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  1. This latest patch is a huge step in the right direction for the game, let me give you guys kudos from someone who has become dis-enchanted after a long slow alpha period. That said, let me give you some feedback from an MMO industry professional. There are a number of nice changes, like the more engaged harvesting speed, addition of gathering herbs, and the full campaign but there are still a lot of things that need work (and I'm not talking about the obvious missing textures). The number one thing that should have time spent against it right now in my opinion is quality of life. There are so many little things that eat away at the enjoy-ability of this game. And look, I get it, I'm an industry professional, and I know you will say "We aren't done with that system, we have it scheduled to be re-looked at, we don't want to polish until we are sure its going to work the way it does". But let me tell you something, you will lose customers for good over these things right as you are getting a huge influx of new interest. And these customers, much like the ones in earlier alphas, are you prime, grade aaa, monetizing whales. In particular the amount of clicks and menus that open on-top of each other in the UI make navigating the game very time consuming. On-top of all the time I spend opening and closing windows, clicking through recipes, manually equipping things, I have to keep switching between combat stance and harvesting stance, while waiting for my stamina to regen and building myself a replacement harvesting hammer/knife/million other things. Some of this stuff has to stay, I get that for balance and economy, but in other places it needs to be simplified. MMO's will have a grind, they need a grind, but it should not be a grind just to open my ui and find the grind.
  2. It's generally low pop and US west is new
  3. I think you've made some good points, but I don't think any of them address the main issue: that the system is overused. In your example, you have to build up to a stun - that makes sense, and I can see the value of the system for that powerful of an ability. However, this system is used on nearly every ability even when it just means you get to leap a second time. The best things in life are used in moderation, and this system is not.
  4. Well there's a big difference between "we can't fix it now because we're working on another system" and "we won't fix it because we like it"
  5. I think it would be a nice addition to the variety of harvestables to have plants and flowers, possibly as a lower tier than even wood. Discuss
  6. I think that ability trees (where secondary and tertiary abilities are only usable after the first ability has been triggered) are way overused in Crowfall to the point of being detrimental to the combat/abilities system. I don't see the need for every ability that I have to have 2-4 followup abilities, especially when they seem to often be very similar to the primary ability. Specifically, I don't like throwing UI infront of the player and then having them try to read, is it E, is it Q, is it 2? What is the point of having players memorize these arbitrary key-combos just to get to the ability they want to cast. Simplify for the sake of the player and for the sake of balance! And I don't see the gameplay value in burying niche abilities under other abilities. The abilities should simply be placed on their own timer (which can be balanced better anyways), on their own hotbar slot (we need more slots anyways) and let the player decide when to trigger it. Give the players FREEDOM to use abilities without spamming other abilities Take the champion's Leap for example. I press it once to leap forward and do some damage. That's a great ability. However, now I have 1 second (of UI on my screen) to press it again to leap forward and do some slightly different amount of damage. What is the purpose of this system? The ability would be much more user friendly if the following changes were made: 1) the second leap should do the identical amount of damage/leap etc. 2) it should use the "charges" mechanic instead (where they can leap twice, but at their own pace). 3) don't throw UI on my screen
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