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  1. As long as you have to split between Combat and exploring or crafting you will always be atleast somewhat useful. As far as Frykkas comment above about the second skill training slower on VIP, I really hope they don't do this, it should train at the same rate. All that will do is incentivize buying two accounts as opposed to VIP, which will lose them revenue after the 3 month period.
  2. Yeah PvP flags go against the spirit of a sandbox mmo. This game is about immersion, danger behind every corner. To be able to just flag that away, as the poster above me put it "takes the soul out of crowfall"
  3. Not to sound like a snob but I think this is one of those things that players who didn't play Shadowbane worry about. In fact I feel like this type of game provides a more psychologically enriching experience as it lets you push moral boundaries in a consequence free environment. I for example would never rob and kill you in real life, but i would in game, thus letting me psychologically explore that power dynamic in a fantasy. There is a level of immersion that you don't get from mindlessly following of quests in the WoW format. Also as I look back to the olden days of SB (like 2003) it was amazing how fast things would escalate. To think about how many server wars were catalyzed by one farming group killing another...People should never underestimate petty revenge as a content creator.
  4. So, perhaps I was incorrect but I thought you could not travel to an EK with a specific character while they were in a campaign. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems the current economic model seems to be; a) gather resources to craft profession specific items in a campaign stock pile said items in the spirit bank hope you get a decent ranking thus can keep a larger percentage of crafted items turn that percentage of items into raw capitol using EK trading cities between campaigns Us that capitol to buy items and runes to progress your character This seems overly complicated, and also completely neglects characters that play in the dregs that cannot import items made through ek progression into campaigns. Personally I think they need to implement a way to safely trade in campaigns, not just eks, as trading and crafting are going to be vital to a war machine, not just spoils from a campaign.
  5. My fear is more about selling then buying, without a small safe area where trade can occur freely it falls down to an honor system... in an online video game... Player run free gank open cities as economic hubs only allow the largest guilds with the infrastructure to protect their trade to participate in the economy everyone else runs a far bigger risk of getting their crafts stolen then purchased. Also some smaller guilds who many not have every crafter and will have to participate in trade for those wears. If getting payed depends on how many people you bring again it puts only the largest guilds at a serious game breaking advantage. You also over looked one small thing. The competitive aspect. If i am in a large guild that produces the most powerful equipment why would I trade that to a guild that doesn't have those advantages thus giving them the ability to compete? For money we cannot take with us if we don't win?
  6. yeah I think that is the smart play for them.
  7. *disclaimer* This may have already been said, but i'm not reading through 15 pages to make sure. The fun in sandbox MMOs comes from the interpersonal conflicts between people or groups in a competitive situation with no real consequences to your actions. The common denominator is people, 3 thousand people is going to be exponentially more fun then 30 because enjoyment is based on interaction amongst players, both positively and negatively. The more people in that world , the more chances for enjoyable interaction.
  8. I feel the game is for better or worst is being geared towards multiple accounts, as a character that invests heavily in crafting will be not be able to train combat professions and visa versa to make them optimally good at crafting or combat. Therefore i would think most would need two accounts to be relevant, a combat account and a crafting account. My only question is if you will be able to double box clients on one PC to be able to trade things back and forth with your crafter? If not i think it may put a bit of a kybosh on this model.
  9. I see two possible ways to counter this very reliant concern of having a rich crafting economy with no safe place to trade. 1) the first and in my opinion, the poorly made sockstier way to do it in my opinion, would be a mailing system with a COD that connects through out the world. You make a deal in chat, send it through the mail, if the agreed upon price was not met it would return to sender. 2) in my opinion the better way. An safe zone NPC trade city. In Shadowbane all trade took place in khar. If an agreed upon trade was made via chat or the forums the two parties would meet in designated trading safezone and continue the interaction. Personally i like the idea of a face to face economy as it builds a reputation with the crafters and the consumers like in real life as opposed to just being a name and a price on an auction house.
  10. OP, of course gears and stats will matter. This game while running at a fastish pace in comparison to past mmos is still far from twitch, meaning mechanical game play goes about as far as cycling skills in the correct order at the correct time, which of course has a skill cap but not as high as say competitive fps play. The goal with crowfall is to have countless areas (all the skill tress skills in the 3 different categories, many gear slots, discipline runes etc) which only contribute a rather insignificant amount of stats (my opinion) that come together with all the other areas of training to make a noticeably more powerful character.
  11. Yep, it will be the reason to run one in a group. like how scout was always the 10th spot in SB
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome. I've been lurking since 2015 and think I have a pretty decent idea of the game mechanics, although there are 3 things that i will admit i took for granted that would be required for this type of guild; 1) Your Tree of Life would protect your assets including crafting stations until it was destroyed. 2) Your bank in the campaign would be world based, and not local. 3) If need be you could retain an errant status without being ejected from the campaign. Errant being not attached to a tree of life. With that said obviously dedicated crafters are going to be necessary but that wasn't my point, my point is I do not see anything OTHER then dedicated crafters being needed for a successful guild (atleast in terms of open field group vs group rpk). NPCs crafters, Walls, Guards, countless buildings to house said NPCs, all are material sinks in as you said in a world with a amount of limited resources. Of course you want those things from a defense and/or logistical standpoint of a large guild but that also assumes you can mount a counter zerg to defend any possible banes. Assuming the three things i mentioned above are that way (the shadowbane way), why would it not be possible to have a bare ToL with a bank and a few crafting stations (low investment) that relied on the 3 day bane safety window, only to rinse and repeat when those things were destroyed? As long as you have access to a high level crafter please explain why you would have any kind of open field troop on troop disadvantage. Also as far as harvesting, yes from a practical standpoint some rocks will have to be hit although especially in the dregs when bodies are fully lootable a person will be far more rewarding to hit. *edit* i also would point out my goal is not to "win" the dregs. In order to win campaigns you will have to organize the largest most tactically zerg . I'm just looking for people to have fun with and win via dominant reputation and skillful play.
  13. *Story time* Take a seat by the fire wanderer and lend your ear to this tale of old. Fore this is not a tale of triumph of good over evil, or how the virtuous rose to power, no, this is tale of outcasts, madmen, cut throats, traitors and theives. For there is nothing more dangerous then men with nothing to lose. It was 2003, on a realm called chaos. The first great server war had drawn to a close displacing many thousands. Shamed and battered these refugees scowered the wastes trying to regain a foothold of their former glory, to step as prey in a world of predators and long begrudged victors. To fight a monster you must become one. And out of that philosophy rose a a band of marauders who gained fear, respect and infamy serverwide though the countless slaughter of the guilty and the innocent alike. They dawned the death tag. And while having very little physical assets in terms of buildings to insuring their collateral losses would be minimum, they still had the most ornate armor and deadliest of weapons bought with the iron price on the fields of Aerynth. These men were the wild dogs of Shadowbane, the untamed stallions whos loyalty was given to no outside the group and were tentative alliances always had a self serving purpose....some of the best gaming days of my life *Real talk* Hey guys, i hope you liked my little story, its Friday, i smoked a bit, i went with it. I actually was in many of these types of guilds over the 7 years and 3 servers I played on shadowbane. Its my preferred play style. Farming players farming materials is always the fastest way to farm. It is also rally's fights against you and general stirs the pot in a game where the content is conflict created, this is a good thing i feel. So the question. Does anyone have an RPK (random player kill) guild going that they could kindly point me in the direction of? Generally i'm looking for a guild with a red equals dead philosophy. That makes spec groups based on strategy, who mainly uses open field guerrilla tactics to wipe farming groups and caravans as opposed to burning cities down (although i think crashing banes if we have a personal vendetta to solve is a must). Simply because if its anything like shadowbane its mainly boring after the two fights and they log off, although i will admit its super satisfying if the rivalry is bitter. If not I'm more then happy to take the charge and start one if there is interest, Who wants to be evil? 20-30 no nonsense no f#$% around people could be a force to reckon with. P.S In Shadowbane there were ways to be fully geared without owning a heavy resource sink town but items were still crafted by npcs, in Crowfall i cant even tell why you need more then a respawn point and some crafting stations as everything is crafter made. So by keeping the cost low town destruction is a minor inconvenience and it puts a target on the back of your aggressor.
  14. Gotcha, yeah i'm sure there is alot of ground level balance tweaks that need to happen before release
  15. Are you guys gonna be all weird and digital hazey like you were back in shadowbane? I never pledged but i played under a very "dedicated" sub from chaos to mourning about the second server war and i always thought you guys took the power trip thing on the newbs a little far. Kanien was a cool dude though many a days in our team speak... lol team speak
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