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  1. Fighting you guys again will be most interesting! Was fun last year on MB
  2. When Magicbane accidentally had noob island no longer be a safezone in Magicbane last year....that was the best iteration of Shadowbane I had ever played. Noob Isle PvP was the breasts! Pet classes too stronk
  3. You realize you chose probably the WORST MMO last year to compare this game with? I don't want Crowfall in any way, shape, or form winding up like ESO. That game bombed, and bombed quick, for reasons. Admittedly, it won't die because TES fanboi's have been waiting many years for multi-player TES, and they now have it. PvP needs to be non-consensual. Because I love explaining to those guys asking for their poorly made socks back, explaining that they didn't wanna PvP, that I give ZERO custards about it!
  4. Signing in....former member of Eternal Damnation/Shadowed Intent/Whatever we were when tagged under LKK Brandizzle the Deflar/Youtrollin were the toon names i remember having
  5. Always good to see Hy'Shen Avari!
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