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  1. Well. Best in this or that benchmark doesnt mean the best after some time of use, best with regards to bugs in firmware, best for your personal needs, blah blah. For instance, take a look at this article about the 840EVO I see some people here have: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8550/samsung-acknowledges-the-ssd-840-evo-read-performance-bug-fix-is-on-the-way You need to keep your data on the disk for months for this firmware related bug to appear. And not all people are comfortable with updating firmwares either, meaning they will just have a fraction of the performance they were promised originally. I'm sure there are countless of similar anecdotes people could dig up about various different SSD's. At the SSD high-end, it's all about how much you trust the given brand. Benchmark performance numbers that are ran on a fresh-from-factory drive arent the be all end all, they are the best case scenario that may possibly never be achieved again in the drives life. Note that I'm in no way bashing Samsung drives in particular, people wouldnt buy them if they were bad in general. I'm just saying, do not place 100% trust on raw, synthetic performance numbers, regardless of the brand. Go with the one you feel comfortable with. ps. Note that I'm not american, I just place more trust in the validation/testing methods of Micron and SanDisk, which are strictly memory related companies compared to the multi-sector behemoth that is Samsung.
  2. I like to imagine the support archetype cube meaning "an archetype wholeness from a combination of lots of different abilities". To be honest, I'd hate support archetypes being about building, constructing and modifying terrain elements. I'd like to roll a Forgemaster as my main, but I hope it will be a combination of some melee powers, some buffs, debuffs and physics/voxel toys.. Please let support classes be something like a jack of all trades kinda thing..If it's just a glorified construction worker..big meh, rolling something else
  3. Samsung's are the best in most of the benchmarks, but really, in real life usage the difference between different high-end SSD's is mostly academical..just go with the brand you like the best For some reason Samsung as a brand is a turn-off for me, so I always bought Crucial and SanDisk SSD's instead. Maybe it's just a country issue, I'd rather buy American than Korean stuff I believe by the cheap price Crucial you mean the current BX100, I selected the 250g model for a friend whose build I assembled. Crucial(Micron) is a good and trustworthy maker as well.
  4. Got a new GPU and HDD some days ago. Took quite a few hours migrating all that stuff from the old 1Tb HDD's to the new large one, but no more multiple HDD's humming and consuming power inside the case! Maybe that's it for this summers upgrades..maybe..although that new, more efficient PSU would be nice..and a RAM upgrade? Maybe upgrade to the latest Noctua NH-C14S as well? pffff Updated build: Took some pics as well as I promised. The mainframe Wiring could be a bit more tidy, but cba at this time. And the HQ My mainframe's secondary monitor in the middle there isnt mentioned in the build..it's just an old 4:3 TN-TFT for monitoring programs, irc and winamp.. Pictured on the left is my secondary PC. He likes to be called Jeeves. Ready to serve any guests and whatnot. Also got my projector hooked to it for whenever it's big screen movie/whatever time.
  5. Several comments made about no hard cc's because first succesful stun = win. Didnt they state the mean TTK would be something like 40 secs? Wouldn't a 2-3sec hard cc be more like "this my move, now what's yours?" rather than an IWin button when the fights are designed to last for a longer time than just one or two succesful combos. Dont see any problem at all with them if there's some way to counter chaining in group situations. Besides, it will also help in trying to run away from bad situations if you have some hard cc. Running into a surprise 1v1, or 1v2, or whatever, situation where you know for sure you would lose, and you also have no chance at all to escape is rather meh.
  6. Thanks for elaborating. We are very much in agreement here. However, I'd like to think that the long duration immunities are not related strictly to those long duration cc's, they're also related to the general amount of cc's in the game. It doesnt matter if the cc's only last a short while if there are lots of them to go around, then stunlocks will inevitably happen. Correct approach would depend on the amount of CC's available to archetypes in CF in general, with overall CC resistance and countering increasing with the amount of total CC's. If there are only a very few CC's, maybe no immunities or even diminishing returns would be needed. I wouldnt like this. I'd like every archetype to have access to one, two, or in a few select archetypes, even three short duration CC's. As you say, consistent small duration CC's spice up action combat. Anyway, I guess what I really meant in my OP was that I'd like different ways to counter CC's. Immunities, steeply diminishing returns, whatever, these are all passive measures that do not require any player input. They'd be good to be there in some form, to prevent endless cc-locking once you get that first cc in. The active option would then of course be an activated ability, a dodge with iFrames, just something that rewards "skilled input" from the player.
  7. taroskin: I'm a bit confused as to why you would say that immunities would screw over bringing more than one char with a stun? Every character benefits from a CC ability. Besides, surely there is more to a supporting/disrupting character than cc, I dont see how having immunities would make it one dimensional? Debuffs, buffs, jumping in to deal damage, creating/altering terrain features, turrets, whatever.. With physics abilities, even moving people around (though this could be considered a type of cc I guess). If your build has a defining ability it revolves around, like the long stun you say, all the more so you should be careful at looking where to apply it most effectively. Without reasonably timed cooldowns, immunities or other hard counters to cc's, group combat is likely to devolve into a cc-fest. I'm not saying diminishing returns couldnt be possible approach, but the curve would have to be really steep to make any difference at all.
  8. Yup, it really is IMO. But that coin comes with a flip-side; ppl would then need some kind of a visual clue to tell that there's an immunity running, even if only to avoid the countless "[bug Report]: My stun doesnt work" threads this would generate.
  9. So. Seems that the confessor ability news generated a lot of discussion about cc's in general. How would you like to see crowd control abilities implemented in the game? If at all, that is. Personally, I feel that AoC in the AA era solved this the best of any MMO I've played. For those who dont know, here's a brief recap. 1. Every class has access to at least some CC's, with cooldowns in the minutes usually 2. Durations on hard cc's (stun, kb) generally between 2-5 sec, soft cc's (snare, root) up to about 10secs 3. You get hit by a type of CC, you get an immunity to that type of CC for 30-60sec depending on CC type and duration 4. Every class also has access to at least one CC breaking ability (only rogue classes had more than one really), with a cooldown of 1-5 minutes 5. This CC break can be used during CC effect, breaking all cc effects immediately 6. Can also be used pre-emptively (the effect has a duration of 5secs), so, if you anticipate a stun, or even see it coming, you can negate that by pre-emptive CC break (the ability could be used amidst combos/animation locks as an instant) 7. Using a CC break also clears any CC immunities you might have 8. Taking damage during CC could also break the CC effect, stuns often were just about stopping your opponent for a split second and getting that first hit in The key to this system being good IMO was that 1. you couldnt be chain cc'd effectively because of immunities (stun locks suck bottom, looking at you tera) 2. the multi-purpose mechanics of the CC break ability, and your own thinking on when was the best time to just eat the cc and when to use the valuable break 3. short durations of cc's (again looking at you tera) 4. you had to actually think when to use cc's yourself; did you see your opponent use his break yet? does he have any current immunities? Long (and plentiful) cc's that cannot be countered in any way equal the death of fast-paced action combat. Some kind of counter mechanic is required in my opinion, something ELSE than just relying on support classes possible cleanse-type abilities (which are a nice addition as well, but do not require any skilled input from the player himself). If not an activated ability, then a general purpose dodge that requires precision timing to pull off. Looking out for your opponents current CC immunities ala AoC might or might not be possible, dunno if CF will have status icons, or even healthbars (that could be of a different color depending on opponent status) so maybe this wouldnt be applicable. As a side note, in AoC KB's reigned as the supreme king of CC's because only rogue classes (sometimes, depending on their builds) had a counter-ability to kb's which had to be used pre-emptively to work at all, and avoiding knockdowns with back-step dodges (available to everyone) was beyond most players skills of accurate timing/anticipation (had to be done the same time your opponent is doing his kb-animation). There we go, a wall of text praising the gameplay and mechanics of AoC. Who saw that coming? (ps. if CF is going to go "light healing", some good ways of doing this can also be found in AoC, IMO. But that's a matter for a separate discussion)
  10. Of course that boosted damage, cc's and whatnot could (maybe even should) come from actual class powers, not from any special ammo.. But, since we have different damage and mitigation types, to add tactical depth to ranged gameplay (which I personally consider a bit boring), crafters could craft, say, blunt-tipped arrows, poison arrows, slashing damage arrows (like flying knives, hah) or whatever. Then, when the situation calls for it, the archer could swap away from the infinite "baseline" piercing arrows to better deal with a special scenario.
  11. I'd like infinite normal ammo, finite "special" ammo, like, say, arrows with some sorta cc effect, added damage, whatever. Faster time of flight?
  12. Oh nice, a mITX build.. Pics? How are your temps when gaming?
  13. If you want speed control, you either need a suitably pinned fan connector on your mobo for bios or software control, or a separate fan controller. You could get a fan controller that takes its juice from PSU through a Molex connector, then depending on the fan controller in question you can control however many fans you like with it. I have one controller exactly like that, one power-in from PSU through Molex, then from the controller, three connectors for fans. Fan speed adjustable with a dial-knob, like a stereo volume knob. Just never put it to actual use since all my 6 case fans are extremely quiet (Noctua&Nexus ultra silent models) and they ventilate the case well enough running default speed. My controller fits on my case's rear side only.. but I believe you can also get ones that you can fit on the front side, on optical disk bays. ::EDIT:: By the way, this may be obvious, but if you do decide to get a controller..remember to check that the combined wattage from your fans isnt too high compared to the amount of watts that the controller can in turn supply to them..otherwise you wouldnt be able to run the fans at 100% speed.
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