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  1. I guess I'll be buying a new graphics card by the end of summer then
  2. Nice bar graphs... but can you make a meaningfully venn diagram?
  3. I just hope the vehicles with weaponry are not too tanky, it would lead to less person to person PVP. Overall the concepts look great! I can't wait to try it out!!
  4. Just from the one stream I watched it seamed odd that players could shove big chunks of wall around during after they fell the the ground. It seems like maybe a vehicle should be able to move them, but it gave the impression that the wall parts were made out of styrofoam (needs more friction!). Just if people are able to jump to get over a majority of the prices it would be a fun obstacle to play around I think. Looks great though!
  5. ...Thought this was suppose to be a slow news week...I guess it's mini bundle time!
  6. Every update and the hype keeps getting more and more real! P.s. Behind the scenes bonus video or RIOT!
  7. Looks really cool. Can't wait to try both the the EK builder and castle building tools.
  8. I hope the next fly on the wall segment goes over the server hardware and how they hope to accomplish hundreds of people fighting over one of these castles
  9. I would like a Charge that allows you to grab a friend or foe and carry them an X amount of distance based on their mass (carry guinnicean for half the map?)
  10. Really cool concept. Especially if you can snag another body on the battle field for quicker, lower quality, access back into the heat of the battle or tenuously craft the perfect body for use or sale! I think I see alot of bodycraft in my crow future.
  11. Good decision to work on combat since the game is based around it! Seiging is important, but combat is core. Without a good flow it feels somewhat turn based.
  12. In order to be immortal you have to pledge yourself to a god. If you leave that God's grace's (ie. From not enough participation) you be come killable.
  13. Very cool. picture is awesome, especially the cat silhouette over his right shoulder. I see Blair snuck into the art studio early one morning!
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