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  1. I really couldn't care less if anyone is a veteran of writing words on a forum. Like I said, the amount of posts someone has means nothing in terms of how long they've been following a game and their knowledge on it versus someone who doesn't have as many. Believing and even suggesting otherwise is arrogant and quite frankly pig-ignorant.
  2. Cause the amount of posts you've made on the forums has a lot to do with your knowledge on what exists of the game and how long you've been following it. Oh wait.. no.. you're just being arrogant, how could I fail to see that at first? Silly me. As for the rest; yes, it's all pure speculation at this point. Though going on what we've seen in screenshots (which are completely open to utter change) it would seem that equipped gear has only a percentage chance to become lootable and the bits that don't simply take a large amount of decay. The statement by ACE of gear losing a portion of it's overall durability when repaired by a crafter suggests that gear does start off with a certain number of durability points. Perhaps though every piece starts off with the same (100/100 for example) or even perhaps they are going the route of some pieces of gear decaying that much faster than others. Again, pure speculation but with some semblance of an official source at least.
  3. And once again people fail to see the difference between an inventory and equipped gear. Equipped gear won't be 100% lootable, folks! It'll have a chance to 'drop' and whether that means being deleted entirely or being thrown into the loot-table for other players to take, is not something we can determine yet. Either way, it's been made rather clear that equipped gear is not 100% lootable like inventory items. That defeats the entire point of having it decay on death. Unless we're looking to 'punish' those doing the looting for some randomly spiteful reason in a hardcore PvP game.
  4. Yes. What's your point? I assume you know the game you're posting about. Yet just in case you don't, this is a PvP game, mobs are simply a side mechanic there for mainly flavor and extra danger. Yes, they can be dangerous. Yes, they can kill you. And yes, there will be 'boss' monsters that guard valuable resources. But never will it be intended for a player to 'grind' them. Perhaps the only exception to this is, though it can hardly be called so, will be when edible wildlife needs to be killed for food because of the hunger/warmth mechanics.
  5. As far as I'm aware there will be Disciplines that will give the same benefits as being a Forgemaster.
  6. I want an Axe that gives Dwarven-voiced, heavily critical commentary on my gameplay as I wield. Just cause it'd be hilarious.
  7. I spent my last pennies yesterday. My current bank balance is £0.00 no joke.
  8. Well luckily for you then you'll be doing a lot of 'losing' in Crowfall. By which I mean the loss of items.
  9. Freakymon


    "Tis but a scratch!" "Just a scratch?! Your arms off!" "No it isn't." "Well what's that then?" *King Arthur points to the severed arm of the Black Knight lying on the ground* "I've had worse." "You liar!" "Come on you pansy!"
  10. There's also the chance for some Ranger integration. It's stated in their backstory that they're the ones who go out in the cold, as a world is dying, for those too stupid, stubborn or injured to get home themselves. In light of this they could have an ability/entire promotion class that focuses on helping those stuck out in the cold. Perhaps an ability that reduces the amount of stacks of the debuff, or even a way to get someone home fast if they're incapable of doing so themselves cause perhaps the debuff also reduces movement speed (there could also be other reasons but I'll keep them to myself until I know they'd actually be even a viable thing to consider.) The Ranger themselves might also have some form of resistance or immunity to the cold, along with the Frostweaver.
  11. Honestly it really should just be free-for-all loot, whoever can get it the fastest gets the loot. This will ruin the game. This will kill it. The smallest of arguments could be made towards 'instanced' loot but in a hardcore PvP game like this, it isn't a very strong one and the cons easily outweigh the pros. As for the defeated not losing their loot.. answer me this. If this is implemented; what is the point of inventory loot beyond the other player essentially being a smarter mob? It's already been made clear that only inventory will be lootable, not equipped gear. Said gear will only degrade in durability, later to be repaired by a crafter at the cost of a loss of it's overall durability. Inventory is the stuff you keep in your bags, like the ore you just mined or the feathers you just plucked from the still warm body of that innocent chicken, it's blood dripping from your hands and teeth after you savagely ripped open it's throat like a rabid animal. You get my point and I think it needs to be remembered because honestly it seems the whole mixing of the two is what is causing a lot of confusion. Edit: I will point out, however, that on certain rulesets it seems that even equipped gear will be lootable or have a percentage chance to be so when you die. Something to also bare in mind.
  12. I actually love this idea. During the Winter season you obtain a debuff that reduces the damage you do, increases the damage you take and reduces your stamina by a certain amount depending on how long you spend out in the cold. As mentioned above, it could only be removed by a campfire or spending a short amount of time in an inn. For a really hardcore experience, though perhaps this could be limited to a Shadow or Dregs ruleset, a certain amount of stacks will result in a slow but steady decrease of health until death. Overall I'd suggest the debuff stacks fairly slowly, like perhaps a stack an hour or something, and the amount of stacks resulting in the above mentioned 'hardcore' mode should be something like 5-10, no less.
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