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  1. This is my third entry, and I believe it is my best yet... (a bit detailed so open larger view) The Last Supper Before The Hunger http://0.tqn.com/d/arthistory/1/S/q/7/1/38-Giampietrino-Last-Supper-ca-1520.jpg (Source)
  2. I Don't Know Where I Am Going, But Im On My Way The Persistence of Hunger
  3. Edit: Have had a couple offers that I am considering. Thanks! Guild criteria: Region: NA (PST) Atmosphere: Fun, friendly, and community oriented, but also mature and professional when the situation calls for it. Casual/Hardcore?: Leaning more to the side of casual. Size: Small/medium. Play-Style: I enjoy PVP and combat, but what really excites me about Crowfall is the player driven economy and crafting system. I am looking to Focus my personal crafting on weaponsmithing but also would like to have a part in the supply and demand of this new economy. For that reason I would like to find a production guild (similar to oceanic systems or amenoma from log horizon) or a guild that has a dedicated production segment. Commitment: I like to play one game at a time defiantly one that has hooked my attention as much as this one. Miscellaneous: I work in a kitchen, so there is a good chance the hours that I play will be late night PST. Experience: Its been a while since I have played any MMOs but I played WOW for 2 years straight and then on and off for another 2 years. Voice-Chat services: I am down to download whatever services are needed. Thanks in advance for any consideration!
  4. Defiantly count me in on this as my goal.
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