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  1. So in the long run will it be better to craft or find vessels? Also, will weapons and armor work the same way? Like if you find a high tier vessel will they be carrying high tier equipment as well? Will there be a limit to the strength of the vessels you can find or craft? I know dust 514 had a system like that where you could purchase dropsuits of different tiers but there was an upper limit to how good the dropsuit could be. Finally, will the character names be predetermined or show up in the game world? Or will you see the account name over other player's heads with the character name just making it easy to tell your vessels apart?
  2. Shunejii


    Thank you for the interest guys! I have since been picked up. Gl!
  3. Shunejii


    Hey y'all! I am looking for a guild on the larger side that aims to be heavily involved in crowfall both as it develops and once it has come out. I intend to stream on twitch regularly as well so if you're looking for a dedicated streamer I can fulfill that role as well.
  4. Hello my fellow crows and crows-to-be. I just thought I'd stop by here and post some links if you were interested in looking for more crowfall footage! I aim to provide footage for all levels of involvement in the future but for now my channels are limited to testing footage for obvious reasons. You can find them here! Twitch.TV/shunejii On twitter @CFShunejii And on YouTube as Shunejii I hope you enjoy the content as it grows along with the game!
  5. Cestus confirmed. We have our face puncher people!
  6. Update! you can now find backlogs of the twitch streams and future streams here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFwmSYBmabrxy9hyHL-7utw
  7. So if you're looking to see some of the action from the Crowfall pre-alpha you can find my stream at twitch.tv/shunejii! No commentary yet i wouldn't subject you guys to listening to me through the mic I have currently but if you haven't seen the streams you can find the broadcasts in my twitch archive for the time being. I will be setting up a YouTube account specifically for crowfall related content in the near future. So far you will find both the flash test from 9/16 and the test from 9/15. You can also find me on twitter @CFShunejii. See you guys around!
  8. streaming crowfall begins today! Twitch.tv/shunejii
  9. Finally we have some basis for the narrative! Needless to say I'm incredibly excited that ACE has finally given us the basis for their storytelling format. It really opens up the floodgates for speculation from the players so there will always be something left for us to do as characters in their world. *squeeeee*
  10. I don't think they will reach those numbers without advertising. But what will croefall advertise that makes it different than any other game? Are we gonna get the clichéd flyby where we see people fighting over something that only has relevance to the people that are already playing the game? I would say the EK is the solution to that problem but that isn't the focus of the game. Crowfall is about fighting other players plain and simple. So is league of legends so was forge. All different games with different ways of portraying the same thing. But the things that set them apart are way different. League of legends has monthly updates where they introduce new characters and their formula is easy to modify. They have separate styles of play that they can out slight variations on but their game balance is dictated by a system of give and take and they can edit how that formula affects different characters to make it more "fair". Now this isn't perfect by any means, there are good characters and not so good characters. Or rather characters that make a bigger return on your investment for playing them. Forge sucked for a lot of different reasons. Mainly that the game didn't introduce new archetypes to play as and the objective modes got stale fast. Even call of duty with its multitude of games modes still has over half of its player base playing tdm. They do that because its simple, mindless and easy to understand but that is what makes cod and league so popular. They appeal to people who don't spend hours and hours playing the game and jump on from time to time to wreck face. Now these games don't have hardcore RPG elements like crowfall does. They don't require the same investment of time but are continuously updated in a way that doesn't affect the basic gameplay. I don't think crowfall is capable of this. There doesn't seem to be a way to make hardcore PvP mixed with RPG elements appeal to everyone. Now they could make a mode where characters do not level up or gain new skills and that would appeal to the carebears and some of the hardcore audience e but it removes the RPG elements and basically makes the game a moba and takes away from the originality of crowfall. Basically my point here is that the structure of crowfall seems to be in flux right now. They can go one way or the other but both ways will compromise the idea that they currently have. Making the game simple waters down its hardcore roots. Making the game unforviging makes it unpopular with the carebear masses. You can also split the playerbase to make the game popular for everyone but then who really gets to sit on the throne in the throne war?
  11. See title. Concerns about making characters who primarily fight and having off characters who craft that can share resources in the fighting character's EK.
  12. Well the issue i have with "make a pretty awesome game "- which is the best possible idea btw - is that it's never as simple as "make a pretty awesome game". Making a good game is a combination of a lot of factors and to have those things in your game you need to be able to pay for them. As with everything else in the universe, people will get bored and move on to other games. Some will make their way back and i'm sure that there are formulas and theories for these kinds of things but the game needs things that will keep people interested. It's a fantastic premise, sandbox pvp is a very cool idea and one that hasn't really been meshed well with rpg elements in recent memory. Those I've-done-this-before zombie titles - while with a similar premise - (I'm looking at you H1Z1) are survival based and rpg mechanics would ruin the nature of their game. What I am interested in is how long will the average player take before/if they move on to another game and what factors will limit their progress or stop them from playing the game altogether and what ACE does about it. They could do nothing which is totally fine that's just how the game is and from what I've seen that's ACE's take on most things regarding CF. They could make minor changes and make the game more accessible but I can see that would incite major backlash from the current community. They could make major changes and muck the game up with more problems than it needs. Really it is a matter of how much money ACE needs to do the things they want. Even major companies do this from time to time i.e. Disney will make a new Avengers movie so that they can fund developments to their theme parks and possibly fund creation of new IPs to make new movies with. It's a method of covering your butt that can from time to time be hazardous to the overall design idea. TL;DR I am less interested with what will change as to how ACE goes about changing or adding to the game and who they will choose to market their game to in the future. Addendum, If this is a throne war simulator...where is the throne?
  13. Does it let you know which group you are in? I have alpha 1 access but I'm not a ks backer...seems like that changes where I get placed but regardless I have no email. Halp I want to pwn newbs.
  14. I know we aren't even close to being able to talk about this in full yet but I was giving it some consideration having seen some of the forum threads as of late. How popular will Crowfall get and what concessions (if any) will ACE make to bring in more players when the time comes? I'm sure some Shadowbane players could shed some light on how games like this gain popularity and what features (again, if any) were added to breathe life into the game. From a marketing standpoint, Crowfall is attractive based on its' buy once play forever status. If you have friends and those friends have 50 bucks they can play with you, no extra money needed. Also, there is no pay-to-win set up so most if not all players start off on a level playing field which is also a bonus. Jimmy has no advantage over Johnny because he bought the digital deluxe edition (again hypothetical) which comes with an ultra rad sword that makes you a god until a certain level. I can see as selling points for a game that is definitely a good start, the game doesn't turn into a giant money sink unless you're really into cool hats and such. From a player standpoint the game is set up on a time based progress system similar to Dust 514. This means that you don't have to grind away for hours to gain avatar strength and going to work/school/raising your kids (or w/e you do) won't hamper you as much as it does in say a World of Warcraft or a FF XIV. Also if you have a friend who consistently outlevels you in other games, he/she will also have to level the same way which allows people to take care of things IRL without being beaten out by out-of-school Harry over here. What I am wondering about is how will Crowfall change (which I hope it doesn't) to accommodate new players when the game comes out? What will ACE decide to do a month/year after launch? Will Crowfall have expansions? Will Crowfall have (sorry) DLC? Will Crowfall catch the (sorry again) Esports bug? Will we see some sort of (god help me) mobile companion to Crowfall? What will ACE do to popularize their already pretty awesome game?
  15. What does consuming the package do? My tests are still listed as rewards so is it just the other stuff?
  16. He has like a weird mohawk thing it looks like...
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