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  1. Just bought game have noob questions...

    Your equipped gear loses durability slowly while in combat, and it cannot be repaired, so eventually it'll be gone and need to be replaced. When you die it takes an extra durability hit, speeding up the process. It actually used to be a huge loss - like 25% total durability per death - it recently got balanced down to be a much, much lower loss (too low IMO). Finding the right balance is an ongoing process, but they definitely want gear breaking and keeping crafters in business throughout the campaign. There's not (yet) a way to see on the map where things are happening. The whole map interface is a pretty rough first pass that's going to get redone, hopefully soon.
  2. Chat Updates - Official Discussion Thread

    No one's asking the real question. How did you kill Aham123 with nothing but a shovel equipped? Did you punch him to death!?
  3. Future Todd is Best Todd. He gets to do all the cool stuff. "cool" = impractical. Like boats.
  4. VIP is still definitely better than a single non-VIP account, sure. The problems start when you compare it to non-VIP alts. Say you already have one non-VIP account. Your choices are $15/month to upgrade that account to VIP, and/or a one-time $50 to get a second non-VIP account. When both offered 2x training but the latter had the inconvenience of managing multiple accounts, and inability to mix/match the two different race/class/prof combos you were training, VIP was pretty attractive even if it would cost more in the long run. 1.5x makes VIP a more dubious proposition. I'm not saying that I disagree with the decision or it's bad for the game. Pretty indifferent, honestly, I'll do whatever works out best. I'm amoral on this. I will say that with 2x VIP training, I had settled on having a single VIP account. 1.5x is enough to push me to buy an alt and possibly skip VIP on both (contingent on what non-training benefits it might get - because the training just isn't enough anymore). (edit: of course it's still pre-alpha and I'm not going to do anything hasty. For the same reason I didn't buy 5 years of VIP when it seemed like the better option, I'm also not going to rush to buy 5 alts now. But if the 1.5x sticks, that will put me on the "alt" side of the fence come release)
  5. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    So I agree with what you're saying. As a veteran tester I breeze past the "palm striking" phase, barely noticing it. I know that there's so much more to the game waiting for me, and all of it is more engaging than palm striking. But I can see where the newer players are coming from. Palm striking may be literally 1 minute of the game, but it's the first minute of gameplay that every noob experiences. That makes it stand out disproportionately. First impressions are important, and palm striking doesn't make a good one. Honestly the game was better off without it, when we had a free unlimited basic axe. The least they could do is spawn new players with a normal (limited durability) basic axe to get them started. Edit: or just make palms do as much damage as a basic axe. The fact that they don't generate pips is enough to make you craft an axe.
  6. We'll probably get a tracking system like Shadowbane had sooner or later. Maybe granted from a discipline (like it was in SB), maybe coming from training (note the not-yet-implemented tracking skills in CF's exploration tree). Shadowbane's tracking was an active power with a cooldown, when used it gave you a list of player names - not guilds/factions though - within a certain radius of your location. You could choose a single person to get an arrow pointing in their direction, with no indication of distance. I don't expect exactly the same system in Crowfall, but I'd be shocked if we don't get something analogous.
  7. Slower leveling actually. From the article (emphasis mine): As for balance, it's always changing. This is the first pass at usable vessels, I'm sure they'll adjust the high quality vessel advantages depending on feedback.
  8. That was a fascinating read. I wonder how much Koster's theories about trust levels contributed to Crowfall's campaigns and their rulesets. Campaigns certainly seem like an easy way to cover a broad spectrum of trust levels in a single game: just make servers that play by different rules entirely. God's Reach is your pick-up game of soccer in the street, everyone independently chasing the ball; the Dregs are your professional games with experienced, practiced and highly coordinated teams.
  9. Got eaten by spiders. 10/10. Crypt looks very cool. I also love the very vertical design of the new adventure parcel. Well, except for the part about getting stuck on the side of the cliff, very slowly sliding down it, unable to manually move up/down or jump, can only sorta side strafe. Related to cliff problem above: this may not be new, but I hadn't noticed it before. Apparently you can aim down at a sharper angle than you can aim up. Down, you can almost hit your toes; up, you're limited to about 60 degrees give or take. This means you can get in a position where an enemy above you can shoot down at you, but you're physically incapable of aiming up high enough to hit him back. That feels.. a bit awkward and frustrating. Dust is a pretty intense bottleneck without harvesting training. Is it intended that a day 1, no training noob does all the crafting/harvesting he possibly can within about 15 minutes? Basic tools, basic weapon, some bandages.. okay you're done. After that you hit this brick wall of "no dust, can't make anything intermediate." It's not that progression slows down too much, it's that it stops dead. Leaving you (the day 1 no training noob) nothing to do except run around and get killed by things that are too badass for you and your basic weapon. Even while taking advantage of the test potion, dust droprate is so painfully slow, and I assume we won't have Srathor's Favorite Game MechanicTM to help us forever. Within a 10 minute potion I managed to get 2 dust, just enough for a single test discipline, then gave up. Can't imagine grinding 20 for an intermediate weapon.
  10. Crafter: This ember, remnant of the fire wrenched from great Yaemir himself, will make your blade unerringly keen. PvPer: Exactly how keen is unerringly keen? Are we talking +20 attack power's worth of keenness, or +30?
  11. Psh, all those gladiators are scrubs. The real pvpers - like me - got high warlord then quit before the game went all carebear. Kidding. Mostly. I only got to rank 10. On topic: I think MOBAs do pvp tanks better than MMOs ever have. MOBA tanks are tough, but most don't get any gimmicks to force you to target them. They can have some burst damage, but not enough to finish a fight on their own. You bring them because they get good initiation/CC skills. So ideally they initiate battles by charging in and catching several enemies in CC. ..or by pulling enemies towards themselves and CCing them, or by launching a ranged CC at the enemy team. It varies. The point is they engage first and CC one or more enemies, while surviving whatever the other team throws at them. This sets things up so their fragile DPS friends can safely jump in and finish the job. On the other hand when your team gets initiated on, your tank is the one who might save you by disrupting the enemy team and peeling their DPS off of yours with CC. The other side of the coin is that MOBA DPS (carries) are usually glass cannons with single target CC only. Some get decent survivability, some get AOE CC, but rarely do they have the right combination to safely initiate like a tank does. A DPS who makes the first attack on 3+ enemies is suicidal - he might be able to CC and kill one enemy quickly, but he can't stop that guy's friends from killing him back. It makes them reliant on tanks to go in first. Crowfall's tanks have.. some of the tools that almost make them decent MOBA-style initiation tanks. Abilities like the Templar's aoe knockdowns, Myrmidon's net, or Knight's chain pull make me suspect they're intended to fill that role. All three could use some improvements to do it properly. But their real problem IMO is that ranged classes do it better. If you can hit an enemy group with hard CC (powerblock counts as hard in my book), and do it at range before the melees get a chance to contribute, there's no point in bringing a tank to initiate. Disclaimer: I haven't played any MOBA seriously in a few years. If the meta has changed lately and everything I said is out of date, don't tell me, I don't really care
  12. I don't.. think.. spiders work that way. Suspension of disbelief shattered - shattered, I tell you.
  13. Why I am extremely dissapointed (waste of money)

    You know what man, I actually know where you're coming from. Maybe you didn't express it in the best way (paragraphs are your friend), but you have a point: words like "alpha" and "beta" get thrown around a lot, every company has their own definition, it's hard to know what to expect. Especially when fans are publicly hyping the game, possibly more than the devs themselves would prefer at this stage of development. I remember the days when betas were typically unfinished, buggy, still-in-active development products - nowadays we've all come to expect them to be 99% finished marketing demos. Even alpha can refer to a polished, playable experience. Definitions are murky in this industry. So, as you've figured out the hard way: when Crowfall says "pre-alpha," they mean it. It's not a "game" yet, just a "test." When we get bumped up to full "alpha," it may not be much better, not at first. You should probably wait for them to use the word "beta." See you then.
  14. I can't overstate how cool it will be to make a single vessel and use it to travel between worlds in-game, without logging out to the lobby screen and making a new vessel. It's going to make a huge difference for the immersiveness and intuitiveness of the game. Imagine us a year from now telling new players: "Yeah you used to not have that portal there. To visit your EK you'd have to log out, pick a new world in a lobby, then make a whole new vessel from scratch." They'll think we're joking. It's one of those ideas that's so obvious (in hindsight), it'll be hard to imagine that things ever worked any other way. In fact I'm pretty sure someone suggested something similar when vessels were first announced. Although obviously bringing that idea to life, with all the annoying technicalities like handling campaign imports, is far harder than simply proposing it.
  15. Welcome! Right, as you discovered you can take your old package and upgrade it to a bigger one later. Just make sure you don't "unpack" it, which breaks it up into parts (buildings, skins, etc.) that show up on your account individually, it prevents you from upgrading. You don't need to unpack it for testing access anyway. If all else fails, e.g. if you accidentally unpack it or find you can't upgrade for some other reason, support@crowfall.com can usually sort it out for you. Be warned that testing is still pretty rough, note that it's "pre-alpha" (not even up to a full "alpha" yet, although it's very close).