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  1. Thought I replied to this thread weeks ago, but I'm willing to toss my name in as another Alchemist. I might spend more time with those lovely mines that appear as an Alchemist power.
  2. I'm still curious why Alchemy is in the Exploration tree instead of crafting, but I am really digging the idea of Alchemists getting mines to place.
  3. The only profession I'm actually looking forward to dabbling in is Alchemy, and we don't know how hard it is to get that discipline.
  4. They did bring up the idea that one could unlock themselves from a campaign for a price, but didn't elaborate much further on that. Personally I'm ok with the lock per ring suggestion that Corvax brought up on page 1, but I do understand the need/want to have a easy way to reorganized people at the start of the campaign cycle so everyone is in the same server.
  5. Good chunk of my thoughts on this aswell. They listed off 3-4 ways a druid could heal ( without revealing any of the actual powers ) but they haven't really mentioned what the rest of her kit(s) are planned to be for initial testing other than her second bar is about damage. I have faith that ACE will balance healing numbers, heck to prevent a stacking of healers they could always make heals overwrite each other, or add diminishing returns to heal spam from a flock of druids, or a herd of Lego's if they keep they healing after the upcoming change.
  6. Alchemy has always been shown as a Discipline, and hopefully it'll get a nice spot as a utility or crafting discipline at that.
  7. I mean you could call diminishing returns a drawback, but I'm sure ArtCraft will have plenty of time to test proper healing, if any, from potions when they go into crafting and disciple testing.
  8. Its looking like more of a caster support type to be the opposite of the legionaire, but until we see solid info on the powerset I'm guessing zone control or area denial focused.
  9. I think the plan is to have spell caster base classes be short-mid range with promotions than can increase their max or more plainly fit them into a preferred distance. Might see a confessor promotion based around diving into enemies blowing their combo's for quick dirty damage or CC while their team sweeps in behind them to clean up.
  10. Ways to balance healing potions for PvP: 1 - Instant health potions have the lowest healing value of all potions 2 - notable cooldown on using potions ( could be per type of potion for global over all potion types) 3 - Give a draw back to using potions. 4 - Make potions a hefty investment ( perhaps worth 2-3 low-medium quality items(read weapon/armor)) 5 - Make all healing potions as Heals Over Time with a long duration but low interval numbers so you can be killed while using them. 6 - Make alternative potions to healing look more appealing ( damage reduction via Armor/Resistance potions strong but low up time)
  11. Oh heck yea, Artcraft hired a meme machine, pulling out the ole End of ze world and everything. I look forward to the good times ahead with our new Guinecean overlords.
  12. I like the idea of being able to lock off sections of an EK, so all visitors can go to the market, trusted people can frolic in the country side.
  13. Other than another mob, does a Succubus potentially add anything to the game? Any reason for it to exist?
  14. Malekai (my current planned god before blessings) Hero Kronos Maece Kane Zaleena Gaea/ D'orion (Interested in how worshiping a dead god works) and the others I really have no interest in.
  15. Will crafters really need to gather their own materials from dangerous locations? Maybe a bit at launch before they have high crafting skills, but after a while can't they just swap refining/crafting the materials into armor/weapons for raw goods? Having a ton of Quality 5 ore isn't going to do a group of combat focused characters any good unless they find someone who can craft it into weapons/armor for them. Hell the other way could even happen, where a high level craft could offer some mercenaries a cut of the raw materials he farms if they can protect him while out gathering.
  16. I'm inclined to believe the Forgemaster guilt train that their birth/creation was Gaea's last conscious act, in that form. Now what exactly happened to kill her ( over exhaustion, murdered, sedoku) we don't and might never know. I am still more concerned with what exactly happened to the moon, since that was the carrot stopping all the mortal worlds from literally falling out of the sky. Did Gaea accidentally hatch it with her dying breathe? Did Kane or Kronos break it as the felt Gaes slip into death?
  17. please no, satan already has one playground.
  18. If they keep some of the example disciples like Falconry, Rangers might have higher maxes in their related skills. But if their promotion classes go Ranged focus, melee focus, traps/pet focus that wouldn't be too terrible either.
  19. Last time I played Eve I joined a Corp that was training up new players to mine for them supplying the ships and mining lasers to set people up while giving proper build paths for those who wish to transition into battleships later on. Eve also have safer zones so you aren't running into the guys that spent 5 years leveling nothing but Battleship skills when you go to mine. I'm iffy on how much power Account wide Combat training is going to give, if its too little, people are going to ignore it and rush Crafting or Exploration( I think this was the other side that was mentioned) training. If it gives too much power you will see an early disadvantage to factions that prioritized crafters. I'm sure ACE will make it balance well enough but it is still a concern.
  20. Not Sure Yet : I like the Idea of being able to swap for the challenge at hand, but I'm iffy about how the new account skill system with vessels is going to pan out.
  21. Didn't they mention several times that there was both Active and passive skill training? Think it was Active skill training works up to a cap then its passive if you want to dive further into that skill.
  22. I'll have to dig through the lore, but isn't 'the moon' the egg of the two serpents that the All father tied together for creating this universe? So breaking the moon would mean the creatures holding all the worlds aloft wouldn't stay still because their offspring is no longer alive to be threatened. Ok quickly went and found it on the Wiki (http://crowfall.wikia.com/wiki/War_of_the_Gods) 20 He stole Lyessa’s unborn, placing her egg at the eastern edge of Heaven. 21 And he called this work the Moon. 22 The King of Snakes dared not move, for fear his wife would be broken. 23 The Queen of Wyrms dared not move, lest the Sky collapse and her children perish.
  23. I'm actually rather interested in this Idea, perhaps dying to Hunger effects increase the chance of your vessel becoming a Zombie, or increase its strengths. Would be interesting to see a long fight at a POI end only to have the recently dead start to rise and devour the victors. The main questions I have on this would be if Zombified vessels keep relative power to their unzombified form.. like would a Crit spec'd assassin be just as big of a threat alive and undead or would they pull states from a zombie conversion table.
  24. Might be fun, think it would work best for Frostweaver or a tank, where you can kite or tank out the other person as they slowly drain of life.
  25. Congrats, you linked a video where you showed you don't know what sportsmanship is, by calling a group with a less stacked comp than yours baddies, while complaining about people camping.
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