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  1. to be fair human on computer, everything but the basic things you need to live, is a little pointless.... kill you in game sign the SIN10nail
  2. i liked the telegraph combat (aim and telegraph would be nice), the knight mid air flip, Voxel Destruction looked better, pretty much i like the look of the kickstarted crowfall game but I'm sure the launch version will be clean what are you HOPES for crowfall?
  3. Last year i was researching other MMORPGs and there are a lot out there and a few good ones but when i saw Crowfall, it stood out from all others Is CrowFall the answer for you?
  4. I would like 1.5-3 million skilled dedicated players what population numbers would you like to see?
  5. A quick damage analysis (Knight) Sentinel Knights are OP only for pure skilled gamers
  6. crowfall talent tree wow artifact talent tree kill you in game
  7. Pure/true gamers are few a far between, they are the corner stone of gaming... don't get mad if you are not pure/true gamer...theres all kinds of gamers... lets say a million players in crowfall, 750-1000 are pure/true gamers mic drop what kind for gamer are you?
  8. ok only noobs who can't tank or don't know how to tank in pvp only say that about tanks... the Devs make those roles for a reasons....every class has a job
  9. I think before the knight could jump and a forward flip at peak...is it still in the game?..... or what jumps would you like to see?
  10. No Alchemy?.... then ill go Stone Masonry but only if no alchemy i like alchemy
  11. ty for a smart reply and not being a ass about my question and your answer makes lots of sense...im going to rethink the sentinel but still my main
  12. simple minded humans get hot and mad over the littles things it makes me laugh
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