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  1. I am generally unfamiliar with MMOs. A very common complaint being thrown around is that combat in Crowfall, after all the tweaking that's been done, is still extremely lackluster. So what sort of combat do you actually want? Are you primarily bothered by the como system? Ok, reasonable enough, I also hope abilities stop getting railroaded like that, it feels weird. Otherwise, though? What do you want? Do you just want more stuff? Please don't forget that Crowfall isn't exactly a big game, and it has way more to focus on than just combat. I know WoW, for instance, had an aburd numbe
  2. (Person misunderstanding the state of the game #3682)
  3. It's been a while since I looked at Crowfall. (Looks like I can jump in and play now!) Last I knew, each campaign took place in a single "campaign world". A few news bits I've seen have mentioned Runegates taking you "between worlds". Has something changed, or do Runegates take you between the four "instances" that currently make up the world? If they take you between instances, is there only one per connection? I could see whole factions becoming cut off from the "mainland" if that's the case. Not necessarily a bad thing, just... interesting.
  4. Are you suggesting you would rather humans beat you with weapons suitable for demigods? Personally I'd love for them to only bring a stick. Generally they just shoot us Alligators.
  5. Now this seems like a guild I could get into. I like that you're trying to keep forum greif to a minimum! More than that, you're welcoming casual players. For me, that's huge. With work, round' the house work, and the possibility of going back to school, I can't really commit to a hardcore guild where everyone is expected to show up on schedule, but I *love* being part of a coheisive team nonetheless. Side note: Have you guys looked into Free Lands of Azure? They seem like a good bunch of landlords to sign up with, especially concidering the friendly nature of this guild- perhaps a f
  6. Greetings, fellow crows! I'll be supplying the front lines with arms n' armor from the safety of my forge. I've been disinterested with MMO's for the most part due to the "save the world, along with these 50 other people" vibe that they tend to give off. I think Crowfall will be a welcome change, and I'm especially interested in the game's strategic vibe. Nothing but endgame sounds good to me! Let's get to the fun stuff.
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