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    Uyathefox got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Sugoi Gaming - Semi-Hardcore PvP Community --- EST   
    Please check out [Sugoi] Zybak's new video - Advice for new players! 
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    Uyathefox got a reaction from Frykka in Sugoi Gaming - Semi-Hardcore PvP Community --- EST   
    Please check out [Sugoi] Zybak's new video - Advice for new players! 
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    Uyathefox reacted to Frykka in The March to First Campaign - Official Discussion Thread   
    This test environment will not fly as a "real" campaign...   because all of the materials are free in vendor.
    and the wipe.

    There will be no harvesters nor small scale PvP
    The major guilds have already made late game gear and fought over forts

    If you free level and free mats there is no longer any motivation to test, nor would there be if the game is not for the long term.
    Do not expect the same number of testers to play as the last few weeks

    We are in a holding pattern until the actual LIve and long term campaigns
    I am sorry, we want to help, but you will not likely see higher populations in Test anymore...   it is stale without harvesting but won't work for that without full length long term play.   Catch 22
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    Uyathefox reacted to Svenn in The March to First Campaign - Official Discussion Thread   
    You really should have communicated this out prior to announcing the servers coming down. There are going to be a lot of really disappointed people who expected 5.8 was today.
    Now it sounds like we're about a month away from the first campaigns?
    When you say "real" campaigns and unique rewards... we're still getting wipes before launch, right?
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    Uyathefox reacted to dreaden in Guess I'll play Ranger Too   
    Expose knock down is the worst made socks CC mechanic in the game. Giving it to the most OP class in the game is straight dumb af.
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    Uyathefox reacted to Brightdance in Guess I'll play Ranger Too   
    Pretty much killed this test for me.
    I just can't fathom how in Gods green earth you all sat around and thought, " you know what Rangers need? A ranged expose knock down! And let's give it their already OP rapid fire ability"
    Seriously is it April (fools)? I don't like to gripe because I know this is a test and who cares... it will all get ironed out... but WTF? Who's ironing this poorly made socks? Edward Scissorhands? 

    I'll either stop playing for now or roll a ranger.. really no other option currently.
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    Uyathefox got a reaction from coolster50 in Sugoi Gaming - Semi-Hardcore PvP Community --- EST   
    Just here to dispel some rumors. Sugoi has no intention of disbanding at anytime in the foreseeable future looking forward to playing in 5.4 soon!
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    Uyathefox got a reaction from Dregar in Sugoi Gaming - Semi-Hardcore PvP Community --- EST   
    Just here to dispel some rumors. Sugoi has no intention of disbanding at anytime in the foreseeable future looking forward to playing in 5.4 soon!
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    Uyathefox got a reaction from Xarrayne in Sugoi Gaming - Semi-Hardcore PvP Community --- EST   
    Just here to dispel some rumors. Sugoi has no intention of disbanding at anytime in the foreseeable future looking forward to playing in 5.4 soon!
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    Uyathefox got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Killjoy - A competitive guild for NA/EU/OC players   
    wb :3
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    Uyathefox reacted to cuddlesthepanda in Sugoi Gaming - Semi-Hardcore PvP Community --- EST   
    Sorry for the delay, Our guild name reservation should be up and running now :).

    Long name: Sugoi
    Short name:  -Sugoi-
    Quick PSA: There is a guild out there trying to impersonate us. When searching for us, look for me as the guild leader.
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    Uyathefox reacted to Pann in Guild field added to forum profile page   
    *facepalm* I should just have you proofread the newsletter for me every week before i send it out. Balance won over CHAOS and Order. 
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    Uyathefox reacted to Kraahk in The truth behind the Crowfall Team   
    I don't know if you recognized Todd's new picture in the team list, but when i saw it today, it instantly reminded me of something.

    So i did some research, and indeed found some very well hidden pictures in the library of the Spartan University of Arts and Crafts that show him during his classes in
    'pushing forward'

    and 'coping with unconstructive feedback':

    This undoubtedly explains a lot of the stuff people were always wondering about. The PvP and risk vs. reward focus of the game. Carefully considering which informations about the next steps can be shared, of course. The small team. Nevertheless being abe to accomplish a big task with few resources. Piercing bug after bug, thousands, while laughing at them, unbroken. The battle cry 'THIS - IS - CROWFALL!!!' And a lot more.
    Looks good - just let's hope they find Ephialtes in time.
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    Uyathefox reacted to Yumx in Crowfall cinematic premiere - Official discussion thread   
    *Disclaimer* This is my personal analysis/feedback of your trailer, I know ACE is crowdfunded with limited resources, but I feel a lot of small changes could have made a big difference in many of the shots in the trailer.

    I thought I would give you guys some feedback on your recent gamescom trailer for the game. I don't know if you noticed, but to non-backers it was pretty ill received. Source:
    A little background on me, I'm a motion graphic enthusiast, been working with motion graphics, mostly 2D animations but with 3D elements, for about 5 years now, I have an education in multimedia design(film&animation), and I'm currently studying Digital Conceptdevelopment.
    I have been playing Crowfall from early january 2017, and I love the game so far. I am one of the officers in the european guild Caldera, so I feel like I have some valuable insight in your game, since I am an active customer.
    Now back to the gamescom trailer.
    I feel the reason this trailer failed, was because of the storytelling.
    There are some technical things that could've been changed as well, but I will first address the storytelling.
    Your games core values lie in how you bring people together to conquer and build together, no one will fair good in this game on their own, and every player will realize this very quickly when they start playing your game.
    You want people to be unique, you want them to have a place where others can benefit from them, whether that is as a renowned blacksmith, or a feared warrior.
    But the 'throne war' will not be fought by individuals, it will be fought by groups, mercenaries, guilds, warbands etc.
    Your trailer focuses on how a single player amounts from nothing to something, and how the individual can go any way they want in the game, with the unlimited lives granted by the gods.
    You could've done some research on your current playerbase, all the testers, who I think would be more than willing to answer some qualitative surveys, participate in focus groups etc., and find out what actually drew those players to your game.
    You do not address what endeavors a player has to be a part of in this game, guarding gatherers, charging first into a battle, crafting the best equipment for yourself and your allies, create alliances, finding the right vessel - the list goes on, what I'm trying to say is that you could've showcased so much more with the resources you had for this trailer.
    I will now break down each shot made for your trailer and give my thoughts on it:
    Shot 1 - run time 00:00-00:07
    Description: We see a blizzard and snow particles revealing your logo.
    Sounds: Sounds of a blizzard and harsh wind.
    Thoughts: It gives a feel of winter. But also a bit uncreative way of showing your games name. If you really wanted to give a feel of winter, you could've added a lot more snow and frozen look, to the logo. Also since you show your logo in the winter, starting the following shot in a winter setting would have set you guys up for an easy and creative transition.
    Shot 2 - run time 00:08-00:10
    Description: We see a ranger shooting incoming enemies through and open gate. The ranger shoots 3 targets. Camera is stationary.
    Sounds: Sounds of battle, arrows being shot and moans of falling enemies.
    Thoughts: I think you guys wanted to throw the viewer straight into a battle scenario, to showcase your combat.
    But why give it away so quickly? Why not start a story, build up suspense - leading to a combat scenario?
    Why is the gate straight open? Wouldn't it be broken down realisticly, for the enemy to rush into the town?
    Why is the camera stationary? A slight movement upwards, showcasing the battle behind the rushing enemies could've created a better feel of the battle, you have the further background fogged off anyway.
    Why is the ranger stationary? Having her backing up, while shooting, would've given the viewer the feel of how chaotic the battles can be, and how you need to keep your head straight.
    You could've had a few knights standing in the entrance creating a shield wall, which is possible in game, just for a wow factor.
    Shot 3 - run time 00:11-00:15
    Description: We see a myrmidon charging towards the gate, with more enemies behind him ready to follow up. He then hits a single champion while entering the town.
    Sounds: We hear the sounds of war, and an impact sound when the myrmidon kills the champion.
    Thoughts: This scene could have been 10 times cooler, if it had been a shield wall that the myrmidon broke through with his charge, sending some knights flying left and right.
    A nice touch with the slow motion, and screen shake effect on impact.
    The impact sound could've had a bit more 'impact' to it, added some more bass to it, I know there's a lot more impactful free sound effects on youtube alone.
    Shot 4 - run time 00:16-00:18
    Description: Myrmidon reaches ranger with it's signature bull rush, before the ranger can shoot.
    Sounds: Myrmidon grunts, impact sounds, sounds of battle.
    Thoughts: Again the ranger could've been backing up, to give the visual feeling of her being overwhelmed.
    Since the amount of visible fighting is so little, you don't really realize what actually happens - an enemy army takes over our subjects town.
    This should've been more clearer, you already put in a lot of characters fighting eachother in the scenes, but you put them out of sight in a lot of fog?
    Since you haven't really set up a scenario for the viewer, then we have no idea why our subjects entire army is outside their gates fighting incoming enemies, leading your viewer having no engagement in what actually happens.
    This could've been a group of allied harvesters on their way back from harvesting, with a packpig loaded, then they get jumped after the town opened their gates, which would then make sense of why the gates are fully open.
    Shot 5 - run time 00:19-00:26
    Description: Fade to black, then we see our subject dead on the ground while the camera zooms out. Our subjects crow form jumps out of it's vessel.
    Sounds: Still sounds of battle.
    Speak: "Death, is not the end."
    Thoughts: First you showcase the town being over run, there is no one else in there but our subject which is, visually, the last line of defense.
    Wouldn't it have been more visually pleasing to see our subject with her allies lying dead by her side - telling the viewer, they died defending who they loved.
    Since you had a fade to black transition, and faded the sounds away, why did you resume the sounds of battle?
    A more muffled version of the sound, or complete silence, and then a spark of blue light coming from the body, with the speak following, would've given a feel of:
    "Our hero is dead .. It's over.. No wait! What's that?!"
    And then it wasn't over, you then tell the viewer, you have eternal life in the world of Crowfall.
    Shot 6 - run time 00:27-00:30
    Description: We see the crow form, flying up from the corpse, and flying past the battle.
    Sounds: Combat sounds continue.
    Thoughts: A good start with a camera that uses the crow as anchor point, and rotates around it, but yet again the camera stops in it's rotation, and in the last second of the scene, the viewer is kinda just gliding beside the crow, to be honest the scene should've been cut before the camera rotation ended, or the camera should've continued to rotate.
    When a bird flies, it doesn't go in a straight line, it goes a bit up and down. That is why it feels wrong with the camera being so stationary in the angle of the shot.
    Shot 7 - run time 00:30-00:33
    Description: We see 3 more players dieng, and joining our subject in the crow form.
    Sounds: Just a brief sound of combat.
    Thoughts: Nice touch with the current crow gliding by, and then showing our subjects teammates suffer the same fate.
    Again I don't agree on the stationary camera, it makes it seem so dull.
    And pay attention to the templar in the left of the scene, she does a brief hit, and stands completely idle for the next almost 2,5 seconds.
    Same with the myrmidon further in the background of the shot, completely idle animation, why even put that myrmidon in then, if it's not doing anything? Make it run, make it charge, something ..
    Shot 8 - run time 00:34-00:40
    Description: We see our subject in the past, walking through her town with
    Sounds: Townsfolk working.
    Speak: "My first life was simple. I went from daughter, to wife, to widow, to soldier."
    Thoughts: Too many stationary characters in this shot as well, it would've brought the shot way more to life, to atleast have the characters that stand still do some movements with their arms as if they are bargaining for items.
    The champion could be chopping the meat with his axe.
    The druid in the background at 00:37 runs through the booth with the red and white striped cover.
    Also the speak feels irrelevant towards the game, "I went from daughter", can we give birth to children? "to wife, to widow" Can we marry in the game?
    And yet again the camera angle feels boring, you could've had it flying through some of the booths, in between to people crossing eachother or something, while following our subject.
    Shot 9-12 - run time 00:41-00:47
    Description: Starts with another flashback to our subject drawing their weapon and aiming at an incoming enemy.
    She then shoots the first enemy - then the next, and then shoots towards the camera.
    Sounds: The sound of a squeeky toy when the flashback happens. Shreeks of the dieng zombies.
    Speak: "My family. My kingdom. All in ruins."
    Thoughts: First too much stationary things again, ranger stands still, camera stays at the same angle all the time.
    Why isn't the ranger looking towards the closest enemy to start with?
    You could have started the shot with a close up of the rangers face, then a shreek from a zombie, and then zoom out revealing incoming enemies. That would've created much more action.
    Shot 10, where it's a close up of the ranger aiming at the first zombie, why is that camera placed at that angle? You could've created much more suspense by having the camera move up from the top of the left shoulder of the first zombie, revealing the aiming ranger, and the second zombie incoming from her back.
    Shot 11 is really good, shows her quick reaction to a second enemy, and shows a cool angle to her shooting the enemy.
    Shot 12, having her shooting towards the camera seems anti climactic, the town is empty, the hunger has taken everything, wouldn't it make more sense for her to just bolt it, and sprint towards the camera instead?
    That being said, "my family", would've made more sense with some gravestones around her, "my kingdom" would've made more sense with buildings destroyed around her.
    Maybe mention the hunger here in the speak? You show the hunger, you do not mention it.
    Shot 13 - run time 00:48-00:51
    Description: We see 4 crows flying back towards a destination.
    Speak: "Chosen by the gods, I have lived countless lives."
    Thoughts:  The shot is too long contra what actually happens. "I have lived countless lives" could've been visualized by having the 4 different crows fly into 4 different vessels instead.
    Shot 14 - run time 00:52-00:55
    Description: The camera zooms in on a statue of our subject.
    Speak: "I have been a hero, loved by the masses."
    Thoughts: I would personally had the bridge to the statue come in from the front side of the statue, let's say citizens would go and look and at appreciate the statue up close, and all they can see, is the side of the statue.
    Other than that, good visualization of the speak.
    Shot 15 - run time 00:56-00:58
    Description: We see our subject sneaking in on unsuspecting gatherers.
    Speak: "A villain, skulking in the darkness."
    Thoughts: I love the shot setup, nice ambience lighting and sounds (crickets).
    What would've made it more feel like the actual game, would be to put in a guard or 2, standing in between our subject and the gatherers.
    Shot 16 - run time 00:59-01:00
    Description: The camera zooms in, as our subject draws a shot.
    Sounds: Sound of bow and arrow.
    Thoughts: This is where the shot could've ended with the ranger releasing the shot.
    Shot 17 - run time 01:00-01:01
    Description: We see 3 guineceans walking up towards the subject.
    Speak: "A queen."
    Thoughts: Great setup, a nice little touch could've been to have to 2 closest guards to the queen, (legio and champ), having them walk infront as to show "that's close enough".
    Shot 18 - run time 01:02-01:03
    Description: We see the queen on her throne.
    Speak: "Uniting my people, to drive back the hunger."
    Thoughts: This is where a small wave of the hand could be a nice follow up to the previous shot, just to create a bit more feel of her actually being in a position of power.
    Also here you mention the hunger, but newcomers have no visualization of what the hunger does, you show it earlier, but do not clarify it.
    Shot 19 - run time 01:04-01:05
    Description: The guineceans bends the knee.
    Thoughts: As a follow-up to the thoughts on the 2 previous shots, having the guineceans wait a second, for the guards to move aside, and then bending the knee, would've been a nice touch.
    Shot 20 - run time 01:05-01:09
    Description: We see an ongoing siege, with trebuchets launching molten stone at a castle.
    Speak: "A warlord, toppling walls to slaughter the innocent."
    Thoughts: This is probably the best shot in the entire trailer, this is what I think are one of your key selling points - big fights with a lot of people involved.
    Good camera movement swaying through the ongoing siege, giving a feel of the chaos such a big fight can ensue.
    In this scenario, I would've made the speak around strategy, like "With the right strategy, we crush our enemies."
    One minor technical thing is that the third trebuchet on the left, launches the molten boulder out of synch with the animation of the trebuchet.
    Shot 21 - run time 01:09-01:10
    Description: We see a final shot from a trebuchet being launched, into a transition.
    Thoughts: It's a nice shot, what would've completed the shot would have been a bit of smoke/fire from the castle, showing progress from the whole siege, giving the viewer a feel of victory for our subject, that way the visuals would match the speak.
    Shot 22 - run time 01:11-01:17
    Description: We see a single crow flying towards a temple.
    Speak: "They worship us as immortals, they call us champions, legends, heroes."
    Thoughts: Here you go from group scenarioes, back to a single person scenario.
    But in the speak you address several people "they worship us" "they call us". Visually it would've made more sense to have many crows fly back towards the temple, to enforce that battles are being fought in larger scale, not by individuals.
    You could have the different crows come in from many angles to make the shot much more interesting, instead we have a single crow gliding for 6 seconds toward a temple.
    Shot 23 - run time 01:17-01:27
    Description: We see how the crow turns from crow form, into their vessel. How the subject resurrects.
    Speak: "We are not heroes, we are scavengers. We, are crows."
    Thoughts: Again you adress multiple people in your speak, with a visual mismatch. The shot would've been a lot more interesting with several crows turning into several different vessels, showing "we are ready for more".
    This is what I think went wrong in your storytelling, you should've put a lot more weight on the multiplayer part of your game, how people work together, because what people got from your trailer, is that a single player is immortal, and can amount to anything.
    To really boil it down - you can resurrect in the game.
    I would recommend you guys do some user research before making your next trailer, since you could've impressed a lot more potential buyers, by actually showcasing some of your key selling points.
    If I had the chance to affect the storytelling, I would've put the viewer into a 'regular scenario' in the game, create suspense, giving the subject something to lose, and finally when they die, reveal how they become a crow, and how we'll see them again.
    Example could be:
    - It's dark and quiet with crickets chirping, 3-4 gatherers are harvesting some stone near a torch, and couple of guards are standing close to them.
    "That's the last of it, let's get going"
    - Suddenly a net out of nowhere lands on the gatherer furthest from the camera.
    - Everyone freezes for a brief second, trying to realize what is happening.
    - The gatherer gets pulled away and in comes the suspenseful music, and the roar of and incoming enemy group.
    - A champion comes jumping in from the dark infront of one of our guards.
    - Our guard cuts him down, shouting:
    "Get it back to the fort!"
    - The gatherers whips the pack pig, it squeals and start rushing away from the fight.
    - In the background you see the guards being cut down, in the sound of battle.
    - From the perspective of a lookout on the wall you see a torch in the distance, the pack pig and the gatherers rushing towards the gate, screaming:
    "Open the gate! Open the gate, they're coming!"
    - The packpig/gatherers comes rushing in through the open gate, with enemies just behind them.
    - They can't close the gates in time and guards run to the open gate to stall the enemies (a shield wall of templars/knights)
    - Fighting ensues, and from the distance you see 2 blue crows flying fast towards the fort.
    - The crows rushes past, above the fight and the camera follows them from the fight toward a statue.
    - Here we see the 2 guards from before coming back to life, (same animation from the last scene of the trailer), and then drawing their weapons, and rushing towards the battle, running past the camera - cut to next scene.
    From here on you built up a story, of our heroes finishing up the last of their gathering for the night(Start of regular scenario in game), being attacked (suspense), having casualties (part of the game), reach their destination with their goods (payoff of their dangerous adventure), showcasing how crows come back to life (showing that people are immortal).
    And then you can continue the trailer with the siege shots, crafting shots etc.
    Bringing out the over all message of cooperation, group fighting and dependency of eachother.
    I hope I didn't come off as arrogant in my analysis, and I hope you can use this feedback at all.
    I care about this game, and I want it to succeed, and a part of succeeding is having good PR, and a good trailer will give good PR.
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    Uyathefox reacted to Tinnis in Greatest Moment In My Crowfall Career!   
    please don't confuse me stating my view with expecting you to share my view.
    also relevant trending video (for both sides)
    [contains swears.for comedic effect...please be gentle pann]
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    Uyathefox reacted to ZYBAK in Greatest Moment In My Crowfall Career!   
    The Russians hacked the Crowfall giveaway!
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    Uyathefox reacted to Rikutatis in The problem with current ranged targetting in 5.2.1   
    During the stream you guys asked for some video of the targetting issues, so I'm compiling a few clips below.
    Basically the major problem is that this kind of "aim assist" you guys implemented for ranged targetting heavily skews targetting for channeled or charged abilities. And to a lesser extent abilities that have a longer animation time. 
    Example 1: Ranger targetting. Whether you hit or miss is determined when you begin charging the arrow, not when you release it. This heavily affects ranger gameplay and feels counter intuitive. Pre-charging arrows is a big part of archer gameplay in all games. 
    Example 2: Channeled abilities like Druid Spark or ranger rapid fire (also shown in the video above). If you hit the first and keep pressing the button, all the others will hit regardless of reticle position. This is particularly problematic for Druid Spark, specially on a scimitar druid.Theoretically I could kill someone by just pressing LMB once and then running circles around and away from him. No need to aim afterwards. It feels awkward and on a scimitar druid would be really easy to cheese. 
    Example 3: Confessor. It's not as obvious on a confessor, but it does explain why people were thinking aiming was harder. It's really not harder, it's just different timing. Whether you hit or miss is determined when you press the button at the start of the animation. Again it feels and looks awkward with longer animations. 
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    Uyathefox reacted to ZYBAK in Greatest Moment In My Crowfall Career!   
    This was too perfect! One of the highlights from my Crowfall experience so far. Not sure what I'm going to do with the extra account (I haven't gotten it yet) but I may do a giveaway if one of my IRL friends doesn't want it.
    I was more excited that I won and seeing Todd's reaction than I was from the actual prize 
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    Uyathefox reacted to Tinnis in Starts as a 4v9 aka No, You Can't Have Our Fort   
    okay people, zoos closed now.

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    Uyathefox reacted to ZYBAK in Starts as a 4v9 aka No, You Can't Have Our Fort   
    There are people in this thread having conversations...with themself. 

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    Uyathefox reacted to Tigari in Lack of scaling on many buffs, debuffs, and procs.   
    Leaving it at flat values mean bard is only good for the ungeared/early stages of the game. Doing this to a rune that is as unique and changes the classes playstyle as much as bard(possibly more than any other rune) would be a terrible mistake
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    Uyathefox reacted to ZYBAK in Lack of scaling on many buffs, debuffs, and procs.   
    So I've noticed that quite a lot of the buffs and debuffs in this game have no scaling whatsoever and I feel this is going to be potentially problematic as stats inflate. A perfect example of this is what has recently happened to Support Power. Healers now have around 3000 Support Power baseline and this is only going to ramp up as we get vessels and gear with stats on it. This puts abilities like the Bard song "Verses of Victory" in a really bad spot. Giving 150 Support Power to someone who already has 4000-6000 just feels really crappy. Since Bard songs and many other powers that give stats are flat values and not percentage based or scale with stats this means that the power of these abilities will continue to get worse and worse.
    This is not a Bard specific problem by any means as many disciplines give flat stat values for various procs, buffs, and debuffs. However I do have to admit that I'm biased as I really want to play a Bard role in some capacity in this game. 
    Are you guys planning on addressing this in some way by adding scaling or making more of these buffs percentage based? I know stat inflation isn't going to be as crazy in Crowfall as most MMOs since there aren't going to be brand new tiers of gear released every few months. However I do think this is something to be concerned about.
    I know you guys have mentioned stat budgets in the past when talking about skill trees and maybe I'm worried over nothing but I still figured it was worth a post.
    @thomasblair @mhalashace
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    Uyathefox reacted to PanzerUDL in Battle For BloodBath (3 VS 6+)   
    Good fights all around.
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    Uyathefox reacted to ZYBAK in Starts as a 4v9 aka No, You Can't Have Our Fort   
    The release of this video has had serious economic ramifications. Pretty disappointed that people in the Crowfall community are employing pump and dump tactics.

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    Uyathefox reacted to Destrin in Starts as a 4v9 aka No, You Can't Have Our Fort   
    Holding off 9 people when two of our group members had basic weapons.  Most fun I had in 5.2 yet.
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