we will have a stable persistent testing server and I cant wait for all of us to take part
  5. That storage xD I never liked running to the bank.. I mean who does?
  6. Yes the chat improvements xD, they were much needed!!! Even if its just small things just like Akoti said, they are all going in the right direction
  7. Couldn't agree more with you! A good way to pass the time while waiting for more testing and to get to know the rest of the community! Now, who is bringing the snacks
  8. Couldn't agree more. That's the beauty of joining a community there is usually someone who plays the side games you do. Even for the console "heathens" *yelp* that would be me in that group
  9. I like the difference. I think in most MMOs the female looks much better wearing armor than the male counterpart.I think the knight follows that same pattern, I don't mind it.
  10. Not sure if these Hunger Mechanics are my cup of tea but I will reserve my final opinion when I try it out ;D
  11. A lot of activity coming up and that's good. Its about time I joined in this conversation . I'm glad of what I have heard from you guys that have tested it so far, sadly I have not had the time to test it but I am glad for our upcoming meetings, a lot of new names on our roster and I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone.
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