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  1. =) the day has come. I am fulfilled haha!
  2. Thank you for the support, although I cannot rest until James Goblin approves.
  3. Could someone post a link to the headphones? I've been thinking of upgrading haha!
  4. I am still somewhat new to the forums here, but that doesn't mean I have not felt the love of "JamesGoblin liked a post you made"!
  5. I was really hoping for some pre-alpha testers to stream tonight's testing for us! I am very excited to see some recordings to hold us over until we get into the alpha 1 and 2 tests. I'm sure we will have lots of streamers during those. I know I will be. = ^ )
  6. Wonderful story, the hero's likeness resembles Sandor Clegane quite strongly which I like.
  7. Very excited to actually start testing, most of us felt the hunger dome creeping up on us this past week and here we are! Will be looking forward to playing with some of you in the upcoming tests!
  8. I am very excited to see some of this Hunger Dome footage! I do hope this concept of a Free-For-All game mode is not left in the dust after initial testing, rather a game mode which can be built upon for further testing in later stages of Alpha 2 and other testing. I will be actively watching any streamers supporting Crowfall for those of us patiently waiting for our turn to try the Hunger Dome! See you in future testings and Crowfall! ~TacoTamer
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