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  1. Boy, is this an awful idea. Seem to be trying to do too much in my opinion. Just make sure combat is fun and skill intensive, territory means something, and have full loot, and you'll have droves and droves of people playing it. I don't think anyone here is looking forward to the PvE aspect. We're all here for PvP.
  2. Dunno if this interests anyone here, but I've recently gotten into Warframe and am having a blast with it. PvP is currently limited mainly to 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2, and 2 vs 2. But it is quite a bit of fun. The movement is pretty similar to something like UT/Quake. Only issue I have with it is that there is an extremely low TTK, and a vast majority of the weapons will 1 shot you. Essentially is like playing instagib from Quake but as a space ninja. Worth checking out at the very least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlcqB76rbls
  3. I only learned about and played DFO for the last 16 months of its existence, but Uzik was playing that entire time. Just sayin.
  4. Couldn't tell you to be honest. But boy is it brutal how deep the manga is and how slowly it comes out.
  5. That's like pre-patch Gatts though. The level of pwnage he breaks out once he gets the Dragonslayer + Berserker Armor is unreal. God I wish they would hurry up and make more movies of the rest of the manga
  6. Hoping for something like this, you feel?
  7. bmurph101

    Weapon Size

    Are we going to get to wield massive weapons as Champions, due to their size? I was kinda hoping to model my character after Gatts from Berserk (Dragonslayer OP). Or are we going to be stuck with small toothpicks to bag nerds with?
  8. Officer Squatson, reporting in
  9. There's no way this game is coming out before then. They're scheduling the first access for late summer of this year. Which, in almost every MMO's case, means it'll most likely be live at least 2-3 months after their initial planning. Back everything else up as well. Take into account game redesigning pending player feedback, quashing of bugs, and the increased propensity of MMO companies these days (the Repopulation has been in Alpha since mid-2012 lol) to release a game "when it's ready", and we're most likely looking at a Q1/Q2 2017 release date. I really hope I'm wrong. But I'm
  10. I'll check in in about a year. Dat release date.
  11. Zombie obviously bought K & H at the beginning of the round. Noob Templar only dinked him and thought he had him killed.
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