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  1. It is not about playing alts once you have capped your main. It is about playing the game from a different point of view. I have always enjoyed playing each class of an MMO, provided the game is worth playing to begin with. I am with the OP in this. More slots is better than less
  2. It is mohf'n fantastic that the Shadowbane forum has turned into... a Shadowbane forum. Pages 10-12 should come with a link to popcorn on Amazon. No sarcasm intended here. It is a testament to Shadowbane that people would argue ten years later.
  3. Hey everyone! I hope the day is kind to you. I have always been a pretty active forum lurker rather than a poster. This probably won't change much here BUT I am glad to be here and be a part of this. My MMO roots go back to Ultima Online. Great Lakes server from launch through a couple expansions. I played some other MMO's but the only one worth mentioning here is Shadowbane. I was a member of House Lok-ri on the Death server. Addricyn Lok-ri I think that character was named. I have never been a top notch PvPer myself but occasionally end up in a better-than-average ra
  4. My fondest memories of Shadowbane in bullet format: Squish - I have recounted stories of squish more times than I can remember The one Corvus guy My friends for writing a Jerry Springer episode for us to roleplay in the Lok-ri high court. Those same friends for helping me to kill some Lok-ri vassal in the middle of town. The guy was being a hooligan Obs Donkey Punch "Hail to Thee" Nurfed Sinbad for really being Michael Jackson Death Head Legion for coming to Death. I still think of this guild every time I see a DHL delivery truck Everyone from the Death server - For a glorious, sh
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