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  1. while i am not subscribed to the News & Announcement forum. i do receive emails which i did not receive for the sale that i mentioned. Unless others that weren't subscribed to the or saw it on Twitter got informed because i usually got informed about post that talked the sale and others like this without being subscribed the News & Announcement forum.
  2. i don't use Twitter and there is/was a sale where some land plots were on sale for 50% off and i didn't have a clue or got emails about it only reason i found out was because i wanted to see if they put any of the art up for the higher tier buildings [i LOVE CONCEPT ART] and if they were done redue'ing how the store was setup
  3. Can there be and account setting that notify of sales on the store of any sort
  4. a skill tree fortification enchanting that's involved with building seems over complicated. It would be easier and simpler to make a crafting system/tree to make items that buffs walls and/or other structures, like a flag, totem ,shrine, "X" crafted item that when placed it buffs/debuff within aoe, crafted items also may destroyed. And/or give structures slots and you can slot crafted items to buff/debuff. by making fortification enchanting work outside of being incorporated into wall/structures building it simplifies making a fortification enchanting tree instead of trying to mesh str
  5. i don't mind joining but im waiting till we know more about EK before i say i will commit to anything. but i do have a small and large fort but would mind joining up later most likely
  6. While the soft launch looks great but as a tester whats the next testing landscape, is it CW or is EK nextor something else after combat is in a good spot. [sorry i didn't comb though the thread to find the answer but i thing its CW next but i don't know if its been confirmed.]
  7. I'm just sad that the forts, keeps and, strongholds went on sale before we got to see what that would be like in game or with more confirmed details on what they do in the EK worlds otherwise i may have bought more if i knew the extent of their power. I say it is weird tho that EK building and etc. are being raised in price before an EK alpha or more things haven't been confirmed on how exactly work.
  8. I am simply looking forward to more simple but useful fortification buffs like increased ranged, better defense, increased healing, more damage, and etc. for defenders on Fortifications. I hate that feeling when your on a defensive structure and can't attack down at reasonable distance, it makes you to want to fight on the at the attack side level.
  9. Whats the differences between the 2016 and the 2015 forts?
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