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  1. @thomasblair While discussing the double dipping the duelist was doing with ranged and melee damage buffs you guys mentioned checking against the skills adjective to see what damage modifier would be applied. My question is will these adjectives be visible to the players a la 'Path of Exile' skills. Seeing exactly what adjectives are on a skill helps tremendously in a game where theory crafting is essential, while you determine which skills to train and which stats to experiment it would be great visibility into skills. Seeing a 'bow' adjective on a skill would instantly let me know a bow is required to use it and also any stat that effects bow, like bow range, applies.
  2. Accidentally** What program are you using to make your maps Kraahk?
  3. Indeed, I redrew it incorrectly for that post.
  4. We are currently at 55 cells.
  5. Consider a bleed purge on some ability to increase survivability. Currently the ease of DoTs and bleeds are crushing champions passive. The Leap cool down felt good 3 tests ago when it was at 16 seconds, not sure why it got the stealth 200% nerf outside of patch notes. This change brought on rage issues and mobility issues.
  6. Did anyone stream it so I can catch a vod?
  7. Exactly, just like how there were race specific boons in Shadowbane, do the same.
  8. Tip for other confessors, if you pop your dmg reflect to a confessor that is spamming their aura you will destroy them with reflect damage. This aura should only be used against knights and legios. And the damage on this is normally lower, it sounds like an advanced weapon pick up with the bug that Tully found turns into high numbers.
  9. Devs have announed there will be a "tournament" system, where victors of some criteria can compete against eachother twice a year or one a year in a campaign. There was a stretch goal for this. They have also talked about being fans of releasing API information to the public, but I don't think this was involved in any stretch goals, just generally philosophy from past games. So it may be possible for users to create leaderboards using the API.
  10. Its becuase they're going to accidentally leave the servers up all weekend... right.. right..
  11. You should rename the groups to the Gods/balance/order/chaos when the god names become available
  12. Good repurpose of that server, testing will need this as virtually all small teams will be using a voip when the game goes live. Edit: be sure to still fully test the chat system as you play though. Introducing this medium for communication could hurt the testing of chat.
  13. Well this was extremely easy to do in darkfall...
  14. Maybe. I did point out some flaws with it though, atleast in my eyes, in the op. Hoping the discussion can improve upon that idea, or perhaps offer a better idea. I would love to discover a solution that we have not seen before that is more elegant. It was certainly a quick and dirty solution to a problem that they had very little time to fix. Additionally it brings up the issue of players pack muling more than they can carry over a great distance then having their allies kill them for the loot, cutting the viability of a caravan. Perhaps the weight could stay with them for this propossed 5 minutes but in my head it is not a fully flused out idea at this point.
  15. In today's Q&A the developers discussed that, as of today, items dropped out of inventory would be deleted, They also mentioned this may change in the future. I would like to add some cautionary ideas to keep in mind when you are implementing this system This is a system that darkfall used, which was another full loot on player death pvp game. Here is an issue that they faced. Problem: Players will do anything they can to gain advantage, if someone is killing you and you have the option to delete your inventory to prevent your enemy from gaining it, this will be done. Previous game solution: Darkfall ended up having that items deleted within X minutes of death would end up on the corpse if the player died. While this worked it often ended up in a player deleting their inventory and then having a goal of trying to run away for X minutes. So it would end up being some boring chase across the map against the clock. I was trying to envision a better system, for example you cannot drop items in combat, or you have a progress bar that is interrupted on damage, or some combination of the above. All of what I imagined as solutions still have this issue of the person trying to last a time limit or get into a position where they can delete all of their items. It is my opinion that this scenario should be avoided, if you bring out items and are killed the victor should get your items. I wanted to bring this to the community to start some discussion on what would be a better system than what we have seen in past games.
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