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  1. My list of fun things matches yours right now. They're enjoyable, rewarding and engaging parts of gameplay for me. I quoted the above because the CTF Points system reminds me a lot of Auto Assault's endgame. Do with that what you will.
  2. Since I was referring to High Sec, the snippet you quoted was in reference to the starter areas of CF. That said, you further make the point many have presented when you say one needs to have access to, and the ability to fight, r9-r10 mobs to do over 30% of their leveling. Thank you. I updated my post for clarity.
  3. I'm glad you brought up EVE Online. That is an excellent example. In EVE Online, a new player fresh out of the box can hold their own as a tackler. In EVE Online, there is no grind to become viable in PVP. The only grind is money, and that to a certain extent is optional. In EVE Online, a person that wants to level up to be a gatherer/crafter can very easily mitigate the risk of PVP they face. While PVP *can* happen in high sec, it is extremely rare. In Crowfall , the capacity for leveling in the starter area (no high sec in CF) is extremely limited in safe areas. It's also semi-capped at about level 12-15, since only gold gives xp after a while. In EVE Online, the resources gathered in the relatively safe area are still needed and still necessary to build even the biggest and deadliest of ships, weapons, and modules. That means the any player of any level can be a viable cog in their team's war machine. In Crowfall.... you want my apples? In EVE Online, you can completely skill up your non-PVP character without ever fighting a single player. You can also completely skill up your PVP character without ever fighting a mob or mining a rock. In EVE Online, storage and banks are designed so you that can have near unlimited resources and replacement items at your disposal. If I lose my PvE-fit battleship and all its gear ratting in low sec, within minutes I can be right back out there making the same stupid mistake again if I want to. Yes, EVE Online has done very well and has an amazing following even 20 years later. I am a big fan of EVE Online, so I know the game well, especially the challenges of a new player getting started in it. Heck I literally wrote the book on getting started in the game. Whereas each of those areas is a plus for EVE Online, they are areas of detraction for Crowfall. All the things that made it accessible and viable for newer players are either absent from or in direct conflict with the gameplay of Crowfall.
  4. The first part holds no water, because if it did you wouldn't have had to add the second part - something I neither brought up nor contested. A minor league team has no desire to play their whole season (which is what a campaign is) against an NFL team. Scrim, sure. Practice, yes. But there is no fun in having zero chance of success. If you know of a single pro player in ANY field of competition - real or virtual - that suggests otherwise, i would love to see examples or quotes. Now, to suggest that the Crowfall leveling system, something shoehorned in and never part of the original plan, is anything but filler and grind is also absurd. If the proverbial "baking bread" was something 'real' PvPers enjoyed or wanted, it wouldn't have been the derisive end of the Shadowbane motto. So your reply was disingenuous at best. At worst, a poor rationalization for an odd desire for grind as a deciding factor in a battle arena.
  5. That is true, but the core mechanic is the same. Crowfall isn't about following a story. Crowfall also may have the capacity to support sit-around storytime lalaland roleplaying events, but it is a multiplayer combat game at its core. A lot of people mistakenly thought that MMORPGs taught us that most players do not like PVP. MOBAs and Battle Royales have made it clear that is false. Gamers don't like lopsided PVP. They prefer everyone on the same footing. That is why MOBAs and BRs work and are successful PVP games. Everyone goes into battle at the same level, quickly has the skills or gear they need to be competitive, and they're fighting. This is why LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, and other MMOs have made PVP gear and even PVP level/characters different from the RPG characters. If a person is playing to PVP, telling them they need to lick rocks, slap spiders, and bake bread for hours or days to eventually do so - in PVP areas, of all things - is simply not a rewarding or engaging experience for most. At best, it simply is not what they are playing (or paying) to do with their free time. Crowfall may have harvesting and crafting, but that doesn't make it any less a PVP game. In that light, we can see that history has shown us that 1) players enjoy a level footing for PVP and 2) grinding PvE to be able to go PVP is something even modern MMOs are moving away from.
  6. Can you link to a page on how to do that? The past two campaigns, PVP really wasn't much fun for my son and I because the max level on any of our characters is 12. I'd love to just hammer out the pointless level grind one afternoon with him so we have a PVP-ready character on each of our accounts.
  7. That video and link are pretty much what I needed. The details on the disciplines is a great resource. Thanks!
  8. I know the UI is probably telling me a lot of important stuff, but I can't seem to find information on what some of it is trying to tell me. For example, the banners on the right - Trailblazer, Resting, etc - some of that stuff is obvious (Axe Summoned) but I'm not sure what a good bit of it means. Is there a page or guide to the UI?
  9. Cool Thanks for the info. We'll squirrel our stuff away today then.
  10. My son and I have been playing the campaign the past few days and as it draws to a close we wanted to vault some items in hopes of bringing them back to the EK. I see the bank and the import/export limits but could not find the 'Summoning Circle' or 'Embargo Vault' as described in the FAQ ( https://crowfall.com/en/faq/gameplay-and-systems/embargo/ ). Where would one find that? We're playing NA, Chaos if that helps any.
  11. Peeking in now and then to marvel at how well this seems to be coming together. 

  12. Just be thankful it wasn't a poster you ordered.
  13. If there's tab targeting, no CD and positioning means nothing, then that's a reasonable contention, especially if the winner or outcome is dependent on solely one fight/battle and not an entire campaign comprised of 3 or more conflicting factions.
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