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  1. I think you're being a bit too binary (but I'd bank on it being intentionally obtuse). Listen or don't listen aren't the only two choices. Additionally, the feedback is not monolithic in the views presented. You also can't dismiss the fact that players leaving or no longer playing is another form of feedback.
  2. Sorting/Filtering for vendors and inventory are a much needed feature.
  3. Of the older MMOs, during Closed Beta, plenty did. During Open Beta, I couldn't find any. Very early MMOs would have stat resets and wipes even after release (ex: Ultima Online reset notoriety gains/losses several time during the first few months). Of the newer MMOs, all the 'early access' and 'soft launches' make it really hard to tell where wipes happened.
  4. I'm very stupid and I have no idea how this answers my question that you replied to.
  5. What are some examples of MMOs where PVP ranks aren't gamed and are a good measure of skill?
  6. Since you're arguing against some imaginary opposing standpoint that you've convinced yourself of, and you've made it clear you have not even attempted to read what was presented, I'm going to bow out here and leave you be. Enjoy.
  7. No, it isn't. Crowfall was originally pitched as a game where one could "rise to power without grinding," where skill means more than time. Crowfall was supposed to eliminate the need to grind for gear and experience. Advancement was to be done through passive training, meaning that characters can select up to three skills to be training, whether they are online or not. So those who bought into that have a reasonable expectation of that being the case. As for testing, if the entire game is about endgame content, then it would make sense to have accelerated paths to tha
  8. Where is that 450k number from?
  9. Get as high as the elf and it'll look fine.
  10. Which is a great question to ask since they seem to have put a good penny or two toward advertisements right now.
  11. It looks like an interesting and viable system. I think you did a rather fine job at explaining things in text. However, if you are concerned about this in the future, you can always just prop your phone up somewhere and record a presentation using voice, large placards, LEGO models, or interpretive dance.
  12. Doing a few topic-specific roundtables where a handful of devs sit down with a couple dozen players (Zoom, Skype, Discord, etc) might be a great idea. I did one on marketing at an EVE Fanfests and learned a ton about what the players really wanted from our team.
  13. Hadn't looked at it that way, but yeah, I can now see how going smaller could introduce a new set of problems.
  14. A classic example of that was Shadowbane's Treachery server.
  15. I pop in every couple of years and play for a few months. I can't speak for anyone else but, for me, the game seems to get less cohesive and less focused with each iteration. In that sense, it isn't very much fun right now. I think something that would help Crowfall grow would be for the devs to go through the different components of the game and - one at a time - make them entertaining and relatively feature complete.. Progression is still in flux. EKs are, at best, half done. The world bands are non-existent in either usage or representation. Crafting is cool af, but completely undocument
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