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  1. Completely theoretical fantasy with endless amounts of funding, what game do you all think should get remade into next generation technology? My input: Neocron 2 Neocron was an amazingly immersive, bizarre story, and a unique skill system. So tell me, what would you want?
  2. Should just make crows awkwardly walk and hop along to our corpse like they do in real life.
  3. I think the Hunger dome was a fun idea for those short arena combat. Could be Crowfall's version of Ranked PVP Arenas.
  4. Isn't the drop rate applied to the other resources as well, albeit at 1/4% as the basic material?
  5. Additions: Wolf and Elk are in game! Season Clock being added to UI New map for 5.7 with 4 different 'zones' - new name Bereavement The new map will feature Hunger Functionality - Hunger Crystals affecting Resource Spawns. No wipe planned for next patch Stoneborn & Death By Snu Snu (Female Half Giant) Summer variant of Helcats You can now F other players (To group or trade) Vendors that sell basic things for gold added to Beach heads Fixes; Myrm no longer gets berserk healing while invulnerable All third click attack procs fixed Punch Drunk removed Maybes: Changing skill caps for races, such as giving elves higher dex caps etc. No Canadians were harmed with this message.
  6. Well, there aren't many "how to" videos in reference to playing it.... The game is in pre-alpha, so things are constantly shifting and changing. I'd say play around on your Eternal Kingdom first, or a Mourning server and play around with things. In game there are actually a bunch of videos about crowfall at the menu screen when you log in. You'll also want to start training your skills, once again, no guides or anything really for this since it's pretty new and changed this patch. So it's all experimental and up to you. No need to worry though, skill wipes are frequent enough and are at 10x normal speed. Also, feel free to ask questions in the general chat in game, or on our discord server. Have fun, and don't sweat about losing things in game and you'll be fine.
  7. Hi All, I plan on making surveys every major patch to see what people plan on playing at release. This is helpful because it lets us see where the community stands on the population of crafters and gatherers. Please select the skills that you will be FIRST focusing on. If you have VIP select TWO of the options that you will have access to, except Crafting and Gathering, since Crowfall won't allow you have to have multiple skill trainings in a Skill Tree. NOTE: If you have multiple accounts, please select ALL of the crafts that you will be planning to do first for each account. Click here to Take the Survey! Please feel free to comment with feedback and other advice!
  8. Do you need the info for the missing crafts like stonemasonry?
  9. Add pipeweed to the plants harvestable and I'll be set. Except there won't be any hobbits or hobbit like creatures to enjoy it with...
  10. There is also the collector's edition which will also give you the 2015 Contributor kickstarter level bonuses and give you access to the alpha 2 (and later) I believe.
  11. You shouldn't be able to train in the entire subsection for 2 your 2 training slots in that section. Example: I trained combat basics fully, got 2 new branches to choose from to train into. You still have to choose one branch, you cannot use your second VIP training slot for either of those, if your main slot is already training in those. This is to prevent an unfair advantage gained VIP. If you CAN do this, then I'd report it and make sure they fix it.
  12. There's a balanced way to give Stoneborn advantages in all of them. Stoneborn can have all of those advantages, but maybe not as strong adv. as minotaur quarrying, or human blacksmithing (examples, not necessarily true), but what I'm getting at, is that you can essentially make stoneborn gifted with one of those, while giving small advantages, not overpowered, but balanced adv. to make sense "lore wise".
  13. I was in Virakar as well, good times, shouting out prophecies in town, protecting LoD's cities, roaming the desert and killing people.
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