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  1. I just switched to that setting when I made the character, thank you.
  2. Weird one, I think my vessel is in a state of limbo. I died, My camera did not follow my bird it stayed on my corpse, as I held directional keys I could see my crow fly away though. Following this I held the 'G' key to teleport to temple. I was met with this screen https://imgur.com/a/3PzFKzH Following that I could no longer log out, hold g key to teleport, couldn't do anything. I closed the client and reloaded it and am brought back to the same position, seems like I am off the map in a plain of blue.
  3. Whatever graphical changes were made boost my poor fps by 8-10. I assume it was the sky performance on basic settings.
  4. @thomasblair While discussing the double dipping the duelist was doing with ranged and melee damage buffs you guys mentioned checking against the skills adjective to see what damage modifier would be applied. My question is will these adjectives be visible to the players a la 'Path of Exile' skills. Seeing exactly what adjectives are on a skill helps tremendously in a game where theory crafting is essential, while you determine which skills to train and which stats to experiment it would be great visibility into skills. Seeing a 'bow' adjective on a skill would instantly let me know a bow i
  5. What he said, based on the extra interest we have seen from the crowns and crows podcast I would imagine we will be a large base interest and little recruiting to start off. Typically it seems, if we are okay with our turnover rate at the time we will just let our in game play and a single forum post be our recruitment tools, but if need be, as valor/ren have suggested, we can really turn on recruitment. The Archeage example is pretty fitting actually, we went into the chapter not having any interest in the maintenance/headache owning a castle would bring with it, once the decision was ma
  6. Death Alliance was Lords of Death, LotD rolled on NA at launch while I am assumeing you and LoD played against eachother on EU. Good to see you on Ollo though. EDIT: Soo I went looking for a s source to make sure I remembered this correctly, and it turned out my source was actually one of your posts.. lol Avacado 10-10-2012, 19:41 Afghan siege on MS The Death/NWO war. For those who don't know/Remember, Death was moving to NA-01 and was going to transfer their Niffelheim properties to NWO, which was primarily the EU clans from Death. NWO decided that that's boring and gonzoish, a
  7. No argument here Osium, when you are two guilds who own half of the server I guess you are correct.
  8. Certainly a lot of early Hype in the older pvp communities, hopefully the content is there.
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