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  1. @Ranik Great review! @CrowfallCentral I wrote this up before reviewing what Ranik put up and I think we hit the same notes on the defensive side. Swordsman need a complete review. It is not worth taking over either of the other 2 classes. I have tried several different builds and even with the recent changes to Crit with obliterate, it is not worth a dam. Anyone playing a swordsman currently will be severely limiting themselves. Sentinel is getting there and I need to see how much the new changes add to the build. Secutor is where it's at and I expect most knights to play a secu
  2. 100% agree, if I can't have alcoholic drinks while I play, why play at all...?! this is just ridiculous! NA campaigns need to stop!
  3. Knights are back! and with a Vengeance! The changes, on Test, made to AOE dmg and dodge pips really have brought back melee in general, so Kudos to ACE. The lunge weapons are an amazing improvement on the knight class and something that really brings them to where they should be BUT, I think it's gone too far. I know this is still in development so I just wanted to share my thoughts on it so hopefully it doesn't get launched the way it is now and then taken away completely or nerf'd to uselessness. Knights have always suffered from loosing their Dodge pip. Previously you c
  4. Outpost should collect resources for forts and keep that are near by. So the owner of the fort or keep would get those resources and have to defend their outposts in order to maintain that supply. NPC caravans could bring those resources to the fort/keep which could be attacked and looted. There is some content for ya!! There are a million ideas like this, which is why I find the current state of the game so frustrating.
  5. I don't think that this is a system of "we must be entertained right now". There are fundamental flaws that the majority of this community agrees on. There are some amazing things in CF, it's why we are all here and why we bother to post at all. My friend put it best when he said "I feel about crowfall how I imagine parents would with their 32 year old child that showed such potential at a young age who is still living at home, cant hold a job and spends all day talking about 5G, chem trails and how covid is a hoax. I'm not mad. Im just disappointed and defeated."
  6. I don't think so. KGV? W? DiS? LoD, etc..? I mean, everyone has pretty good numbers and all have had times of dominance. Not to mention the game is created with large guilds and battles in mind. So even if a single HUGE and Dominant guild did see very little PvP because of their size and dominance.... isn't that a problem?
  7. Thanks @Yumx I was in denial about where this game is and my thoughts on it. I've played, nearly every day you could log into this game since HD and reading this post I can not agree more. ACE, whom ever you are taking suggestions from for how this game should go... fire them or stop listening to them. This game was much more fun in the past. Go look at your kick starter video, the one that got us all way back then and do it with the vision you started with. Stop making us grind for every little thing we need. More Bon Tippers anyone? Maybe what you are getting wrong is th
  8. Sugoi was my first Guild in Crowfall and also my first stab at any gaming in over 10 years. I had decided I wanted to re-live my youth and play with people that where here to win. There are countless good times I can recall and so many great people that played the game. If you were old Sugoi then you know me and hopefully know me to be a good honest person. It is with a very heavy heart that I read this good bye and felt that for my own sake I’d say my piece about it. I wish it didn’t come to this and I hope any remnants of Sugoi find a home like the one we made, I know I have (-W-).
  9. Now who should I send cookies to? All the best @Pann, thank you for your dedication.
  10. It is not for the people, the place or event but for the moment in time we all yearn to have again. May more times come your way with whomever and wherever time finds you. Peace out friends, hope to see you again!
  11. Yea, this is a bit silly to me. If there is no Dregs then I see no reason to play on Live. Especially if there is pending wipe coming for Beta. Often times it's hard to see why people do things based on our own perception so I'll assume there is another reason that is unknown to us. I worry however that without an incentive for the core group of players to play on Live, the "NEW PLAYER EXPERIENCE" will be very underwhelming.
  12. The problem is melee combat as a whole. Not just knights. Knights just happen to be my experience. I think the meat of it is that melee needs to have an advantage to being melee. Range has an inherit advantage to being ranged. I really love the idea of removing dodge pips with melee attacks. It makes sense to me. If I hit you with a sword it should make it difficult for you to jump away. It would give melees a chance to really engage and also make them a desirable class in a group comp. But again, to me this isn't about making suggestions or telling devs whats needed. Simply to bri
  13. Yup, great in theory but not easily pulled off. You’d have to focus all your attention on doing it and with the regen of the pips it was just a matter of time before they got away. there is a lot they could do. Many ways they could go... I just hope they know it’s a problem.
  14. Yea, melee lmb should drain 1 dodge pip. That Would give melee a fighting chance and a nice addition to a group comp.
  15. I think Templars are extincted. I see very few champs any more. Really all melee are at a disadvantage. I know there some melee out there but if I'm honest there is nothing a melee can do that a ranged class can't do better,.
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