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  1. Awesome, thank you. I see Arkyn on his shield now, and yes they stealth edited Valkon --> Valkyn. Now, why do you supposed that image on the sample Fealty chart isn't on the tree, hmmm?
  2. Hi Sarin! I do have a theory about this. Instead of a day/night cycle that you'd see in Minecraft, there could be a "Life/Death" type cycle. There is a shadow that moves over the world, and in it everything decays, dies, crumbles. This might be The Hunger. We would have a choice between picking up and rebuilding in a "living" zone... or remaining in the "dying" zone, defending our castles. Or we could siege a castle that someone else built in the living zone. For this to work, I suppose the cycles would need to be something on the order of weeks.
  3. It looks like all 4 banners are peppered throughout the structure in a repeating pattern. It is odd that 3 of them show up on the Tree, and the 4th only shows up on the fealty chart (so far).
  4. This is exactly what I was thinking, they are waves of zombie-type dudes.
  5. Instead of a day/night cycle, Crowfall will have a life/death cycle.
  6. I like SAO, now I definitely want to watch LH after reading this thread. Thanks!
  7. Although I am personally very much enjoying the Rampant Speculation game, I do have one concern. A lot of people have already signed up for Beta (including me, I'm in Beta Group 1). What happens if some of your beta players drop off as they become more educated about the game and possibly decide it's not for them? Is there an opportunity for new community members who are excited about the game to join Beta? I'd also be interested to understand how the beta groups 1,2,3 and so on are going to work. If I have a friend in beta group 3, will I be playing with them or only those in group 1? Doe
  8. All those willing to pledge their allegiance to the Hivemother are welcome.
  9. Also, there is a disturbing and noticeable lack of FIRE.
  10. Well... there are no names attached to the characters, but I was thinking we'd have the ability to hover over the avatars and see who they are. The characters represent 9 of the Archetypes we have seen on the character creation page. I suppose they plugged those in to populate the fealty chart for illustrative or testing purposes.
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