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  1. As I saw you joined us in Discord and spoke to our Crowfall leadership, I will let the rest of that discussion play out there. Welcome aboard!
  2. Thank you PopeUrban for the non-fanboy reply. I don't intend to track down anyone, nor bang a drum. I was simply expressing a reasonable opinion...which apparently riled the usual suspects. In any event, I'm not personally going to play CF. I bought the guild package to insure my guys could get the name and other building related perks. Since we, as a clan, are currently gearing up for 6 games, I personally do not feel that buying $1000 packages for each of them just so I can upload an image is a good use of my money. I apologize. Later
  3. Thank you as well. Bottom line is, charging hundreds of dollars for a person to upload a picture...is a straight cash grab. As I continue to point out, other games have/do offer this freely as simply part of the game. The word "was" means "not now". In other words, even if I were inclined to buy something for hundreds of dollars that I could get elsewhere for free...I am not now able to do so, and neither is anyone else. I'm sure this will be a big hit with the anticipated future "new" players and guilds.
  4. Yeah so...I have the kickstarter reward. It's "expanded" heraldry...which means slightly better, crappy images. I want to be able to upload my own image. This isn't complicated or hard to do, and shouldn't require ponying up additional cash. Other games, as the aforementioned ArcheAge, simply allowed it as part of the game. But thanks for the reply.
  5. I would like to suggest that you permit the uploading of custom heraldry in the manner that ArcheAge did. Many groups, mine included, have complex and copyrighted imagery that we use from game to game. The limited heraldry currently available does not allow us to properly, and proudly, display our heritage and continue our legacy. TY
  6. Still kickin', and still recruiting. The game is picking up steam. Come join us!
  7. Thanks for the feedback. You just did in fact comment on the guild mechanics and members. What you experienced is how we do business, day to day. Obviously we are in fact trying to recruit folks, but that is a perpetual goal. Therefore, we just do what we do all day every day. If you'd have an interest in joining us on a more permanent basis, just holla. If not, all good. We'll see you in game.
  8. Good news. Thank you for the answers.
  9. I bought a package some time ago and I am planning to pack my whole guild into one large EK. So I have a question or two along these lines. Can I allow guild members to place their buildings on my parcels or do I have to "give" them the parcel? Will I be able to purchase additional parcels if/when we run out of room? Or is there a mechanic to obtain new parcels/buildings without buying them with cash? Can other guild members place parcels they have purchased in the EK that I own?
  10. When I read the OP the essential question I get is better phrased: What is the point of building a big, impressive, vast city full to of towers and castles, and populated by my guildies...a monument to our power and prestige...if no one else can see it? The whole point of prestige is for other people to know about it. Otherwise it's not all that prestigious.
  11. Glad to hear we'll meet again in this game. Looking forward to it.
  12. Well thank you for the welcome. We're looking forward to playing this game. If you find yourself looking again in the future, please don't hesitate to hit us up!
  13. The answer to that will depend in large part on how many people we start with, and how many people we add over the course of time. I can see IG participating in all of them if we have the numbers and the personalities to make that a viable option. At the very least we will definitely be involved in the GvG and 3-Faction activities. While we always seek to explore and enjoy all aspects of every game we play, our primary interest is in going up against other groups and testing ourselves. We seek to enhance our reputation, and thereby our recruiting efforts, by making a name for ourselves. And as we all know...the way you make a name for yourself is walking up to the biggest guy on the block and knocking him out. :-) We have cultured rivalries with various guilds over the course of time and I expect we will continue them here. In the end though, we will have these discussions as a group and make our decisions based on information rather than speculation. Now let me ask you a question, since you've commented here twice. Are you interested in joining us?
  14. You know I find your sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously endearing. I share many of these same philosophies, though I will say my clan puts a little more emphasis on winning. If you don't get the numbers you are looking for, or for whatever other reason decide not to go forward with FOE, please consider joining Infernal. Not because we're "better" than you, or anything like that. But because we are a decent sized group of people who ascribe to all the principles of the team as you described them above, we've been together for 13 years, and as individuals we do what it takes for the group to win. I'm posting this not because I hope you fail and I need your guys. Neither of those things is true. But because you (and by extension those you are close with) sound like the kind of players that would be a benefit to, and benefit from, Infernal. And you sound like the kind of guy I'd have a beer with. ;-) Later, Cakewalk
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