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  1. @Darguth @ArkadeThis is the the screenshot we got: Click for the full article explaining it.
  2. I agree that I'd hate to see most disc slots go unfilled simply because class talents are more attractive. This could potentially reduce build variety and become a significant drawback to the talent system. But consider the potential up side: now that there's an opportunity cost to using discs, ACE is free to make them a lot more powerful. I hope they go that route. If discs are powerful but costly, including them would be an actual choice you'd have to weigh, unlike before when they were just a 'free' bonus every build included.
  3. Tyrant will wipe the server when alpha launches, and he'll wipe it again that night. He'll wipe the server for beta too, it makes him feel al-right. He'll wipe the server in time for crafting updates, and again for siege war. He'll wipe the server before he wipes the server, and then he'll wipe it once more. <guitar solo>
  4. Small request: what are the chances we can get the official class/race chart (as linked in this news post) sorted to look like this fan-made one? It has the races and classes divided into the categories and sub-categories defined by the skill training system (man vs. sylvan, pure man vs. hybrid, arcane vs. fighter, etc.). This makes it so much easier to understand.
  5. 1. Noob has gold 2. Bear eats noob 3. Moneda kills bear 4. [redacted] 5. Moneda now has gold It's best not to dwell on the specifics of step 4.
  6. Yeah, this was back in the day when recipes had a fixed difficulty regardless of quality. You either succeeded or failed, same chance every time (dependent on recipe vs. skill), and then you got a random quality result whose math we never really understood. It's undoubtedly different now with the recent crafting changes. It'd be a good time for another test, but not from me - I'm trying not to burn out on gathering/crafting.
  7. I'm afraid I don't agree here. So hopefully we can all agree that this is not a game where every class should be balanced in every situation. I expect Templar vs. Ranger 1v1 will always be bad odds for the Templar, and that Assassin will never be as useful as Templar for a 10v10 brawl in a throne room, and so on. If anyone wants that level of balance, the video you linked above should explain why the devs aren't striving for it. But you're leaping to an opposite extreme here that I'm also against: take the situation which the class is best at, and only buff them if they need it in th
  8. Your equipped gear loses durability slowly while in combat, and it cannot be repaired, so eventually it'll be gone and need to be replaced. When you die it takes an extra durability hit, speeding up the process. It actually used to be a huge loss - like 25% total durability per death - it recently got balanced down to be a much, much lower loss (too low IMO). Finding the right balance is an ongoing process, but they definitely want gear breaking and keeping crafters in business throughout the campaign. There's not (yet) a way to see on the map where things are happening. The whole map int
  9. No one's asking the real question. How did you kill Aham123 with nothing but a shovel equipped? Did you punch him to death!?
  10. Future Todd is Best Todd. He gets to do all the cool stuff. "cool" = impractical. Like boats.
  11. VIP is still definitely better than a single non-VIP account, sure. The problems start when you compare it to non-VIP alts. Say you already have one non-VIP account. Your choices are $15/month to upgrade that account to VIP, and/or a one-time $50 to get a second non-VIP account. When both offered 2x training but the latter had the inconvenience of managing multiple accounts, and inability to mix/match the two different race/class/prof combos you were training, VIP was pretty attractive even if it would cost more in the long run. 1.5x makes VIP a more dubious proposition. I'm not sayi
  12. So I agree with what you're saying. As a veteran tester I breeze past the "palm striking" phase, barely noticing it. I know that there's so much more to the game waiting for me, and all of it is more engaging than palm striking. But I can see where the newer players are coming from. Palm striking may be literally 1 minute of the game, but it's the first minute of gameplay that every noob experiences. That makes it stand out disproportionately. First impressions are important, and palm striking doesn't make a good one. Honestly the game was better off without it, when we had a free un
  13. We'll probably get a tracking system like Shadowbane had sooner or later. Maybe granted from a discipline (like it was in SB), maybe coming from training (note the not-yet-implemented tracking skills in CF's exploration tree). Shadowbane's tracking was an active power with a cooldown, when used it gave you a list of player names - not guilds/factions though - within a certain radius of your location. You could choose a single person to get an arrow pointing in their direction, with no indication of distance. I don't expect exactly the same system in Crowfall, but I'd be shocked if we
  14. Slower leveling actually. From the article (emphasis mine): As for balance, it's always changing. This is the first pass at usable vessels, I'm sure they'll adjust the high quality vessel advantages depending on feedback.
  15. That was a fascinating read. I wonder how much Koster's theories about trust levels contributed to Crowfall's campaigns and their rulesets. Campaigns certainly seem like an easy way to cover a broad spectrum of trust levels in a single game: just make servers that play by different rules entirely. God's Reach is your pick-up game of soccer in the street, everyone independently chasing the ball; the Dregs are your professional games with experienced, practiced and highly coordinated teams.
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