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  1. Please check out [Sugoi] Zybak's new video - Advice for new players!
  2. All Sugoi leaders and vets will be returning for 5.8 hopeful that the patch delivers.
  3. Sugoi is still in open recruitment. Feel free to come chat / trade with us over discord. Also check out some of our footage by Zybak https://discord.gg/sBD2adR
  4. Just here to dispel some rumors. Sugoi has no intention of disbanding at anytime in the foreseeable future looking forward to playing in 5.4 soon!
  5. With 2018 comming up we'll be looking for the game to enter alpha and hopefully it's full game loop soon
  6. Bump for our friends at Xeilias
  7. It'd be a lot cleaner if they just made FF Guild based instead of group/faction. Although that's completely dependent on the guild system being implemented and the rule set
  8. In context, that's not the reason we frown upon you. We still believe smaller specialized guilds will still be unable to survive by themselves. However when used correctly by a larger more well rounded guild that's when specialties really start to shine. Xeilias simply recognizes this early and has taken advantage of our sub-guild system which largely benefits both groups. I'm hoping that the dev's add well thought out guild systems soon to accommodate their vision since this game will be entirely guild-based.
  9. To answer your first question. Not sure if what you were looking for a guild with just a younger crowd or if you wanted something family friendly. As for your sanity check starting a guild might be a little ambitious without ever being part of a real one before, and age doesn't play a huge factor in guild management as much as maturity. Leading a small team isn't really similar to managing people either there's a difference between shot calling at a micro level vs decision making at a Macro one. You should ask him what he wants out of the game first casual / hardcore / economic / PvP before deciding what to do. Note: Didn't read Kraahk's reply but he normally gives good ideas.
  10. I believe Tournament Systems was a stretch goal that was met in the KS. Hoping to see that sates the thirst for us Competitive guilds http://imgur.com/a/DO8o4 Edit: If you're looking to give suggestions, this would be best implemented as a Website UI feature instead of in game. This allows for the particular events to take place in a controlled environment hopefully hosted by a reputable group's EK backed by ACE. That way it would not take away from the current CW's or add too much additional cost as a feature.
  11. Some PvP vods from last weekends test as well as a snapshot of our keep :3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2x15HoH8mU& - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlWSG4_U-ao
  12. Hi Mezcon, at the moment we only communicate our movements and activities with allied guilds and offer support + tutoring services to guild members + sub-guilds. I see that you are currently affiliated with another guild, if anyone from your group would like to play with us I would have a representative fill out a contract app on our website. Thanks!
  13. As we have announced before Sugoi would be supporting the god Kronos and playing for the Balance Faction on the East Coast server
  14. They haven't pushed the build to the server yet. Once they do you should be able to update and after they bring the servers up, play.
  15. Hey RPKhaZE, if you're looking to sell your pledge package I would look into the trusted traders program https://www.crowfall.com/en/faq/trustedtraders/#0
  16. That's an image poorly Photoshoped which I believe stemmed from Facerip and tried playing off onto discord. If you check the actual value he added a 1 at the beginning and a 9 at the end then tossed the serial #. Any other images their group may have brung up are also all fabricated the best way to prove this is to ask the devs to check the serial. http://imgur.com/a/ZRMC5
  17. Exciting to see all the new players coming in from the live stream event. Plenty of PvP vids / bug reports this weekend
  18. I think it's due to the patch only being pushed client side not server side, meaning it's intentional for now until they make finishing touches.
  19. While the UI is disabled or in the video? I don't know why you're continuing to argue this lol
  20. It's weird though cause you just did it again, who's to say that group we were pounding on wasn't a guild group or even you? As for the grass comment the vast majority of the map is grass parcels ACE asked for those types of no UI videos and this was as good as camera shots could get at the time.
  21. While I respect your opinion on guilds priorities, we can agree to disagree. Besides by the Shadowbane community I'm not seeing it.
  22. While I admit it's more exhausting to deal with this petty forum battle than wasting them in game, my hope is to dispel these the PR battle come game loops.
  23. That wasn't Sugoi vs Sugoi. We took -w down that day a few times as well is too bad we dont have the names labeled. Not sure what you mean by point of view of the grass. I'm worried that my players would burn out from a pre-alpha test that has been running over a year. But seriously no need to get so defensive you guys lost this one idk why we need your ok to beat you up. Going so far as into trying to spin your own stories on your own short commings.
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