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  1. It is not for the people, the place or event but for the moment in time we all yearn to have again. May more times come your way with whomever and wherever time finds you. Peace out friends, hope to see you again!
  2. Yea, this is a bit silly to me. If there is no Dregs then I see no reason to play on Live. Especially if there is pending wipe coming for Beta. Often times it's hard to see why people do things based on our own perception so I'll assume there is another reason that is unknown to us. I worry however that without an incentive for the core group of players to play on Live, the "NEW PLAYER EXPERIENCE" will be very underwhelming.
  3. The problem is melee combat as a whole. Not just knights. Knights just happen to be my experience. I think the meat of it is that melee needs to have an advantage to being melee. Range has an inherit advantage to being ranged. I really love the idea of removing dodge pips with melee attacks. It makes sense to me. If I hit you with a sword it should make it difficult for you to jump away. It would give melees a chance to really engage and also make them a desirable class in a group comp. But again, to me this isn't about making suggestions or telling devs whats needed. Simply to bring awareness of the issue. I hate making assumptions of what should be done then being disappointed in what is done. Melee suck, fix it.
  4. Yup, great in theory but not easily pulled off. You’d have to focus all your attention on doing it and with the regen of the pips it was just a matter of time before they got away. there is a lot they could do. Many ways they could go... I just hope they know it’s a problem.
  5. Yea, melee lmb should drain 1 dodge pip. That Would give melee a fighting chance and a nice addition to a group comp.
  6. I think Templars are extincted. I see very few champs any more. Really all melee are at a disadvantage. I know there some melee out there but if I'm honest there is nothing a melee can do that a ranged class can't do better,.
  7. Tried that actually, better to bring an archer if that's the case.
  8. This is more of a plea for @CrowfallCentral to at least acknowledge there is a melee problem. I'm putting down my sword and shield. It pains me to say this and anyone that plays with me can tell you, I love my knight, I was hoping to be a knight exclusively and try to just be the best knight I can be and even still I go through builds in my head that "maybe" could work but at last it is not so. I think the problem isn't just for knights but melee in general. You have tank builds that are ranged, CC that are better and dmg we can't compare with. Escapes in this game make it so it is impossible to stick to someone and lessen the need for a tank. If I play a knight I'm officially making my group worse. Not neutral but worse. In a 5v5 my group will be at a disadvantage because I'm playing a knight. I have played 30-40 different battles and scrims and reviewed my play in videos and different approaches I've had. I've gone tank, dps, CC. I've gone defensive to protect healers, been a buff bot, I've leveled 10+ knights, tried every disc combination possible and at the end, all I see is waste of a group member that would be better off with some other ranged type. The worse part is my guild has patiently allowed this to happen the same way you'd let a stubborn kid touch a hot iron so they'll learn. I could hear in their voice "sure, try that... maybe". Anyway, I hope in the future they get this fixed and hope this post helps bring some light to it.
  9. Looks like after they brought down Dreggs, all nodes went up 1 Rank. Was hitting a rank 8 as the server came down. It's now rank 9. Not sure if there is anything lower in game anymore.
  10. "Oath of Protection" is not reducing the stamina cost when maintaining block up.
  11. Nice work Vanguard! I think the knight deserves an honorable mention under Support. I view them as platforms for buffs and debuffs due to their CD reduction. You could argue that they are more support than melee dps… unfortunately.
  12. Actual reasons for a poll or not aside this comment really bothers me. Really? They heard the entire community say this is the wrong way to go about something and decided to ignore all of us? That's messed up.
  13. Too many issues if not a full wipe. This isn't a good poll. You need to make it a full wipe or no wipe poll. Guilds would stock up in good gear and wait for the wipe, then not have any need to craft while new players would have no chance to catch up to older players... Really just take this poll down. Full wipe or no wipe is the only real option. No disrespect but imho this wasn't thought through. Only real question is what Duren asked. How fast would the passive multiplier be? If you make it fast enough it would allow everyone to get geared and experience a full game cycle.
  14. I've been told no but I'd love to get confirmation.
  15. So we know it's an issue but can we make a push to raise the cap some? Even to 125? I'd rather deal with the lag than this idiocy. It's just a race to get as many people into the zone as possible. Once one side or the other is over 60, they win. No fighting needed. It's basically a war where everyone shows up and the side with the bigger force is declared the winner. I'm hoping for a good fight tonight but it's more likely that there is no fighting, just huddling into zones to keep the others from getting their numbers up. Could we maybe, somehow, some way (by that I mean there is no chance) make a pact that once a faction hits 50 people, they will stop loading in? or... RAISE THE ZONE CAP! I'll take 110 even. Start small, go 110 and see what happens, increase by 10 each night and see when crap blows up.
  16. I had not seen that “HOW DO YOU PREVENT SEASONED CHARACTERS FROM SMASHING NEW PLAYERS?” in the FAQ. If what is their intent then I agree with most of what the OP is saying. There are a lot of suggestion and ways to make things more flat line and I would appreciate it if we started to go in that direction. It is definitely MUCH better than most MMOs where an end game player can look at a lv 1 player and turn them to ash but the end result is still the same. I disagree that discs are where it went wrong. What the discs are adding might be wrong but the disc system I think is a fun one. The ability to create your own style or theory craft the next best is one of the things I find most appealing about the game. I just think they need to revamp the discs so they give various tactical abilities vs +20% dmg abilities. For example Force Mage – I like the push back but dmg boost makes it OP. Make me run faster, jump higher, see more, CC more, change dmg type, etc… Stop giving me more dmg, more armor, more healing, more crit, crit dmg, ap, +wpn dmg, etc…
  17. This might be nuts but as I read this I was trying to envision a pointless system and I came up with a land ownership system. What if parcels were able to be owned by a faction or guild. An outpost might control a small parcel, larger ones would have multiple outposts and big ones would have forts/keeps. The winner of the CW would be whoever owns the most land at the end. Circle standing needs to be eliminated as well. Make outpost and forts harder to take, make it a real challenge and just a flag you can turn. And for gods sakes make it so you spawn at the closest "anything" you control. It would give real meaning to owning an outpost aside from points or ownership. It's a tactical advantage that the opposing team would have to eliminate if they want the res spam to stop. I always like the vision they had where a map was being taken over by another faction and as the faction moved through the map it would change color. Anyway, good post to the OP. Makes a lot of valid arguments and it's good to see a perspective from someone new. thank you.
  18. Good tactics, good execution, well fought. You guys showed a lot of character there. Excited to see another guild standing up in order.
  19. This is just like GoT, so many names and story plots, it's hard to keep track. Has Chaos and Balance joined forces yet, or is that season 2? ...baby is crying, pause while I grab the bottle!
  20. I'd heard of threads like this but never actually witness it spawn forth like this. I thank all of you for this fine introduction. Carry on... Ohh!!! and Happy V-Day to all!
  21. Oh man, I hope not. It's been working pretty consistently for me. If I stand still and ult it pulls, if I jump and ult it slings them around. If this is a bug, they should leave it. I love the idea of an ult having 2 different effects based on how you use it.
  22. Thought I’d share my view. Been playing knight for the last 2 patches so not an old schooler here but hey, fresh eyes! I’ll try not to repeat was has already been said. I have been playing CF since HD though. Swordsman – To me this is a large GvG battle spec. Lots of 3+ target abilities and the ability to use pursuit every 4 secs means you can get out of combat really fast when needed (yes, it’s 4 secs to me because by the time you’re done using pursuit the first time you have 4 sec left to use it again). Nothing like running into a mob of people and whacking 4 of them with 1200 points of dmg, whirling leap for 900 and pursuit away. It can really push a group back. Secutor – DPS class and best tank. The ability to basically block at no cost, forever, is huge. Using shieldbreaker and shield fighter discs gives me a 20 pt armor break and a +15 pen, I have 167% crit dmg and have crit geared people for over 2800. Someone stands still they are taking 15-2500 hits every 2-3 secs. Good luck living through that. Problem is, people don’t stand still. The stun from swipe helps but your lucky to land one of these much less 2. With some skill, this can be done and creates a very cool "game within a game" dynamic. In large battles… forget about it. No way to really lock down anyone long enough to do substantial dmg and if you can’t get the shield bash going then play something else, cause your dmg might as well be healing them. Sentinel – I love this guy…. But he sucks! Seriously in large gvg, this class would shine if it were not for the seemingly limitless cc immunity. As an Elken knight, I can pursuit in, stun. Charge, knock up. Shout, AOE root. I’ve done this before in some nice engagements. The idea of procing the dmg boost on stuns and knockdowns is nice but that dmg is crap and the buff is so short you barely get through 3 lmb before its gone… wtf? This knight has so much potential but it’s just not there. Again there are other highlights and cons for all of these but none that have not already been mentioned. Knight chain… yay something worth something, blah blah blah... Knight Ult hasn’t been mentioned much but I do feel it’s possibly one of the best in the game. The physics are finally working… more or less. An aoe high dmg is ult is something that most classes don’t have. You basically have it up all the time. If you jump and ult, it’s a great peel-ability as it acts more like a splash, tossing people away. The idea to make barriers scale with health is a good one. Resolve could be tweaked… there are lots of ways to make Knights more durable and that is the overwhelming issue with them. Allow them a way to actually tank and we’d be in a great spot… or at least not in a really poorly made socksty spot… somewhere in the middle, which is fine considering how utilitarian the class is. Blair needs to take out all his knobs he keeps talking about and turn them to adjust the current kit the knight has and we’d be in good shape. More or better barriers, higher heals from resolve (or second wind?), shorter CD’s, trigger at higher health, etc… A thought I always had was to allow knights to block AND roll/jump. A bit more mobility would go a long way and make us more unique. Doesn’t solve the main “tank” problem but it would make it more interesting. Another thought I had was if the knight is supposed to be heal dependent. Meaning knight isn't really supposed to be far from a healer, then why not give them an inherently high PHM(personal Healing Modifier). Like start them at 30% or give them talents that increase their PHM by 10% per points spend. Better than that poorly made socksty "combat regen" skill (anyone ever take this?). Make that an increase to PHM and then you'd see people actually put points in it. I still love playing knight but yes, if you are here looking to see what makes knight better than anything else, sorry. There is nothing that a knight can do that some other class would not do better
  23. Admittedly I didn't read every post here but I kind of agree with OP. Mostly because of the ever-present "Alt Problem". Games like WoW never really had the “alt” problem. I played a mage and took tailoring, I totally needed jewels and such because they are such a big part of the game but it never occurred to me to get an alt, why? Because I didn’t want to spend the time training a whole new character. Even more so, the crap you needed to train was higher level so you essentially ended up leveling a whole new toon. Maybe that was still what some people did who had the time to spend but not me and I feel like not for the majority of people. It took time AND effort to train. ( for Wow, mostly effort). In CF I can get 20 alts and have them all train at the same time and progress at the same level, so long as I keep up with it. No need to even jump into the game. I think what we may be missing is the effort part. I don’t know what this mechanic could be, there are many way to go. Extra time awarded for crafting/harvesting/fighting in game. Cap raises? When in game and active your training time increases by 1%. Maybe when in active combat, harvesting or crafting it boost by 2% or some crap like that. My Suggestion: The short of it is that it might add an interesting twist if there is more to be had, however minor, when actually playing the game vs just completely passive training.
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