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  1. Why are you gearing up if not to PvP? What are you saving your gear for? I guess what you were unaware of because of lack of communication on your faction was that we had already fought another full group of chaos as well as a group from order. So from our perspective we had many encounters. Perhaps more communication on your faction would have allowed your multiple groups to get together and come pvp with better odds.
  2. The heals not working correctly has made this patch extremely frustrating to play . Some of us have tried work a rounds to get past this but at best they are unreliable. Not healing group members despite having them right in front of you is a NPE (Negative Play Experience). It goes without saying that Enemies or Mobs should not be able to be targeted by your heals and should definitely not be prioritized as seems to be the case.
  3. When analyzing this please keep in mind that the buffs are being applied to everyone in your group and stacking with whatever buffs they are already giving themselves from the other disciplines and/or powers like you referred to.
  4. I believe you slightly contradicted yourself with the these 2 posts. The play to win mindset is breaking the game in any way possible. I don't mean using bugs or exploits to win (when exploits and bugs are found report them) but finding every way to use the legit mechanics of the game to win. This shows the devs whether or not the features and systems are working the way they intended or if they over looked something during design. I understand players being frustrated because they feel that they are only playing to test and that is hampered by others "Playing to Win". What I feel these frustrated players don't realize is instead of just giving up out of frustration or finding excuses why they can't play, they should instead be playing to win as well as that is the best way to test all the intended features and get them ironed out if they aren't working. If the entire community was non competitive then the devs wouldn't see if the game design is working like they hoped it would until launch. By treating the testing as if it were a Live game and playing you are actually giving them the testing data they need. This is the point I believe you made with your 2nd post while your 1st post seems to go against this idea.
  5. I had thought this as well. It would make sense in that you wouldn't be buying guards you would be resurrecting them. You wouldn't be concerned as to why a wolf has dust on it. At first I felt that the change to all dust would make more sense fitting into the story of the game and would be easier from a design mechanics standpoint as you have one less resource to try and account/balance for. It would streamline harvesters being able to purchase extra materials from vendors and trading with crafters. Then I thought about an issue that could arise with bots just sitting there farming dust from trees and how easy it would be to farm in EK's . At this point I am no longer sure if going to a pure dust economy would solve more issues than it would cause. The balancing headache that would come from this is probably why this change won't happen.
  6. Correct. You only need to get some gold and buy the disciplines from the vendors at the Temple for whatever profession you want to craft.
  7. So while looking at the pledge packages if you click Articles -> News it takes you to http://crowfall.com/en/newsroll/ but if you are on the main page or the sites "Home" page and click Articles -> News it takes you to http://crowfall.com/en/news/ Not sure why there are 2 different pages but I thought you should know that some links point to what I am guess are older versions of the website. Also going from the pledge packages page clicking Articles -> Media take me to https://backers.crowfall.com/#/media vs the main page Articles -> Media https://crowfall.com/en/media/ which shows the month in what I am guessing is Chinese on the image added dates So I am guessing the Title bar on the pledge package page contains old links. I am using Chrome as my web browser if that helps. I haven't checked all the links but I figured I would let you guys know about what I've found so far.
  8. Ok I could be wrong on this but it is my assumption that this game is modeling there skill trees the same way EvE does it. This means that individual skills have a cap but there is no overall cap for sp. The longer you train the more options you will have available, more passive bonuses. Given the training time I'm seeing on the skills and what I've heard in the podcast it would seem that it will take years to max out all the skills. So characters will differentiate based on which skills they train 1st. And given the number of options I can feel safe in saying that your character has a very good chance of being and feeling unique.
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