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  1. I haven't circulated the boards in what feels like a decade, but trump is triggering all the sjws, shills, and berniebots so I had to jump on the train. "overwaifu" my custard sides. I haven't been paying attention to /vg/, last time I played a game with anyone over there was a bunch of /b/fustilarians and I'm surprised I didn't end up contemplating life with a gun in my mouth. Not sure why I expected any different though. Going to be a good week for gaming, there's TW:W and the GTX1080 releasing too. "fustilarian" is censored. These forums never surprise me. I'm sure the next time I come back here we'll have drop down menu responses.
  2. Yep, gearing up for that. We don't have a whole lot of people interested like we did going into BDO. Maybe a dozen at this point, but we played the beta and it's something to blow time on. Until then just posting awoo's on /pol/ and making america great again.
  3. I heard you still post here a lot bae, stockholme's kicking in. You still playing with eonwe?
  4. I heard this is the thread where we all come back and give crowfall a second chance because it's made leaps and strides in it's game development and community management.
  5. I still don't get why he didn't force you into bumfights to pay for your room and board. I'm sure his car smelt for weeks after he picked you up on the side of the road. LOL didn't he tell you the wrong McDonalds and left you waiting for like 3 hours. Guy had to be contemplating hard on bringing you back to his house with his wife and kid.
  6. Should have heard his wife yelling at him over voip the other night. I think he forgot I knew his poorly made socks is on speakers.
  7. They need more cuddles rooms with pann, that'll win them over.
  8. ACE needs to team up with Bernie Sanders. Keep throwing money guys, this sinking ship may float.
  9. Was this posted in the right topic? This doesn't seem to solidify any position on your changes stated in the OP, but runs completely counter to them. I mean, this all reads good, and sounds good, of course; but this isn't necessarily the path you have taken. If your design philosophy is "high risk = high reward" or "skill over grind", then why was the economy dumbed downed to a currency system with an artificial floor? Does trading and finding competitive advantage based on the skills you decide to focus on or the materials you decide to gather or produce and being able to judge the fluctuations of a barter economy not equate to high reward or higher skill? It's not a hard system at the base level, yet those who excel at mastering a floorless, fluid economy reaps the benefits. What about setting grinding spots for materials and mobs within the safety of your eternal kingdoms by placing spawners? Does this philosophy fall in line with high risk equates high reward? That's the most recent design change and seems to cater towards the more casual spectrum and doesn't fall inline with #1 or #2. Those are just two examples from the OP, the rest seems to have been corrected by others in this thread, yet your response is little more than a wave of the hand. It seems like everything said by yourself, GW, and Pann are just justifications for design changes against what was originally stated at the beginning of 2015 because of being stubborn. It finally took several months of testing to finally say you were wrong. I get it, design changes happen, but it definitely seems like the direction is the same and maybe a different approach is needed...instead of padding numbers on the front page and acting like the community has been running just fine.
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