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  1. Keep it up! What is next? having mounts into the system or glitches for houses like w101 has?
  2. How much time should we give support team to respond to help?
  3. Thanks for getting those two updated Now I can work on collecting backgrounds for them
  4. I also added Cameron's Forums to the site. Please come online.
  5. Looking for a spot to put your awesome stuff that you find and wanted to share it the others? Why not come to: Cameron's Blog (linked labels as Crowfall) Why not also join the forum decks as well. Cameron's Forums Everyone is more welcome to come on and share what you do have in spirit! I have setup a spot even for Crowfall topics to take place in the game right in the forums. So please come on and join in the fun. May the game be sparking to everyone on who wish that would be wonderful on seeing some action that could happen while you wait.
  6. Out stream twitch.tv/cameronrdgem

  7. I am shocked no one did the render from the Forgemaster and the Legionnaire
  8. Does anyone know if they did share it out yet?
  9. Have we heard anything about Crowfall music yet?
  10. Add this question to FAQ "how much time will the support team reply to an email you sent?"
  11. Okay I am sure that all of you guys have notice that there is a count down timer on the home site. What do you think it will be when it reaches to "zero" on the countdown timer? Example of questions: Would it be the game beta release? Another post of what the game looks like? etc.
  12. Wow now to see who has the better wiki site Yours Or This one
  13. This is looking very awesome! I can't wait to see it in beta mock of the game!
  14. Added another art. I might have to make a new one that light blue on her hair for a shine on the background may not look good enough with the glow.
  15. O: Thanks for cutting it out. time to make another picture with her.
  16. I down glowing effect before. So many colors on what to choose from
  17. cameron redgem

    Name Game?

    I shocked you didn't say "There's a knight" for 3 words
  18. Well since I gotten time on my hands, I have made one (so far) thanks to some picture that did there work on cutting out the avatar (Topic Link is here) Another post I'll have the mock picture of the female player. ---------------- Okay, here is the female
  19. I didn't see anything about any group number when I did look when I sign up.
  20. I checked my emails. But I am sure that there isn't anything listed in mine when I did check mine. *waits for support email now to see what is it*
  21. I been in Michigan through my life Not a very bad place seeing how there is rarely any bad twisters coming to Macomb
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