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  1. I just switched to that setting when I made the character, thank you.
  2. Weird one, I think my vessel is in a state of limbo. I died, My camera did not follow my bird it stayed on my corpse, as I held directional keys I could see my crow fly away though. Following this I held the 'G' key to teleport to temple. I was met with this screen https://imgur.com/a/3PzFKzH Following that I could no longer log out, hold g key to teleport, couldn't do anything. I closed the client and reloaded it and am brought back to the same position, seems like I am off the map in a plain of blue.
  3. Whatever graphical changes were made boost my poor fps by 8-10. I assume it was the sky performance on basic settings.
  4. @thomasblair While discussing the double dipping the duelist was doing with ranged and melee damage buffs you guys mentioned checking against the skills adjective to see what damage modifier would be applied. My question is will these adjectives be visible to the players a la 'Path of Exile' skills. Seeing exactly what adjectives are on a skill helps tremendously in a game where theory crafting is essential, while you determine which skills to train and which stats to experiment it would be great visibility into skills. Seeing a 'bow' adjective on a skill would instantly let me know a bow i
  5. Duping/mirroring Bug stacking bug that makes you able to mirror stats of stack-able components, or strip stats completely. Sorry for black border on video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KaSk0OOxak
  6. Knight Blocking Bug: 1)Knight Block does not block any damage at all from the Duelist "Go For Broke" ability, completely reproducible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clz7-RwBeSA I suspect that the Knight charge stun (number 1) goes through the knight block. I suspect that the Myrmadon 'C' iframe damage goes through knight block. EDIT: Just fought against a knight blocking and he was stuck in retaliation procing 100% of the time, doing around 1500 damage anytime i had damage proc on him. Armor Bugs: 1) Basic Armor currently has mitigations of {20,20,20,10,10,10,10,10,10} while a a plate piec
  7. Accidentally** What program are you using to make your maps Kraahk?
  8. Indeed, I redrew it incorrectly for that post.
  9. Consider a bleed purge on some ability to increase survivability. Currently the ease of DoTs and bleeds are crushing champions passive. The Leap cool down felt good 3 tests ago when it was at 16 seconds, not sure why it got the stealth 200% nerf outside of patch notes. This change brought on rage issues and mobility issues.
  10. I had this exact thing happen to me last test, I was 'stuck floating between two rocks' according to my party members. On my own screen it was exactly as described by mort. When my party members mined the node down I was back to normal.
  11. The 'take' crafting bug is in full effect again. Using the "wait to hit take" advice that seemed to be working during the last test has no effect this test. While crafting the two handed polemace. 2 crossguards disappeared when hitting 'take', 1 weapon hilt: great disappeared, and also the final polemace disappeared (didn't hit take for 5 minutes on this one just to be sure.) Logging into a character and having an empty food meter, immediately starving. Logging into a legionnaire and having everything in my entire inventory being gone, this has happened last test twice my knight character
  12. This patch, playing the Knight class I lost my inventory completely twice when relogging. This hasn't happened to me on either other archetype.
  13. UI: I like the ability to move the buff/pip widget around the screen, wish I could do this with the other UI elements. Champion: put a few hours in on the champion Wednesday night. The #1 ability is still at a 32 second cool down, please revert this to 16 seconds as it was two tests previous, champion now has horrible mobility and rage issues. #4 feels like a useless ability at this point, I don't see a scenario I would want to use this in. Its a low damage rage dumping skill. Suppress feels good, Blind feels good. I actually really like that we kept the root animation on the bleed comb
  14. If you are not hitting up an ore quality and you stay out of combat (biggest mistake I see is people staying in combat to regen stamina) you have like 3-5 second downtime between nodes.
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