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  1. Please check out [Sugoi] Zybak's new video - Advice for new players!
  2. All Sugoi leaders and vets will be returning for 5.8 hopeful that the patch delivers.
  3. Sugoi is still in open recruitment. Feel free to come chat / trade with us over discord. Also check out some of our footage by Zybak https://discord.gg/sBD2adR
  4. Just here to dispel some rumors. Sugoi has no intention of disbanding at anytime in the foreseeable future looking forward to playing in 5.4 soon!
  5. With 2018 comming up we'll be looking for the game to enter alpha and hopefully it's full game loop soon
  6. Bump for our friends at Xeilias
  7. In context, that's not the reason we frown upon you. We still believe smaller specialized guilds will still be unable to survive by themselves. However when used correctly by a larger more well rounded guild that's when specialties really start to shine. Xeilias simply recognizes this early and has taken advantage of our sub-guild system which largely benefits both groups. I'm hoping that the dev's add well thought out guild systems soon to accommodate their vision since this game will be entirely guild-based.
  8. Some PvP vods from last weekends test as well as a snapshot of our keep :3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2x15HoH8mU& - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlWSG4_U-ao
  9. Hi Mezcon, at the moment we only communicate our movements and activities with allied guilds and offer support + tutoring services to guild members + sub-guilds. I see that you are currently affiliated with another guild, if anyone from your group would like to play with us I would have a representative fill out a contract app on our website. Thanks!
  10. As we have announced before Sugoi would be supporting the god Kronos and playing for the Balance Faction on the East Coast server
  11. Exciting to see all the new players coming in from the live stream event. Plenty of PvP vids / bug reports this weekend
  12. Contracts are specific to guilds and communities that wish to work with Sugoi to create PvP, Trade, and Intel agreements between groups. Rando's don't really have a option here although we have been pretty nice to you guys as of late. Also you might want to reconsider your tone when posting on other group's guild threads that's not how you make friends
  13. As a quick update, we have decided to lift the PvP ban for or BW testing. All groups and players are now open season unless you have exclusively made a contract agreement beforehand
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