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  1. If the defeat message was an error at the time of server crash, then that's that, give LOD their points. I have no reason to lie, just stating what I had seen prior to getting kicked off. Yikes dude.
  2. They did in fact lose control of the keep pre-crash (Tree of life died, defeat message), still had the keep post-crash upon the reset, and then defended bane trees while people were logging back in. They lost points as if they had lost the keep (which they did pre-crash), but how you guys deal with this info is up to you.
  3. With the new knight post, it's clear that there is an intended stun system/component that the devs have in mind, and it's likely that Crowfall is going with the plan of a designated stun/interrupt system like TERA has, where only certain abilities will apply some form crowd control.
  4. I understand with your going with the devs not being concerned about class to class balance, but I'm still curious how overall the combat is going to be structured. Cavalry overall is going to be a very interesting system, and I'm very curious to see how it shapes up inside of and outside of the legionnaire archetype. As far as that idea of strafing and fantasy jumping/hovers sounding artificial doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing. It's going to be a choice the devs will probably make in the end as it does kind of shape the tone of the game; I'd love to see expansion of combat into the Z-axis, even if it was just for the more typically mobile characters in most games (Ranger, assassin). I bring up this idea of the Z axis also because TERA would glitch out rather bad when there was a change in elevation; hitboxes for most abilities were completely broken over around a 1-2m height differential. I can honestly say having that extra bit of aiming flexibility would be heavily appreciated, especially in a game where fighting over a mountain is a serious possibility, and throwing combat in that axis just utilizes it to its full potential. I agree, if Fae is the only class with flight and there are appropriate shortcomings in the class, it won't be a problem. As for when I'd brought up mounted combat, I probably should have clarified that I was speaking mostly of the flying variety. But again, that only becomes an issue if someone, as you had said Bahamutkaiser, gives themselves shortcomings in their class to deal with that.
  5. I think not allowing numbers in names is a good idea. Name bordering is also an odd practice but it's hard to prevent that without going skynet-ish. I'm 50/50 on odd alt-symbols in one's name (stars, moons, hearts) as it makes it irritating to try and type a friend's name, however accented characters should probably be allowed regardless.
  6. I did mean to clarify that when I said aerial combat, I was talking mostly about jumping attacks or techniques that could only be utilized while airborne from jumps. Limited gliding and air-breaking for certain skills/spells or for mobility is a visually appealing and cool gameplay mechanic. On top of this, if gliding is allowed, hit-stun is usually a much more significant concern, as you can be knocked out of the air into a falling animation and then combo'd or choke-slammed with impunity Combat+flight, on the other hand, unless the entire game is built around it, creates a lot of silly abuse cases and severely gimps melee classes. Which even though flying sounds cool, creates bad gameplay.
  7. I know a lot of this is highly speculative because if any playtesting has occured at all, it's probably not in-depth enough to answer most of these questions. But it's things to keep in mind, more than anything else. C9 has a fantastic and in-depth combat system, but it's also difficult and requires a lot of testing on the side of the players to determine what works and how it works... but that's all the game has. It's riddled with pay to win, plagued with repetitive pve, and highly gear-reliant to be successful. Crowfall has avoided many of these pitfalls already, but I'm eager to see how the combat really starts to shape up.
  8. I've been keeping up with the physics systems, the combat chats, reading the FAQ, and searching for topics, but overall this is a concern I can't really find a recent thread for. I know the dev team used "TERA" as a basic explanation for the combo-like combat in the game, and TERA had some cool mechanics, but it also leaves questions about how combat flows in Crowfall. The exclusion of a devoted healer class is fantastic and flawless; it takes a strong note from other action-MMOs that a dedicated healer class is completely detrimental to gameplay experience because the tactics boil down to one thing. That is, the healer dies, everyone dies, and it hinders tactical variance. My questions boil down to the following. 1. Will Crowfall be utilizing true hitstun, or a designated stagger/interrupt, hard CC, and knockdown/knockup system like what TERA utilized? --A good example for an action MMO with true hitstun would be C9 (almost all abilities caused a flinch, with some abilities having much longer periods of lockdown), but most classes in that game require clean execution of many, many, MANY skills and commands, which the Crowfall devs have communicated they would prefer to avoid. 2. Aerial combat? --This is not meant to mean "mounted" or "flying" combat. The devs have discussed their desire to include mobility options like sprinting, double jumping, etc. Can we expect skills to reflect these mobility options, such as having an assassin jumping around the battle, using attacks from the air like dagger throws, using your opponents heads as a springboard, or even just a simple kick or slash while jumping? --In the case of an affirmative answer, can we expect to see some cool things like an archer jumping into the air to get a shot in at some of the more squishy supporting players in larger battles, maybe with something like a brief air-brake? 3. Iframes, super armor, semi-super armor? --I saw in the 'no-phake physics' video that there were plans to implement invincibility frames with a number of abilities, however something that was not addressed were super armor frames; frames that you can take full damage but not be interrupted, or semi-super armor frames, where you can be interrupted by only harder-hitting or CC-inflicting abilities. This is all I can think of for now, however I really want to discuss this further. Edit: I remembered some more advanced things I'd forgotten to mention. Sometimes implemented in tandem with true hitstun are: --Abilities that bypass iframes as a form of counterplay and control, usually inflicting hitstun to break the animation (though such attacks are usually still stopped by super-armor). --Iframe splices (which should probably be avoided) which is a technique that involves animation-cancelling an iframe ability leading directly into another iframe ability, though this is mostly used in games with true hitstun like fighting games (and very prevalent in C9) --A 15-20 second cooldown combo break, usually implemented as a counter-hit or evasive dash of some manner meant to stop heavy comboing/juggling by other players; short enough to safely disengage most combos, but long enough to allow heavy punishment after its use in PvP
  9. Apologies, I had posted this up quite late and I haven't been frequenting the forums much ^^" thank you for the heads up, I'll definitely be using the search function a bit more.
  10. I talked to a couple friends about Crowfall today and we had some cool ideas bounce around. Something we discussed was "Arena parcels". These would work like designated pvp zones, with the main controller (lord/vassal/etc) of that area setting the rules (Destructible terrain, friendly fire, etc) along with potential ideas like admission prices for tournaments within your world or something like that. It would be a way to still allow EKs to feel like EKs, while opening grounds for "trial by combat" if that's what that particular monarch/lord/GM is into, or even just for duels/practice against other players with a more regulated and controlled area. That was the more specific idea though; broadly speaking, a lord being able to section off an area of their kingdom to be strictly a pvp battleground sounds like a cool idea. Just some thoughts, I'd love to talk about this/see it talked about more, I think it might be a very rich contribution to immersion, especially in a more guild-like setting.
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