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  1. speculating makes it that much more interesting.. It adds to the anxiety *Drax Voice*I too can not wait for more news
  2. Definitely, 24/7 is a very nice step up looking forward to this
  3. Lisilas


    Welcome to the fray
  4. Welcome to the community !
  5. Now I am more conflicted in what I want to do! I usually neglect crafting and focus more on PvP but now :/ Pretty exciting!!
  6. Very excited for this! Even if its less Play more Test it still shows signs of progress in the right direction Soon enough!
  7. Definitely cant wait for a more persistent world. I do hope the server will be up for more than a couple hours but things are takings steps in the right direction. Soon enough we will have a stable persistent testing server and I cant wait for all of us to take part
  8. That storage xD I never liked running to the bank.. I mean who does?
  9. I just pictured a duelist with a lightsaber.. 1337 hamster ftw
  10. Yes the chat improvements xD, they were much needed!!! Even if its just small things just like Akoti said, they are all going in the right direction
  11. The female champion armor looks much better than the male while I think the opposite is true for the Ranger. *waiting for more*
  12. I completely agree with you, a lot of games now a days never deliver what is promised or you end up buying pre-launch access to a game that might never even take off. I fall into that black hole many times. Once a deadline comes in, what will you do? Release a broken game? In some cases that is the choice they have. In others its "Well we could always release this later in a DLC and make more $" NMS for me wasn't that much of a disappointment because I never looked into it prior. A friend was playing it and I said "WTH, I will give it a shot".. Its alright, entertaining but watching the vi
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