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  1. So far, Crowfall has been a great way to introduce my kids to open world PVP when played in a game with more depth than a "survival" game. Travelling in a group of 3 or 4, working as a team, watching for enemies, picking when to fight and when to run. Has been great. One of my kids discovered that you can put a trophy skull in the backpack slot and wear it on your character. Being able to show off his first kill like that was pretty cool. The mix of PvE, gathering, and smatterings of PVP have made for a couple fun nights of gameplay so far. In one particular 3v3, we got utterly demolished inside of a minute. One of my kids was kind of upset that he wasn't even denting them in that battle, so I explained that gear is a big part of combat in this game. He's psyched about hitting up Aerynth Traders tonight to address that part of it. Is there a duel command? We wanted to practice but not sure how to do that in Crowfall. I was also coming up empty in googling it. How does EK PVP work? Anyway, the first 3 hours of the game bored them to tears. They wanted no part of Crowfall after that. My eldest said that he felt like all he did was hold down W for two hours. My youngest one said it felt like an idle game that made you do things. Convincing them to come out on a PVP run completely turned them around on the game, and we've had several nights of mixed PvE/PvP adventures that were a whole lot of fun. On that note, I'm hoping that the devs are looking at the accounts that haven't logged in for a week and are planning a mail blast to them to point them in the direction of PVP. It's entirely possible the game they wanted to play is here in Crowfall - they just never got the chance to see it. EDIT: Correction. He said he read he could put the skull there, but wasn't able to so he had his tankard there instead.
  2. I saw that panel with the upkeep fee, listing fee, and taxes when I set up a vendor a couple days ago. I was confused as to whether that aspect of the game was designed by game developers or a government agency.
  3. Please build a couple parcels and then rejoin the conversation.
  4. Aside from some others mentioned, there's also EVE Online
  5. "Here are 4 monitors running..." I think you are confusing monitor refresh rate with the FPS the game is outputting. But the answer to your question depends entirely on what the game is trying to do, and if the player is playing and not just watching. Depending on how much is going on on the screen and how optimized a game is, a player can often easily tell the difference between 30 and 60. In something like a large scale battle, it's easy to tell the difference between 60 and 120. I play SMITE and sometimes it'll get locked at 60FPS. Even a simple cartoony game like that can become noticeably less responsive at 60 FPS and lower.
  6. Well, two things on that and then I'll leave you be. 1) I am not suggesting at all that you have to be optimistic. One can be pessimistic about an outcome an still express themselves without sounding like that crazy preacher dude on Bourbon St with the "The end is nigh!!" sign. 2) "Live team" is not "maintenance team". EVERY MMO in the history of MMOs that had any sizable staff has switched to the live team at release because a ton of those other team members are simply not needed, at least not for now. That they are moved to another project is a GOOD thing. That means they have the money, backing, etc to keep paying those people to continue to work for the company. If those people weren't moved to a new project THEN that would have been cause for concern. I'm not telling you that you have to love the game or even be positive about the game. I'm simply suggesting that your delivery, both in your writing and sig imagery, isn't very conducive to, well... anything productive. And on that note, here's a picture of four crows, on someone with absolutely no ass.
  7. I think you may be reading that wrong. If a bunch of people express the sentiment "we really want to play but can't because x" that is reason for the devs to take heed and address it. Now, if their posts were "game is so dead. they dont have x. doubt they ever will. *sigh* could've been a good game" and posting that with sig images that insult the game and the game community, it's unlikely they would have been heard, especially since the sentiment from the person complaining is that they aren't going to play or don't plan to play anyway. Mixed into your posts you have some good messages, and I think they will resonate better with the community and the devs if you change how you choose to deliver them.
  8. Yes, and No. Maybe this is true, and maybe it isn't - you decide. Age of Conan wasn't ready for prime time, but they had a release schedule they needed to stick to. The decision was to do a massive marketing campaign and sell as many pre-orders - Standard, deluxe, and CE - as they can. The extra money in advertising proved valuable, as they had recordbreaking pre-orders, including over 110,000 Collector's Editions at about $150 each. This massive influx of revenue helped get those early PVP updates out quickly and allowed for further PR/ads about the influx of players and massive playerbase (400k at release). As a result, problems were fixed early, and barely anyone remembers the rocky server stability or any other issues at release. The take away is that the marketing generated the needed revenue to create needed distractions and to fix problems for a problematic release that couldn't be delayed further. Again, maybe it happened that way, maybe it didn't. vov
  9. Yes! I noticed the order shuffle when taking the screenshot but I figured maybe it was something I was doing on my end so didn't mention it.
  10. Either calling them "Intermediate Axe" and "Advanced Axe" or making the icons for the two less similar would make it easier to see at a glance which is which.
  11. Click the small red "i" on the parcel image. It will give you more information, including the types and quantities of tokens for that parcel.
  12. ...and the length of time which a person can or is willing to do such a rote task. Smashing rocks for hours on end (especially without any immediate return or reward) isn't really exciting or compelling gameplay.
  13. We need Richard Dawson to come out here with a card and go "The reply was so useless, you couldn't even use it to _______"
  14. Well, if we're just forum yakking for the sake of yakking...
  15. A MOBA is an extremely different design, but I think some kind of 5v5 or other matched battle addition to the game might be worth looking into.
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