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  1. This ----^ Shortly after the kickstarter, there was a good bit of info about that in blogs and such. The initial pass at the new player experience started you off as a crow picking your first vessel. When I returned a month or so ago, there seemed to be a real lack of in-game info about the setting, the crow, and the hunger. Luckily, this seems like something that can be solved later with a short in-character intro video and a quest or two.
  2. And THAT is the biggest problem with dissemination of information about this game. Like, if you've been here for a few months, you know about the dozen different paths and the weird ways they intertwine across multiple layers. "A shovel is required to dig them up, and you first have to unlock the ability to use a shovel in the excavation skill tree. There are only advanced shovels, made by runemakers. " Do you realize how much a person has to know about the game just to wade their way through all the layers of just those two sentences?
  3. Very interested in the answer to this one, too.
  4. Welcome! You've arrived just in time for some new changes and the October holiday fun.
  5. I wish you could count it, because I'd love to know what percentage of the new players you've talked to are 1) frustrated with necromancy, and 2) even know it exists.
  6. The devs shouldn't designing/testing for the low pop scenario. They should be designing/testing for healthy servers, which is what they are doing. You have basically said that on a populated server this problem solves itself.
  7. I don't see it at mostly PvE focused. The cards seem to spread out the objectives across a variety of aspects. On a related note, for you, is "PVP" solely combat, or does economic warfare, fame/glory, clan advancement, and construction/creation have a place there?
  8. I thought the point of the victory cards was to offer different paths for victory, no? If victory is solely based on KDA or Frags, the game becomes very one-dimensional.
  9. I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at.
  10. Challenge your assumptions. I've been here a few weeks. I have no investment in the current paradigm and I still have my newb vessel. I don't see any connection between the vessels and player retention. I *do* however see the vessels as an engaging feature both in the crafting processes and as a progression system.
  11. It should not be removed. It should be more accessible and better explained.
  12. Treachery was an excellent example of that. Super busy, super active for 3-4 months then a nose dive. Source: Treachery timeline
  13. And who wants evolving, engaging gameplay based on ever-changing strategies and clever new player-devised tactics, right? Especially if it includes a system that allows players to quickly ramp up a new character to fit that new niche or tactic. YUCK! /sarcasm
  14. Which Shadowbane servers were still fun to play after a year? And by "fun to play", I mean fun to play for everyone on the server, not just the mega-clan that owns it.
  15. I don't think many, in Crowfall. 1) Sportsmanship and Gamesmanship are human aspects, not game mechanics. The former is taught in sports circles and the latter taught in gaming circles. That is why, in general, a baseball game or football/soccer game will end with the two teams shaking hands and complementing each other (good game, nice play, etc), and online games will end with people laughing at or insulting the other team. This has been so historically true that the face-to-face right after the game is an expected part of a sporting event, whereas right after online games the teams a
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