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  1. http://www.tentonhammer.com/interview/exclusive-artwork-and-lore-interview-crowfall In the comments at the bottom of this interview. An actual JamesGoblin comment, or is it merely a false messiah?
  2. Whoops, might want to fix that date. Reads February 3rd instead of March 2nd
  3. Artcraft about an hour and a half from now:
  4. "All objects in the world will have mass, and a corresponding weight based on the world's gravity." Am I to understand that different worlds/campaigns may have different gravity?
  5. On the issue of lying specifically, I would argue it's a people problem, not a gender problem.
  6. Is Todd writing all of these? (I remember he said he had to revise the Forgemaster one). If he is, I'm sending an approving nod his way.
  7. I appreciate out of the box thinking, but... if no one can lose, then what's the point?
  8. Stoneborn is probably going to be my favorite race/archetype, after reading that.
  9. Heck, I'm hanging around precisely because this won't be Wizard101.
  10. Fealty. Yes. Also. Todd/Gordon/ArtCraft, if you truly, truly care about your audience and want what's best for them, you will grant players the ability to offer our defeated enemies as sacrifices to the Drowned God.
  11. Haven't been on frequently enough to know if this was already asked. Does the development team have any philosophy as far as correcting gameplay imbalances? From what I've seen, the game seems to be leaning more to Shadowbane's side, but SB and its ilk were dead and buried by the time I gained an interest in MMO's, so I don't particularly know how game balance situations were handled there. Game is far off, of course, but was wondering if there's been a dialogue about it within the team.
  12. Underneath the Knight in the character creation image. There's two dots, with the left highlighted. My guess is the right one will show the female version of that class.
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