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  1. @Darguth @ArkadeThis is the the screenshot we got: Click for the full article explaining it.
  2. I think it would make a lot of sense, at least for an un-spec'd druid or an archdruid, to have essence naturally balance out at the 50/100 mark. So if you're above 50, it decays slowly over time down to 50, below that and it regenerates up to 50. It's not just a thematic thing; as a game mechanic, if the spec is really meant to be equally good at healing and damage, it would help to have the choice of going either direction at the beginning of a fight. But that's just my opinion as another player that rarely does druid.
  3. It's especially weird considering that Shadowbane had larger groups, I wanna say 10 per (don't quote me on that, it's been a while). 5-mans seem like such a WoW-style thing - designed for the optimal holy trinity dungeon clearing experience, which just doesn't exist in Crowfall.
  4. This bothers me too, I've brought it up before. I think this is going to be a fundamental problem going forward, one that persists regardless of the specific patch-to-patch class balance changes and meta shifts. You can't avoid the fact that a single healer getting focused and CCed is going to have a tough time keeping himself alive, and will need a second healer in the same group to back him up. With small-ish 5 man groups, that's 40% of your group needs to be healers (optimally). When only 2/11 = 18% of classes have a healing spec (or 3/11 = 27% if you count Templar; I wouldn't IMO), that's.. a problem. The numbers are worse if you're counting percent of healing specs out of the 33 specs in the new talent system, because sickle druids obviously aren't going to be keeping a group's health up. It would be less of a problem - and the impact of each of our scarce healers would be magnified - with larger groups, like 6-9 people per.
  5. Generally if they want to add +1000 testers and there's 2000 at the next access level, they start with the earliest backers and progress from there. So KS first, then 2015 post-KS, then 2016, etc. This splitting of a bracket was more noticeable in the early days when they were doing smaller tests that ramped up more gradually, but I guess it still happens sometimes.
  6. Yeah, that would work perfectly. I haven't tried the other classes yet, but that first point is all Templar needs to make the combat feel decent.
  7. Beachhead: I like the design of the beachhead. The little noob playground with spiders and knotwood and mushrooms is adorable, the temple is very visually impressive and the (scarce) premium resources scattered around it seem like a good fallback if things are going rough in the pvp islands. It's a smooth progression from introduction through to the actual pvp. It's weird that there's no way to teleport from the temple back to the noob-spider-killing-area. Should be a runegate for this. The three runegates that go to the pvp islands need to be labeled somehow - it's not obvious which is which until you go through one. I guess you can deduce it from their relative positioning vs. the campaign map, but don't make players do that IMO. Have pity on the spatial-awareness-impaired. The new mushroom/herb/etc. gathering (what was the term for it?) resources could use better tooltips - I got some mushrooms and had no idea what they were for (eating? alchemy? sacrifice junk?) until I stumbled across the cooking recipe later. The hunger crystals in the noob area have a few issues. If you walk up to one and it tells you about plentiful harvest and whatnot, it's clear it's a gathering node of some kind, but there's no indication of what type e.g. what tool you need. It was only through trial and error that I discovered it counts as "stone" and a hammer is required. Frustrating to hit one with an axe or pick and just have nothing happen, and no indication why. Also: when you destroy a hunger crystal it instantly respawns, and the hunger doesn't go away. Seems like a bug, but if it's intended then it's a weird message to send to a noob - "The hunger cannot be affected by your actions, it's just a dangerous source of resources." Also: I noticed that the visual frosty effect on your character, the one you get near hunger crystals (looks very cool btw) is associated with rapid hunger loss (RIP chickens). But it's odd that there's not like.. a debuff or tooltip popup or something explaining it, it's left to the player to infer it. Not ideal UI experience. Talent System/Oh god the grind: So, I actually like the concept of this. I know that we're all used to starting out with 10-15ish abilities at level one, and needing to grind to get them all back is a rough transition. But let's be honest, throwing 10+ abilities at a player was never a great noob lvl 1 experience (the games that completely lack a level up+unlock things mechanic, like FPSes, tend not to have so many abilities or any at all). I kinda like the gradual introduction to your class as you get through the early levels. It's made me try out a couple abilities I rarely bothered with before**. It seems like you have all the core stuff by level 10ish anyway, and that doesn't take long. I do think the 1-10 grind could be.. two or three times as fast, and no one would complain, and it would still accomplish the goal of 'gradual introduction of abilities to noobs.' **Related note: the human racial active, the candle burning one, still sucks. Even at level 1, even when you have literally no other ability to use, it's still not worth using. You're better off just making an auto attack instead. That's really sad. As I've said before, it should be a much stronger buff, with a serious drawback e.g. +30% damage done and +30% damage taken. I do have one huge objection. The level 1 experience - meaning literally level 1, before you get even one talent point - is awful. Having nothing you can do except auto attack is a step too far, IMO. Even WoW, the unholy mother of making you grind to unlock everything, starts everyone off with at least one attack ability at level 1 (rogues get sinister strike, priests get smite, etc.). As a templar, the moment I hit level 2 and unlock parry+counter attack, the combat feels about 500% better. That should be the level 1 experience, the thing that 'hooks' noobs and sells them on this class (and this combat, and this game). Likewise other classes need at least 1 or 2 buttons they can push, even from level 1. Just shift a key ability or two from the talents to level 1, please. Grinding to level 10 and exploring the beachhead is about as far as I got, so I'll comment on the rest next snap test.
  8. I agree that I'd hate to see most disc slots go unfilled simply because class talents are more attractive. This could potentially reduce build variety and become a significant drawback to the talent system. But consider the potential up side: now that there's an opportunity cost to using discs, ACE is free to make them a lot more powerful. I hope they go that route. If discs are powerful but costly, including them would be an actual choice you'd have to weigh, unlike before when they were just a 'free' bonus every build included.
  9. Tyrant will wipe the server when alpha launches, and he'll wipe it again that night. He'll wipe the server for beta too, it makes him feel al-right. He'll wipe the server in time for crafting updates, and again for siege war. He'll wipe the server before he wipes the server, and then he'll wipe it once more. <guitar solo>
  10. Small request: what are the chances we can get the official class/race chart (as linked in this news post) sorted to look like this fan-made one? It has the races and classes divided into the categories and sub-categories defined by the skill training system (man vs. sylvan, pure man vs. hybrid, arcane vs. fighter, etc.). This makes it so much easier to understand.
  11. 1. Noob has gold 2. Bear eats noob 3. Moneda kills bear 4. [redacted] 5. Moneda now has gold It's best not to dwell on the specifics of step 4.
  12. Yeah, this was back in the day when recipes had a fixed difficulty regardless of quality. You either succeeded or failed, same chance every time (dependent on recipe vs. skill), and then you got a random quality result whose math we never really understood. It's undoubtedly different now with the recent crafting changes. It'd be a good time for another test, but not from me - I'm trying not to burn out on gathering/crafting.
  13. I'm afraid I don't agree here. So hopefully we can all agree that this is not a game where every class should be balanced in every situation. I expect Templar vs. Ranger 1v1 will always be bad odds for the Templar, and that Assassin will never be as useful as Templar for a 10v10 brawl in a throne room, and so on. If anyone wants that level of balance, the video you linked above should explain why the devs aren't striving for it. But you're leaping to an opposite extreme here that I'm also against: take the situation which the class is best at, and only buff them if they need it in that specific role. I don't expect Templar to be beating ranged classes 1v1, but I also don't feel that large group fights in tight quarters are the only situation Templar should perform well at, either. There's got to be a middle ground here. How would it feel to dedicate yourself to training and gearing a particular class, only to find that the class is useless outside the occasional siege? I want the class to feel good (not the 'best', but useful at least) in a variety of situations, not just the one. To accomplish that you've got to be willing to give the class something that isn't focused on the "big group in a small area" niche. This doesn't mean transforming Templar into the next assassin/ranger/etc. 1v1 dueler. In particular: I like the idea of adding a single target slow, it's something that's sorely lacking in their kit. I get what you're saying about CCs, I agree that we've gone a little too far with hard CC spam (in this category I would put stun, knockdown/up, blind, even root if used against a melee). But there's not too much of the softer CCs/debuffs like movement slows, dodge pip removal, damage debuffs, resource drain, etc. Honestly I think the game could use many more of those things, especially if it comes at the expense of hard CCs. Specifically: I'd like to see a cooldown on riposte and maybe a longer cooldown on the aoe knockdown, along with adding that slow.
  14. Your equipped gear loses durability slowly while in combat, and it cannot be repaired, so eventually it'll be gone and need to be replaced. When you die it takes an extra durability hit, speeding up the process. It actually used to be a huge loss - like 25% total durability per death - it recently got balanced down to be a much, much lower loss (too low IMO). Finding the right balance is an ongoing process, but they definitely want gear breaking and keeping crafters in business throughout the campaign. There's not (yet) a way to see on the map where things are happening. The whole map interface is a pretty rough first pass that's going to get redone, hopefully soon.
  15. No one's asking the real question. How did you kill Aham123 with nothing but a shovel equipped? Did you punch him to death!?
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