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  1. Damn homie what's up. Been a minute, how you doing. 

    1. kilrathie


      It has been a hot minute!  Doing well, and you?  Yoogi, Xmima, Royce and crew are pretty much done with gaming.  Swank is still around playing with a couple old VK in WoW.  There are quite a few old Virakar people lurking around waiting to see how this game turns out.  A few have made homes in other guilds and it would be nice to all end up on the same server, or guild.  Hell, even if to smash each others heads in for some good fights!

  2. I think I was in Dissent, damn so long ago. I remember being in Legion of Hing and United Humpers. The Dissent shield looks like the Hing one. So familier but not 100% I was Pwrhungry, Wizzy, Pwnage, and others I cant for the life of me remember. Shadowbane is still my favorite game to date, God I hope Crowfall gets this right, I have to wait until Beta to find out for myself.
  3. I think your correct. I know you are about the time though, yesterday is foggy. I played WoW for a long while after but always longed for SB even now. I hope this game is very similar. Crossing fingers
  4. Just curious is any of my old PvP guilds are still around or going to be playing this? I so miss the old days of SB and would like to group of if any are still around. I made my donation for some Beta action so im in it to win it. Let me know if your around!
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