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  1. Huge announcement today from ACE in the founders update..... Big World Testing!!


    A lot to test for sure, but I think we're in testing and seeing the game way earlier than a "user" would usually get to.


    I can't wait to start testing!!


    Definitely cant wait for a more persistent world.

    I do hope the server will be up for more than a couple hours but things are takings steps in the right direction.

    Soon enough we will have a stable persistent testing server and I cant wait for all of us to take part

  2. Anyone else been checking out the recent info on Crafting stations?.


    The crafting in Crowfall may turn out even better than I had hoped!


    "Crafting Station" with.....

    Storage - Oh yes a most excellent idea!!, no running to "bank" all the time

    Thralls for buffs - Great to see they can make this happen, there are going to be some interesting buff's I think

    Experimentation for stats - sounds like there will be a lot of customization......excellent!!


    That storage xD I never liked running to the bank.. I mean who does?

  3. The UI improvements that ACE have recently announced certainly seem to be a big step in the right direction.


    I really liked that we can now freely move around all the different modules and the improvements to the Chat (thank you!) will make everyone's life easier


    I'm hoping they add a control for transparency for Chat and the rest of the modules too. But 1 step at a time I guess :)


    Yes the chat improvements xD, they were much needed!!!


    Even if its just small things just like Akoti said, they are all going in the right direction

  4. I am not sure I'd let them off that easy.  The game, as it is, seems fine for what it is (and hype defiantly had a part to play in inflating the expectations).  However, the "multiplayer" thing stands out as problem, largely because of the shady way they've handled it.  I am sure at one point they meant that to be a thing, and it still may be a thing, but that is highly dubious.  If multiplayer isn't a thing, they probably won't say anything until they patch it in (more dishonesty).  


    Also, this doesn't include the other things that were part of the design that were left out, either.   


    I think players, just in general, are tired of hearing that x,y, z are going to be in a game, only to have those things not be included.  This is going to be a particular problem for crowdfunded games, because those companies get funding off of making claims.  I don't think that, at least in the beginning, game companies are trying to be dishonest, but they should know better lest they end up that way before the game releases by making claims they can't back up (and taking people's money on empty concepts).       

    I completely agree with you, a lot of games now a days never deliver what is promised or you end up buying pre-launch access to a game that might never even take off. I fall into that black hole many times. Once a deadline comes in, what will you do? Release a broken game? In some cases that is the choice they have. In others its "Well we could always release this later in a DLC and make more $"


    NMS for me wasn't that much of a disappointment because I never looked into it prior. A friend was playing it and I said "WTH, I will give it a shot".. Its alright, entertaining but watching the video and reading into it makes me see why so many people are disappointed.

  5. So much happened xD I dont knowwhich episode was better.. Battle of the Bastards or The Season Finale.. Hate the wait :(


    I have now watched the ep 3 times and I still get the same jump off the coach reactions to certain moments, every time..


    So yeah..

    OMG the wildfire blowing up the temple! But poor Margeary :(


    Arya killing Walder Frey, The Starks send their regards!!


    J + L = J = Confirmed! Jon Snow Err Jon Targaryan KING IN THE NORTH


    Finally Dany is headed to Westeros many boats many soldiers many Dragons!



    So now our wait begins


    I know I watched it twice, but I watch the King in the North scene 4x...
    Arya Killing the Freys... made me happy..
    For some odd reason I wasnt bothered with the High Sparrow dying or Margeory... I mean I really thought she had something up her sleeve... but I guess I was wrong it was Cersei the one with the Ace in the Hole.. still good for her. Tommen... we all knew he was going to die eventually, I mean I didnt think he would die in battle because he was always.. too nice, so this felt well placed


  6. OK this is going to be a 2 fold issue for me so here goes.


    I love to min/max my character and when we start getting into large number values the math becomes obnoxious and somewhat convoluted. My personal most hated issue with the numbers game is...example below


    X ability does 100 damage

    What I like - Due to Y Character stat of 1; X ability does 101 damage

    What I extremely dislike  -  due to Y character stat of 1; X ability does  100.24515152125 damage


    X ability does 10000 damage

    This issue becomes even more irritating when you get into higher numbers....

    What I HATE  -  due to Y character stat of 10000; X ability does  11250.24515152125 damage


    Below is an example of an item in game that drives me nuts. Every single stat bonus has a different stat weight which means when trying to make a quick judgment about gear you have to mental math every stat weight value with the number you already see. you also have whole number changes on some stats, decimal changes on others and even one that goes into the -0.0175. Seriously 0.0175th of a difference... why.... just why... 





    I prefer the old old adage of keep it simple stupid. 


    So finding a balance where all stats and damage numbers can be balanced around a value of 1(or a whole number) would make the game not only more enjoyable for myself but id imagine a lot more accessible to most. What that most likely means is bringing the number ranges down to the sub 1000 range. This gets rid of all the unnecessary decimals, balance around a whole number, and a singular stat weight system.

    I have to agree with you completely.


    I have always disliked the high numbers, especially from blizzard games (I have to turn them off)


    Making Min/Max decisions while you have a run off of .428344223333333 is annoying. Yes sure it takes more effort to do so but keeping as close to whole numbers as possible is preferable to me 

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