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  1. I am generally unfamiliar with MMOs. A very common complaint being thrown around is that combat in Crowfall, after all the tweaking that's been done, is still extremely lackluster. So what sort of combat do you actually want? Are you primarily bothered by the como system? Ok, reasonable enough, I also hope abilities stop getting railroaded like that, it feels weird. Otherwise, though? What do you want? Do you just want more stuff? Please don't forget that Crowfall isn't exactly a big game, and it has way more to focus on than just combat. I know WoW, for instance, had an aburd number of abilities to pick from at launch, but... it's WoW. It's, like, the biggest game ever made. Darkfall combat, from what I've seen, is similarly mostly circle strafing the enemy and pressing M1. Guild Wars has all it's rolls n' stuff but the result is that most attacks are just outright avoided which drags combat on for longer than it needs to. So again, what do you want? What, in your opinion, is an MMO that got PvP combat right, and additionally didn't take so much time to achieve that it strangled the rest of the game?
  2. (Person misunderstanding the state of the game #3682)
  3. It's been a while since I looked at Crowfall. (Looks like I can jump in and play now!) Last I knew, each campaign took place in a single "campaign world". A few news bits I've seen have mentioned Runegates taking you "between worlds". Has something changed, or do Runegates take you between the four "instances" that currently make up the world? If they take you between instances, is there only one per connection? I could see whole factions becoming cut off from the "mainland" if that's the case. Not necessarily a bad thing, just... interesting.
  4. Logician major discipline: Passive AoE movement buff while within 75m of a pack animal Passive 10% build speed / P.O.I. resource gathering buff if within range of enemy buildings / P.O.I.s
  5. I made a Half-giant>Champion>Mudman> Plaguelord specializing in maces and mail, also using punchdrunk. Make everyone starve to death, muahahaha! I should probably concider heavy plate instead concidering this guy would definetly be a front-line fighter. Also, I'll be dissapointed if I don't see at least one unit abusing Standard Bearer and weapons with lightning damage. Might be a scary sight.
  6. Oh, definetly. I bet when the Stalker comes online they'll give them the Archer's Stake and make it an actual stake they carry around, it would fit their sniper role better I think, and from the concept art it looks to me like they wouldn't have much trouble hauling the thing around (I don't expect them to be the most mobile)
  7. I'd bring Morrowind- I'm playing through Morrowind now and loving it.
  8. I feel like a lot of people can't comprehend that the actual, narrative concept is that your character no longer has a physical form. I think the description of Crows as "account-level" hasn't helped the misunderstanding.
  9. Meanwhile in town, a "younger" and more festive crow named Peter downed another pint of mead. The inn was full of Watch members hiding their weary spirits from the world behind a veil of drink and company and song. Just outside the window a fresh batch of lanterns floated down the river. A centuar was trying to explain to him how the festival first came about. Typical. "A festival for Hero, ya say!?" Peter chuckled. "Bah, I've been told those Rangers started this, or their friends, celebrating their return from those gods-forsaken hellholes after the hunger's turned them to nought but ice. I've been told it's a way of keeping the gods out of our affairs and out of our home- as if some paper candles would stop them. I'll tell you this, and I'd know- I've always worked for them, even in the true life- They simply don't care, long as we do their dirty work for them. No reason to piss off your workers more than need be, right?"
  10. Mt. Doom. Allow cursed rings, and make the big volcano the only place you can get the ring off. Just imagine planting rings with terrible debuffs in enemy territory.
  11. Heh, looks like the sort of silliness muds used to pull, and not in a bad way. All sorts of neat ideas. I once played a MUD that had treetop maps that only Ninjas could reach. Ninjas were picked from the fastest players through the tutorial (it was real-time, oddly)
  12. I don't have a chance of playing thie early on, but I have to ask, how much do you find yourself blocking? In most videos I see people hardly put their sheild up, which I thought was supposed to be a key feature of the character.
  13. Anyone here interested in something vaguely MOBA-ish with a Wind Waker like art style that's actually fun? Motiga has been handing out beta keys for Gigantic like candy lately. It's a heck of a lot more fun than most of the overserious MOBA-like games lately, and it's free. The only real downside is that Motiga is screwing around with Microsoft and therefore you need Windows 10 (it's cross platform with the XBONE, which is cool). http://forums.gogigantic.com/ ​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SLDT3KoRPg
  14. Maybe we could expand the topic by allowing a breif description of people's characters?
  15. I'm thinking my original self at least was a Templar. Experience building churches comes in handy while building castles.
  16. As Kraahk said (good answer BTW) the concept of food will be tied to a mechanic called Warmth. While details are practically nonexistent, it can probably be seen as hunger by another name, given a different title due to the narrative "Hunger". It's been suggested that different races may need to consume more food than others, with Centaurs being mentioned as an example. I imagine the Hunger mechanic Will affect groups long before it affects individuals much. It's a way of adding another logistical layer.
  17. Forum/Profile Name: Mummelpuffin Preferred Crow Name: Peter Cainhurst Guild: The Lantern Watch CW? Yes, as a stonemason. Alignment: Order.
  18. Perhaps for certain canpaigns dominated by major guilds where some particularly interesting shenanigans took place, but certainly not for every campaign. Nice idea though.
  19. As far as a skill cap is concerned: 1. There are not an infinite number of skills. 600 total. There's your skill cap right there. 2. That cap diminishes *significantly* when you concider that one particular specialization can only have so many skills associated with it, and if we assume diminishing returns are involved, at some point it becomes more efficient to begin training up another skill tree instead. There also seems to be much ado about very little concerning passive training. Let's look at how skill training works in an Exp based system. Johnny wants to train his shortswoard skill. He goes out and kills some monsters. This is a task which requires time spent logged into the game. Because one must be logged in to gain Exp, it is possible to catch up to Sam, who is a higher level than you, provided that Sam spends less time logged in, completing quests and killing monsters than you. That last bit is the important part. In a PVP game, if you are catching up to Sam, it probably hardly matters that Sam is a higher level than you, because he isn't contributing as much as you are. If Sam *Does* contribute as much as you, whoopie, you'll never catch up to Sam unless he has hit a skill cap or experiences diminishing returns. So, in crowfall, once again, Sam has had an account longer than you have. As a result, no matter how much effort you put into things, you will not catch up to Sam, but it hardly matters, because the end result is the same- Sam will either have more or less of an impact on the world than you based off of some ratio of time with an account vs. time spent actually contributing. Granted, to the Johnny, it feels slightly unfair, because he will never be as technically powerful of a character as Sam. Due to that lost sense of feedback, I *do* feel somewhat that this system causes a great deal of insulted for a very small increase in fairness / convinence for people without a lot of time on their hands.
  20. I know about the vessels system. It isn't relevant to this.
  21. According to the new parcel FAQ, Campaign Worlds will be made of "premade parcels". That sentence single-handedly swatted down any intrest I had in this game. I don't want to hop into a campaign only to look for Parcel #106, that mountain with all the quarries in it, which is the same every time beyond it's location on the map.
  22. Seems to be an issue with all the links to other Pantheon pages, actually.
  23. 1. Don't allow people to leave their vessel before death. Sure you could intentionally die but that comes with degradation and the time it takes to get back to the front line, which leads me to the second point: 2. Make a player's first vessel the one of the highest qualities avalible. Instead of having people look for better, Make people afraid to lose them. Make sure death is truely a punishment.
  24. To people worried about homogenized avatars: watch the podcast. Each vessel is locked into a specific archetype which puts caps on different skills. I would (hope) that the corpse of a Knight would have skills not pertaining to a Knight capped very low or at zero. To people worried about a lack of permanence: vessels decay like gear each time you die. I doubt you'll be losing your character any time soon and you could theoretically craft / buy exact clones in the meantime. Dregs notwithstanding, of course. Also, I don't understand why many RP'ers seem to think they have no incentive to rollplay anymore. I'd imagine most characters wouldn't really enjoy having to possess a whole new body (which ties into my cloning idea) while some may embrace it- but possesing a new body doesn't mean your character's personality needs to change. The system has strong ties to the idea that being a Crow is a life few would choose.
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