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  1. Saw your post in the Looking for Guild thread. We just started recruited yesterday and I think you may be a good fit. This is the [STC] Scarlett Trading Company recruitment post check it out and join our discord if you like what you see!


    1. ManuDragonne



      Thank you for replying to my post.  I reviewed your guild information and found it interesting.  I had not considered a mercenary angle to the game.  I had another guild reach out to me first, but I will keep your information in the event I decide what you are proposing is a good fit for me.

      In the meantime, best of luck in building your guild for launch.


    2. Sophia_Scarlett


      Thanks and best of luck to you as well!

  2. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: Adult. No grieving and respectful of foes. Relaxed atmosphere, but competitive. Work together as a guild. Casual/Hardcore?: I am more casual at this point due to availability. I am very competitive at PVP. Size: I generally prefer to small to mid-size guilds with a team/family environment. Play-Style: I usually look for a jack-of-all trades class that can PVP solo well. Still exploring the classes in this game at this time. Just started playing recently after watching game for several years. Commitment: I dedicate myself to one MMO and I will play a few times per week as I can. Not hardcore anymore. Miscellaneous: I'm very loyal to one guild once I find the right one and don't change. Experience: EQ PVP server (Tallon Zek) starting in 1998 until SWG launch. SWG PVP server (Starsider) at launch until game ended. SWTOR PVP'er at launch for a few years and then left MMO's until now. Voice-Chat services: I can likely use whatever is preferred by the guild.
  3. Hi, I just unpacked my gaming computer after a couple years and am trying to run the Crowfall launcher and my screen just goes black. Went to check system requirements for the game and I think I may have a couple issues. I was hoping someone with computer knowledge can help me out so I can play this game. Here is what I have versus the requirements: Requirements Dual CPU, Intel I-5 3.0 GHz or better processor versus "Itel(R) Core (TM) i5-2500k CPU @ 3.30 GHz" 8 GB of system RAM versus "Installed memory (RAM) 8.00 GB" 64 bit Microsoft Windows OS, 7.0 or higher versus "Windows 7 Home Premium" 2 GB of dedicated VRAM, in a 3D card that is compatible with Shader 5.0 and GForce 600 series or better, AMD Radeon HD 6970 or better versus "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti" DirectX 11 versus "I checked my dxdiag and it says DirectX 11" 4GB of disk space versus "347GB of free space" -------------------- I don't know how to check the "2 GB of dedicated VRAM, in a 3D card that is compatible with Shader 5.0". Is that just a characteristic of the video card? I'm guessing the video card I have is the issue, but I didn't know if the processor (Dual CPU) was an issue as well. Anyone confirm the screen is black because I don't have all the above settings? Anyone suggest what I need to do in order to get my computer to run the game without a major CPU overhaul (or is that required?)? Just looking for the cheapest and easiest way to get my system up to par. Do you need to know any other characteristics of my CPU? Thank you for any assistance. Kind Regards, J
  4. EQ1 - Tallon Zek PvP server - first was the best. SWG second.
  5. Correct. Don't need varied level MOBs in order to level up. Most games once you hit max level 90% of MOBs are a cakewalk. Not needing them to level up should allow more flexibility as far as placement and difficulty.
  6. MOB's will make the game world feel more alive. While PvP is the main goal, it would be nice to have variety and be able to experience some PVE combat if you want. My hope is MOB's aren't at static camps only. Maybe in certain instances (like cities, landmarks, deserted forts, etc.), but they should be able to add new systems to put them around the world (like roaming and then reacting to player/other MOB/environmental factors). We don't need them to level up, drop items, and provide quest material, so they should be able to come up with new ways to implement them into the world. As a lone-wolf or in a small group, you will would want to use them to help even the odds when outnumbered.
  7. I hope they are able to implement a system that isn't tab-targeting or close to it; however, I don't want range classes and balance to suffer. When you put a lot of players in one area free aim may become unusable. Ultimately, as they stated to be their main goal, it should be fun. I hope they find some innovation during their search for that...
  8. Question: What is the design team's opinion on text chat bubbles over character's heads (like SWG) vs. text chat window only (SWTOR and most other MMORPG's)? I always preferred chat bubbles. Weird to have someone standing next to you and their discussion is mixed in with people 100's of yards away.
  9. Not directed at anyone, but I don't understand the hate for EK's. I'm glad to have a separate gameplay option where you can build your own setup and take a break from PvP for a bit. The start and restart of CW's will require something more permanent over time. Also variety was one of the best things about SWG. It's an overall plus without many, if any, minuses. You will bring a couple, if any, things from the EK into the CW worlds and have to build everything up inside there (fortifications, weapons, armor, etc.). There will be more of a need for good crafters inside the CW. The people that only want to play in the EK likely wouldn't play the game at all if not for the option to do that. We need a strong player base for this game to continue and expand. Another positive for this option. The EK may also be a way for PvE folks to start the game, grow to love it, and then slowly branch into PvP as they meet people. They will have the option to use cash to buy things for the EK rather than rely on the CW, but that cash goes into development. Those types of players wouldn't be fun to PvP against anyway, as they aren't willing participants. I'm here to fight the best. That is what I'm looking forward to as far as PvP.
  10. Manu Dragonne. Commando PvP Focused. Hit me up.
  11. Hello everyone, Been watching this game for a while and finally pledged a few days ago. Little nervous about this new trend of paying during development, but it's been a while since a great MMO w/ PVP and sandbox aspects has been on the horizon and I'm putting my trust in these guys. Always been a PVP'er. EQ1 PVP server 99-03. SWG launch day to close. SWTOR launch day to '13. Looking forward to the promise of the game. As long as they get the combat right we should be golden. The next few months will be critical. The overall design aspects of the game are awesome.
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