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  1. Greetings!! I am sure you will be a valuable asset to your guild in Crowfall. PM sent . Cheers!!
  2. Dear Sellin, Good on you!! I appreciate someone who takes the time to explain their hopes and desires. You entering a guild is the start of a new relationship and that has to be fostered and cared for from both ends. So taking the time to explain your side of that is a great start imho. I think Serrated would fit most of your requirements and would invite you to take a look. Regardless all the best and any questions please just ask. http://serrated.nofacepress.com/welcome Take care, Ana
  3. Just a shout... new forums being worked on. Stay tuned for more info !!
  4. Just saying Overwatch has completely captured my attention. If any EU players want to group send me a PM !!
  5. Hello, The SR8D forums are experiencing a hiccup right now. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience... /bow. Any interest please just drop me a PM here in the mean time !! In other news Overwatch is a blast !!
  6. Lots of us are in Black Desert. Eternal War has some of us busy. Overwatch launches in 2 days. Couple choices to hold us over but I can't wait for this !!
  7. Greetings and welcome!! Hope you enjoy it here!!
  8. Just want to echo Giz's comments... looks real nice. Welcome to CF and all the best... /bow.
  9. Well truth be told Giz I played a lot of Overwatch this weekend . Any EU players interested in grouping drop me a line !!
  10. Greetings !! Welcome to the CF community and best of luck!!
  11. Greetings All, Weekend is shaping up to be beautiful here in the EU. Warm wishes to you where ever it is you call home. Take care... .
  12. Hello my friend and thank you for the interest!! I have sent a PM and hopefully we can get this sorted !!
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