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  1. C’mon don’t tell me that you don’t see the difference. It is slapstick humour, so it is kind of dark and brutal but also hilarious.
  2. Yes, I know. But apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this. The point is not that it doesn’t look valorous or righteous but that it looks cheesy. The whole lore of CF is very dark with this whole “winter is coming”-thing going on. There is death and destruction everywhere and all hope is lost and so on. I think this doesn’t fit well with comedic animations. Of course the knight is not going to be like Sir Lancelot but some kind of dark antihero. But this kind of character should be even more serious.
  3. The knight has this shield knockdown attack where he lifts the shield over his head with both hands and clobbers his enemy with it. This is not quite what I thought a shield knockdown would look like. The thing is, I thought every archetype is supposed to have a certain feel to it, and a knight is supposed to be, well, knightly. I picture him as a stern and competent fighter, but this looks like a goofy pop culture reference to me and makes him look like a comic relief character. I don’t want to be a spoilsport, but you have to consider that this is one of the knight’s basic attacks and the player is going to see it all the time. How long do you think it takes until it gets old and it just spoils the overall feel of the archetype?
  4. I already know that I would end up using that button sooner or later. It would be a convenient option.
  5. I think instead of coloured outlines it would be better to make everybody wear a faction symbol by default. I also support doing something against silly names, although I agree that this is a complicated topic.
  6. Sounds like a good idea, since weather always played an important role in warfare. There could be stuff like rivers rising and falling, ground that gets muddy, fog, wind that impacts archery, fires going out. There cloud also be magic spells that change the weather or do themselves change under certain weather conditions. Like electricity based magic becoming more effective during a thunderstorm. But I don’t think that this would be a necessary feature at launch. But it would be a good idea to design the game with something like this in mind.
  7. Or maybe cat mounts are not such a bad option after all, but only for Guineceans.
  8. I think that “no armour” doesn’t necessary need to mean that this is what the character looks like when you have absolutely nothing equipped. Maybe this is just some sort of starter gear or there is something like the “town clothing” in GW2. I hope that they add something like that.
  9. I think the druid is already much like a necromancer. The backstory sounds pretty gothic and apparently she has some thing with skulls going on. You only have to make her a vampire, dress her in black and get rid of that Poison Ivy hairdo, and you’re done. And since thralls are ghosts everybody already kind of is a necromancer.
  10. I agree. As others already pointed out this would be kind of a tag on feature that is not part of the original vision of the game, even though I’m a big fan of player housing and building features of all sorts. The EK is a big selling point for me. But I wouldn’t want things like this to delay the release. So this could be something to add afterwards.
  11. As far as I know 2 mil $ is not much for a project like this. You probably know the numbers that are floating around when it comes to mmorpg development costs. This is (fortunately) not the next wow-killer themepark mmo, but it is an ambitious project too and therefore I assume that the 2 mil are only a bit of extra funding.
  12. A whooly rhinoceros why not? That is even a real animal. But I think the mounts should make sense within the context of the world. After my taste a giant snail would be too over the top. On the other hand there already are guinea pig swashbucklers … But please no sparkly Ponys and no He-Man cats. That is touching on a sore point. And most importantly no flying mounts!
  13. Doesn’t the game already offer something far better? I assume the Eternal Kingdom will already work as a trophy room that reflects all you achievements. Maybe they could even add a feature to collect trophies from other characters. Then you could display XxXDEATHKILLERXxX’s splintered skull for everybody to see.
  14. I think a friendly fire mechanic is only the first step in creating structured mass battles. The set of skill characters have in mmorpgs is normally tailored towards solo play and group play. My idea is to add a whole new set of skills that is used to form military units in a mass battle. For example, every character who can use a shield can learn a phalanx skill. On the battlefield he can then start a phalanx what places a marker on him. Other players who see that can join the phalanx and lock shields with him. Then the players get a buff that enables them to slaughter every enemy 300 style as long as it comes from the front. The players in the phalanx still have meaningful gameplay. They have to attack and hold formatin and manouver around as a unit what can be challenging. Therefore it works far better when instead of a casual group a whole guild of players shows up together who have trained together. Alternatively there could be a group of magic users who perform some magical ritual that summons a big wall of fire, or a giant daemon. Of course there would still be a place for individual players to act as skirmishers. This means that a zerg becomes basically useless if the players are unable to organise. I know that it would be very challenging to make 50 players act in unison, especially since players aren’t used to this. This would provide a big incentive to form a community.
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