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  1. =) the day has come. I am fulfilled haha!
  2. Thank you for the support, although I cannot rest until James Goblin approves.
  3. Today another set of tests begin Here in the hunger dome crows flock to a team Every flock sets to win Though most only leave behind a bloody beam Always there are more battles to come Crows do not forget an enemies name One day they may come for your kingdom Trembling walls make way for crows to tame A new reason for battle will always arise Murder for power, fame or even greed Each crow fighting for their personal prize Right now all agree more tests is what we need! Now my friend you are already my tamed crow I'll show you how if you didn't know Check the fi
  4. Could someone post a link to the headphones? I've been thinking of upgrading haha!
  5. Well it looks like I also didn't make it into the first wave of the alpha 2 testers . That only adds fuel to the hype train though , have fun tonight i'll be watching!
  6. I am still somewhat new to the forums here, but that doesn't mean I have not felt the love of "JamesGoblin liked a post you made"!
  7. I was really hoping for some pre-alpha testers to stream tonight's testing for us! I am very excited to see some recordings to hold us over until we get into the alpha 1 and 2 tests. I'm sure we will have lots of streamers during those. I know I will be. = ^ )
  8. I thought things over in my second post. Understood any testing is good testing!
  9. Wonderful story, the hero's likeness resembles Sandor Clegane quite strongly which I like.
  10. Very excited to actually start testing, most of us felt the hunger dome creeping up on us this past week and here we are! Will be looking forward to playing with some of you in the upcoming tests!
  11. Thank you all for the replies and insights on this topic, I was mostly curious to the responses an issue like this would present. I was in a bit of a hurry when I originally wrote up my suggestion, but I have thought on the subject a bit. I do agree with most that testing during this time period would be inconvenient to some members (or a lot) but as a whole it is better for the Crowfall community to test anyways to continue to move forward in this great game we will all grow to love. I myself don't really celebrate Thanksgiving as I'm not even from the U.S. and also think most traditions are
  12. I'm sure most of us are beyond excited for the upcoming Hunger Dome 1.1 Pre-Alpha testing, since we do not know the actual dates of these tests I would just like to say that I hope the Crowfall team does not schedule these tests during the weekend of the Thanksgiving holiday (11/26-11/29) as I'm sure most of the community as well as the wonderful staff at ArtCraft will be wanting to spend time with their families and friends during that time. I have a lot of faith in Crowfall, I just wanted to have a friendly reminder to everyone that even though we are excited, we would have many more viewers
  13. I am very excited to see some of this Hunger Dome footage! I do hope this concept of a Free-For-All game mode is not left in the dust after initial testing, rather a game mode which can be built upon for further testing in later stages of Alpha 2 and other testing. I will be actively watching any streamers supporting Crowfall for those of us patiently waiting for our turn to try the Hunger Dome! See you in future testings and Crowfall! ~TacoTamer
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