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  1. And here we have it. This poor theme park schlepping pubbie gets it. The sandbox was never about how quickly you hit hotkeys and has always been about who you know and who you are allied with. VN will never understand the sandbox because he never played in the sandbox. He's a washed up WoW arena tryhard who moved to CS:GO and thinks he's somehow still relevant. Gonna be quite difficult for him and his 3 "friends" to defend their lands against an army of hundreds da?
  2. Stop being so angry VN. Just accept that you cannot convince real sandbox players that you're a legitimate anything. I understand the carebears across the boards lap it up because you are exceedingly long winded to impress them. But we're still not impressed. We are 33 pages into this thread and still no one is impressed in you or with you. No one believes a thing you say. No one thinks your opinion is worth anything and no one for sure cares about your blathering. I understand your mom locks you in a basement to avoid you. But please. Find a webcam model or something to give your attention to.
  3. So because you're proven wrong. It becomes inaccurate? Jesus. You poor pathetic creature. No wonder no one likes you. My favorite thing about all these logs I possess of the little "impartial mods." Was the absolute hilarity Pann found in you licking her ass and prostrating yourself before her while she in return has about the same regard she has for you as she does for headlight. The only difference is you're willing to drop to those knees like a good boy. Run back to momma's skirts. No one cares about your irrelevant opinion. Put the arm pancakes away and shuffle up those stairs. Give your mommy that hug I told you earlier. Your anger is only amusing your betters.
  4. LOL. Spoken like a true theme park beta.
  5. You got so upset you updated your post 4-5 times. Lololol. You're so funny in your rage outs my dear.
  6. Lolol. It was a valiant try. Let our overly skilled Regulus here dominate you. He likes to test the game all the time. But there really is no interest in doing these "tests" within Serrated on a guild level. Just our oddball or two who tests.
  7. Kills/Deaths? Who cares you silly beta fool. Chest beat as you wish. Victory is victory. Take your k/d ratios back to your beta level games bae. And your challenge is cute. A majority of our guild has custarded off to other games while waiting to see if this game becomes anything at all. I'm surely not going to bring them back to honor fite u bro because it is utterly pointless. At some point you'll feel the daddy hooligan. Why not show us your 2.0 wins. I'll wait for you to surpass 100+ wins within a week. Since that is the time period of that graphic. Since you want to measure stats. Let's see the wins. Until then. You're a beta just like every other guild yipping at their betters. Once you prove you're on even footing. Then you can claim you're anything else bae.
  8. Wew lad. We did not impress VikingNail. Full hands on dicks. We must impress a nameless nobody who played Shadowbane for two months and is claiming he was verily a man of import. wew. We got this bros. You're irrelevant and bitterly irrelevant. You really need to just calm down bucko. Because in the whole pre-alpha relevance department. I think our multiple multiple multiple multiple did I mention multiple? How about the most out of any guild, wins as a guild surely trump the beta level 5 man carebear roleplay guilds sauntering around here thinking they're relevant.
  9. Indeed. That was of course while we were going full shaft into every other entity in the game before we got utterly bored of testing. But do kindly continue trying to insult my guild due to your mounting rage growing from your absolutely terrible posting about your relevance from a game that No One ever remembers seeing you play.
  10. You sit at no table of champions. Unless of course you brought one folded up in your lunch box so you could rest your little "special" helmet on it. You're simply an extremely bitter fellow who is generally upset that I outclass you so much that Tenshi is at the same level of relevance as you. And look at you taking Pre-alpha seriously. Of course. as you know from the graphic. Our guild for braggings bragsakes of brags. Thoroughly dominated PRe-alpha testing when we felt like logging in and playing the trainwreck of terrible combat that was Pre-Alpha 1.0 - 1.1 But of course. It's still pretty terrible. Wonder when that will actually get gud. Hopefully it won't take as long to fix combat and make it great as it does to make you relevant to anything more than keeping Pann dust bunny free.
  11. None of those things matter to VikingNail. It's about arena ratings in WoW. Your rank in CS:GO. These of course measure your skill in a sandbox MMO. No one cares about nations destroyed or lands controlled. Those of course are the only metrics that matter in the sandbox. But VN being the beta that he is. Only measures an arena battle. Honor dueling bro. 10v10 me bro.
  12. Then why again are you posting here? You're a CS:GO and MOBA fanboi. You were not relevant to anything in Shadowbane what so ever. No one even knows who you are within their community.
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