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    Loved the resource spawning/harvesting system from Star Wars Galaxies, as well as Beastmaster and attachments systems.
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  1. I get this "Preparing Terrain" issue as well, I've never actually gotten into the world. When this happened to me before I would just try a couple of times and eventually get in, but so far been completely unable to with this new patch.
  2. So does this mean we'll see gold nodes in Sanctuary now?
  3. "In SWG before and after the two combat upgrades I was running 5 accounts." Jesus Christ, even when I dove in full-time I only had three!
  4. I'm pretty sure you are correct, only low tier resources would be found in the EK.
  5. Fantastic news, especially since that means we'll have more flexibility in testing hours! I've been waiting for this update a long time!
  6. How soon might we see harvesting/crafting in alpha or beta testing?
  7. SWG had the best "meta" systems of any game I've ever played. By "meta," I mean all the non-combat activities, things that can keep you busy and interested and immersed within the game outside all the pew-pew. I am confident that Crowfall will have very good systems as well, considering Raph Koster and Blixtev are involved with the development. Note: I played well after the NGE. Resource spawning/harvesting Player housing/decoration/setting up shops All the crafting in general Entertainer buffing system Music/dance systems Beastmaster/pet/mount incubation process (different than crea
  8. Count me in! I absolutely loved cutting my teeth learning the SWG crafting systems, resource harvesting, beast master system, reverse-engineering and setting up shop. I realize Crowfall will have very different versions of these kind of systems, but with developers like Raph Koster and Blixtev they should be rock solid!
  9. This is the exact question I intended to ask here today. If everything is 100% loot-able at all times, that will be pretty hardcore but depressing at the same time. Stuff in the embargo area will be safe, but a constant ambush spot for everyone. I'll probably log in at 4am hoping and praying I can sneak a few items into my embargo area without getting attacked.
  10. I'm looking forward to finally getting my hands on the harvesting/crafting systems. Please hurry!
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