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  1. So in the long run will it be better to craft or find vessels? Also, will weapons and armor work the same way? Like if you find a high tier vessel will they be carrying high tier equipment as well? Will there be a limit to the strength of the vessels you can find or craft? I know dust 514 had a system like that where you could purchase dropsuits of different tiers but there was an upper limit to how good the dropsuit could be. Finally, will the character names be predetermined or show up in the game world? Or will you see the account name over other player's heads with the character name just making it easy to tell your vessels apart?
  2. Thank you for the interest guys! I have since been picked up. Gl!
  3. Hey y'all! I am looking for a guild on the larger side that aims to be heavily involved in crowfall both as it develops and once it has come out. I intend to stream on twitch regularly as well so if you're looking for a dedicated streamer I can fulfill that role as well.
  4. Hello my fellow crows and crows-to-be. I just thought I'd stop by here and post some links if you were interested in looking for more crowfall footage! I aim to provide footage for all levels of involvement in the future but for now my channels are limited to testing footage for obvious reasons. You can find them here! Twitch.TV/shunejii On twitter @CFShunejii And on YouTube as Shunejii I hope you enjoy the content as it grows along with the game!
  5. Hey y'all been a while since I posted here. So I have some questions about gods and servitude. For starters, are you locked into the god you choose? Furthermore, will gods play a role in alliances between players? (i.e.players who serve chaos gods won't be able to interact constructively with those who serve order gods) Lore wise, can you serve gods who are no longer alive/are not gods? For instance, if you choose Gaea or Valkyn (assuming they are selectable) are you serving them directly or just acting in their honor? Or let's say you choose Hero, who is technically not a god, are you serving him or acting alongside him? Will players have any direct interaction with gods? Will temples, churches, shrines, etc. serve as the only way to communicate with your god of choice? If so, will those structures offer any sort of strategic advantage in campaigns? Will gods offer anything specific in the way of battle enhancements? For example, will serving Arkyn provide you with special grades of armor or possibly a better siege machine? Just milling around some thoughts, please feel free to add to this I am especially interested when it comes to lore questions.
  6. Finally I can like, team up with my totally super awesome dude bros and lay some like, seriously heinous waste on the bad dudes. Then we can like, trash zombie bros and like, totally take their turf and stuff. Most excellent. (But seriously though custom teams and zombies are the breasts)
  7. Update! you can now find backlogs of the twitch streams and future streams here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFwmSYBmabrxy9hyHL-7utw
  8. So if you're looking to see some of the action from the Crowfall pre-alpha you can find my stream at twitch.tv/shunejii! No commentary yet i wouldn't subject you guys to listening to me through the mic I have currently but if you haven't seen the streams you can find the broadcasts in my twitch archive for the time being. I will be setting up a YouTube account specifically for crowfall related content in the near future. So far you will find both the flash test from 9/16 and the test from 9/15. You can also find me on twitter @CFShunejii. See you guys around!
  9. streaming crowfall begins today! Twitch.tv/shunejii
  10. Finally we have some basis for the narrative! Needless to say I'm incredibly excited that ACE has finally given us the basis for their storytelling format. It really opens up the floodgates for speculation from the players so there will always be something left for us to do as characters in their world. *squeeeee*
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